The 7 Best Chrome Extensions to Brighten Up Your New Tab Page

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The 7 Best Chrome Extensions to Brighten Up Your New Tab Page

If you’ve used Google Chrome for any length of time, you’re probably acquainted with the new tab page. It gets the job done, but it’s not really entertaining. You may modify a lot about Chrome’s new tab screen by using one of the numerous themes available.

However, extensions are the only way to really expand on what you can create and push the boundaries of what is possible with your new tab page. Here are the top seven.

Earth View is first on the list. As the name suggests, this extension originates from Google Earth and will provide you with an entirely unique experience each time you open your browser.

When you open your browser, this converts your new tab page to a lovely picture from Google Earth.

This means you’ll never be presented with the same new page screen again, and you’ll always begin your day with a magnificent vista.

If you’re truly taken with what you see, you can always use Google Earth in a browser to look for more beautiful sights.

Zest comes next on the list. Zest is a new tab extension that seeks to improve the new tab experience.

Zest is a social bookmarking site at its heart, which means it strives to provide you with high-quality marketing information that is relevant to you. This is mostly in the form of articles for you to read, and if you find something especially intriguing, you may save it to read later.

Zest is distinct from other comparable bookmarking services in that it focuses on a community-based moderation process rather than anything else.

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This guarantees that the articles you discover are the finest of the best, giving you confidence that what you’re reading is worthwhile.

Tabby Cat, on the other hand, is the following item on this list. Tabby Cat is a new Chrome tab extension that seeks to inject some levity into your surfing experience.

With Tabby Cat, each new tab unlocks a new cat to interact with. All of the cats blink and sleep, and you can pat them with your mouse if you like.

But what are they going to do? In reality, not all that much. There’s a potential your cats may bring you treats, and certain toys may attract other cats, but it’s all in good fun at the end of the day.

Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of cats. There are many different animals to pick from, including dogs, penguins, bunnies, and more.

If you’re searching for something entirely customized that will allow you to do more with your new tab page, CaretTab is a terrific alternative. This is about as much customisation as you can get without using Google’s Tab Maker to develop extensions for the new tab page.

CaretTab comes includes clock, date, weather, and search widgets by default, as well as a variety of additional choices. What’s amazing about CaretTab, however, is that you can get anything you want out of it.

CaretTab is very adaptable. You may set up many clocks with various time zones. You may create rapid connections to other web sites. If you wish to modify the space between the numbers or the time, you may do so as well.

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Whatever you’re attempting to do, CaretTab allows you to customize your new tab experience precisely as you want it.

Tab for a Cause is a terrific alternative for those of you who are socially concerned and want to make a difference.

Tab for a Cause, as the name suggests, totally converts your new tab page into one that enables you to donate to charity every time you open it.

Tab for a Cause does this by displaying adverts from a variety of advertising partners directly on your new tab page. Tab for a Cause then contributes the income from these adverts on your behalf.

What’s amazing about this is that you can select the charity you wish to give to using Tab for a Cause. If you’re worried about providing safe drinking water to poor communities, you may give to a charity; if you’re interested in anything else, you can do so as well.

Tab for a Cause is completely open source, and its quarterly financial reports are fully available online, so you can see precisely where the money you’ve worked so hard to gather is going at any given moment.

Workona is a terrific new tab extension that will enable you achieve more with your Chrome browser if you’re more concerned with your personal productivity and keeping your work under control.

Workona is a new tab extension that allows you to manage tabs, organize projects, and gather all of your work in one location.

This is accomplished via the use of what Workona refers to as workspaces. This basically allows you to arrange your browser by project, allowing you to keep your present work open as tabs while saving everything you need as resources for later.

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Workona also has a built-in tab manager to aid with cloud work. Workona allows you to easily suspend or reorganize tabs, and it preserves all tabs as you go.

Workona also allows you to bookmark tabs, access applications from your browser, and do other things.

Finally, Google Arts & Culture rounds up this list. Whether you’re an art connoisseur or just want to add a little beauty to your day, Google Arts & Culture is a terrific alternative.

Google Arts & Culture, as you would think, allows you to discover gorgeous artwork every time you open a new tab in Chrome.

You’ll witness masterpieces by some of the greats as well as more recent works. The artwork varies everyday, but you may alter it in the settings if you like.

Do More With Your New Tab

As you can see, the range and depth of possibilities available with these extensions is very astounding. There’s something for everyone, whether you want to see something beautiful every day, achieve more while you explore, or give back to a cause.

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