The 7 Best Email Scheduling Tools You Should Try

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The 7 Best Email Scheduling Tools You Should Try

By pre-planning and scheduling your emails, automated email scheduling systems help you to boost your productivity. You may save time and prevent losing out on chances to participate by using email scheduling.

The finest email scheduling software enables you to interact effectively while also maintaining a positive relationship with your email list. These 7 email scheduling tools can help you whether you are trying to expand your email marketing plan or just want a more structured approach to sending emails.

Mailchimp is one of the most widely used email marketing solutions. The technology determines when your consumers are most likely to interact and assists you in sending them automated emails at the appropriate moment.

Mailchimp offers a free plan that gives you access to basic tools and services. The following email functionalities are available with a free Mailchimp account:

  • After a contact subscribes, there is a one-step email automation process that includes a welcome email.
  • Subject line helper.

Mailchimp’s mobile app enables you to communicate with your email list while on the road. On the app, you may add contacts, monitor your progress, and build email campaigns.

Boomerang can plan meetings with a single email. This saves you the back and forth of attempting to plan a meeting. Boomerang is compatible with any email and calendar service provider used by your visitor. When you send out a meeting request, you will choose a time range that works for you and email it to your visitor. All your visitors have to do is pick a time slot within the email, and the meeting will be added to both of your calendars.

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Boomerang also lets you create reminders, for example, to follow up on an outstanding invoice or to remind yourself to pay a payment. If you need to send an essential email but do not want to send it right away, you may postpone it for later.

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OnceHub provides smart scheduling solutions that let you spend less time engaging with your audience. This is an excellent tool for anybody starting a company. When prospective customers express an interest in your company, you must contact them as soon as possible.

OnceHub is available as a Gmail plugin. You can book meetings directly from your email using OnceHub’s Gmail extension, reducing the amount of time you spend switching between programs. OnceHub provides a function that allows you to send emails from your own domain. You may now customise your scheduled email messages.

Using email from your domain sends emails with your business name, resulting in a more customized user experience. To access emails from your domain, you must subscribe to the growth plan, which costs $15 per month.

When you utilize HubSpot, you don’t have to worry about your email being lost among a slew of others because it was sent at an inconvenient time. One of the benefits of utilizing HubSpot is that you can schedule emails directly from Gmail. Email scheduling is an excellent way to avoid emails from reducing your productivity.

HubSpot offers price options ranging from beginning to enterprise depending on your email marketing objectives. The HubSpot enterprise subscription includes unique capabilities such as the option to schedule emails based on the email recipient’s time zone.

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Zoho Mail allows you to plan a single email or a series of emails. When you have an idea, you may create an email and schedule it for later.

Having regular emails on hand can help you remember crucial occasions and responsibilities. Zoho Mail can send automatic emails on your behalf, whether you want to react to a friend’s email or you want to contact a new customer.

Email scheduling relieves the burden of sending emails on the go. You may also contact the receiver at a time that is convenient for them. Zoho Mail offers free email hosting for a single domain. Zoho Mail provides a 15-day free premium trial for enhanced capabilities, after which you may pick between Mail Lite, Mail Premium, and Workplace packages.

GetResponse features an autoresponder function that delivers emails to subscribers when they join your email list. This scheduling tool includes an email designer that allows you to preview how your email will appear on a phone or computer while you type it. While automation technologies are highly useful, it is critical to understand how to send an email.

If you want to boost customer satisfaction in your company, GetResponse sends automated emails depending on your customers’ activity. GetResponse provides a free 30-day trial period after which you may choose a monthly subscription that is appropriate for your company.

ActiveCampaign is one of the greatest email automation platforms available. Several small and medium-sized enterprises have attested to the value of this service. If you want to increase your company’s email prospects, you may utilize ActiveCampaign for additional email tools, marketing automation, and control over how you send emails.

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ActiveCampaign may help you enhance email list engagement by delivering automated emails based on what they want to see. This program even goes so far as to send automatic messages to each consumer on WhatsApp based on the items or services they are most interested in. This improves the client experience, providing you with even more reasons to utilize WhatsApp for business.

Despite its complexity, ActiveCampaign caters to all small, medium, and business clients. ActiveCampaign provides a free 14-day trial after which you may choose the price plan that best matches your needs.

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If you want to increase your communication and efficiency, these tools are quite beneficial. You may also discover how to boost client satisfaction in your firm. However, if you just want to schedule emails, some of the options supplied may be a little sophisticated.

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