The 6 Best Workspaces That Are Not From Google or Microsoft

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The 6 Best Workspaces That Are Not From Google or Microsoft

Workplace suites are becoming more popular as corporate culture spreads. Regardless of the size of your organization, investing in a productivity suite is an excellent approach to optimize operations.

However, you may have only heard of workplaces supplied by large corporations such as Microsoft or Google. If that’s the case, have a look at this list of efficient workplaces that aren’t affiliated with Google or Microsoft.

Spike is a workplace suite with numerous features that facilitates project management and communication. It enables you to form Groups for your team, project, or customers to facilitate easy yet successful cooperation. Additionally, you may sync various calendars with its calendar function to access all of your meetings and conferences from a one location.

You may record a voice message and share it with the team for rapid communication. It allows you to set tasks for yourself or others and provides quick updates when the task progresses or is completed. You may create personal or collaborative online Notes from its Inbox.

Making to-do lists is equally simple with this suite. Spike also has the following significant characteristics:

  • Add a snoozed task reminder.
  • Send a cooperation invitation to anybody who does not utilize Spike.
  • Priority Inbox for efficient email handling.
  • A conversational email designed to appear and feel like a texting app.
  • You may search for anything without even opening an email.

Samepage, as the name implies, allows you to organize, work, track, and talk all from the same site. This workspace package includes task management, file sharing, and document collaboration features. You may easily interact and cooperate with your team by utilizing tools like as instant messaging, audio and video conferencing, group and team chat, and so on.

This suite allows you to collaborate with an unlimited number of teams, coworkers, and visitors. To prevent scheduling conflicts, utilize shared calendars. It also has content and file management functions.

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This suite allows you to organize meetings, set agendas, take notes, and assign action items all from a single collaborative document, allowing you to have effective meetings. Some of Samepage’s key features include:

  • Real-time chat with colleagues while working on a paper.
  • The collaborative canvas is connected with built-in communication features.
  • In order to improve cooperation, let consumers and contractors to develop, share, and discuss.
  • It is ideal for remote and hybrid teams.
  • Files shared using Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, or Dropbox may be linked.

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Citrix ShareFile is a collaboration suite that helps improve office productivity. This team workspace may be used for file storage, file synchronization, cloud storage, content management, document management and sharing, content collaboration, and email security. Google Workspace may also be used to access Google Drive, Google Docs, and other applications.

This suite eliminates the hassle of sending huge files as email attachments and enables you to safely share them in a few clicks. It also provides legacy data systems, which allow you to store files and retrieve them from anywhere. Other notable features of ShareFile include:

  • Microsoft Outlook emails may be encrypted, and attachments can be converted into secure links.
  • Create specialized file upload and download portals for customers.
  • E-Signatures allow you to sign papers in minutes, saving you time.
  • Sync folder in ShareFile for quick update sync across all devices.
  • Integration with Office 365 for easy co-editing and co-authoring.

Dropbox Business allows you to excel at content and document collaboration by organizing and securing your files in the cloud. Despite its reputation as a cloud storage service, it also has features that allow it to function as an effective workplace suite for file management and communication.

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This program stores all of your files and papers in a safe and centralized repository, making it simple to share information with team members. In addition, your team may provide comments and change papers in real time. Get page-by-page performance information for the most crucial papers as well. Other important aspects are included below:

  • Send any size file to anybody, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.
  • Multiple levels of security to keep your files and papers safe.
  • Dropbox Passwords may be used on any device to sign in to applications and websites.
  • Manage your team’s rights, activity, and content to ensure compliance.
  • Version history and file recovery for documents that have been unintentionally changed, destroyed, or lost.

Atlas Intranet Collaboration Suite from HyperOffice provides your team with collaborative and productive capabilities. Project management applications, web email, an online calendar, contact management, file storage, and document management are among its simple features. Because you don’t have to download or maintain any apps, this cloud-based suite allows you to avoid IT overload.

Enjoy one-click audio and video meetings with no extra downloads, as well as screen sharing and recording tools. Additionally, manage contacts by importing information, structuring lists, and syncing with Outlook. For smooth task management, this suite allows you to assign, manage, and monitor assignments using a single site.

You may also designate several portals for your customers, partners, and distant staff. It is also possible to create bespoke extranets. The following are the highlights of Hyperoffice Suite:

  • Stay connected on the move with a mobile app.
  • Communication and collaboration tool for the whole company.
  • A cutting-edge data security and backup application.
  • Authorized access requires cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility.
  • It provides interactive courses as well as self-paced virtual training.
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ONLYOFFICE is an open-source office suite that you can host on your own server or use in the cloud. This enterprise-ready workspace can handle all of your company activities, such as documents, emails, projects, calendars, and CRM. The suite is extremely expandable, allowing you to build a distinct virtual workplace for any size team or department.

You may use it for project management by creating projects, tasks, and subtasks, assigning tasks, visualizing workflows, monitoring time, and reporting. You may do more with your workplace by integrating it with third-party technologies like as WordPress, DocuSign, Amazon S3, Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram, and so on.

Highlighted features of ONLYOFFICE Workspace:

  • Private Rooms for real-time document collaboration with encryption.
  • Email service for businesses with a custom domain name.
  • A simple control panel for customizing your workstation.
  • Encrypting data at rest and in transit ensures data security.
  • View, comment on, and filter files using document editors.

Workspace Suites for Robust Team Productivity

Workspaces promote cooperation and communication while enhancing productivity and meeting deadlines. If you’re searching for a workplace that isn’t owned by a major behemoth like Microsoft or Google, the list above will come in handy.

You may also investigate AI productivity tools that can increase productivity while working in your favorite workplace suit.

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