The 6 Best Video Game Emulators to Install on Your iPhone or iPad

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The 6 Best Video Game Emulators to Install on Your iPhone or iPad

Modern mobile games are enjoyable, but most of them fall short of classics such as Pokémon, Crash Bandicoot, Super Mario 64, or The Legend of Zelda. Fortunately, you can play all of these vintage video games and more on your iPhone or iPad by utilizing the finest emulators listed below.

An emulator is a software program that simulates a video game system. You may use emulators to play some of the most popular video games without jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad. Here are all of the top iPhone and iPad emulators.

About Emulators and ROMs

Although Apple does not allow video game emulators in the App Store, they may be installed on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch without jailbreaking your device. That means the emulators might be a little unstable at times, but it’s a tiny price to pay for access to the finest retro video games on your iPhone.

The majority of the emulators on this list are free to download from websites such as iEmulators or the AppMarket. However, if you pay for a BuildStore membership, you will have improved dependability. Otherwise, you may need to use a computer to assemble the applications on your iPhone.

The AltStore is the greatest way to install emulators on your iPhone. This is free and dependable; it simply takes a little longer to set up.

For additional information, see our in-depth guide to installing emulators on your iPhone.

After you’ve installed a video game emulator on your iPhone, you’ll need some ROMs to go along with it. The software version of a video game cartridge or disk is known as a ROM. While a ROM is required for each game, the same game ROM will function on any emulator that supports that console. The same N64 ROM, for example, will operate with any of the N64 emulators listed below.

Although emulators are legal, downloading ROMs for games you do not own is considered piracy. Some businesses don’t object if you make a “backup copy” of your existing games, although this isn’t always permitted. While ROMs are widely accessible on the internet, we do not recommend downloading them.

1. Delta (Game Boy, N64, SNES)

For Nintendo fans, Delta is the greatest iPhone emulator. It’s the successor to the very popular GBA4iOS emulator; you can get an extremely reliable version of Delta through the AltStore.

Delta supports a huge range of Nintendo consoles:

  • Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance are all versions of the Game Boy.
  • NES and SNES
  • N64
  • The Nintendo DS (with a Patreon subscription)
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You can save your games in any state, use Quick Saves if you have an external controller, and sync all your data to Google Drive or Dropbox for safekeeping with Delta. You may even add cheat codes to your games to spice things up, or lock your favorite saves to prevent them from being overwritten.

This is the finest emulator to use if you want to play Pokémon on your iPhone.

Wireless PS4, Xbox One, and MFi gaming controllers, as well as Bluetooth or tethered keyboards, may be connected to Delta. You may change the button mapping anyway you like, including preserving presets per system or controller.

Even if you don’t have an external controller, you can still personalize the emulator skins that display on your iPhone screen and pick which buttons Delta should hold down so you don’t have to constantly hitting particular buttons while you play.

All of this information barely touches the surface of Delta. The developer is still working on it, and there will be many more updates in the future.

2. Provenance (Nintendo, Sony, Sega, Atari)

Provenance must be installed by building it from a computer, but it is well worth the effort. Provenance is one of the iPhone’s oldest and most popular multi-platform emulators. It’s particularly useful if you want to play original PlayStation games on your iPhone.

Provenance emulates 30 systems, including significant consoles from the following manufacturers:

  • Nintendo
  • Sega
  • Sony
  • Atari
  • and more.

You may save your games at any time, or record gameplay video and sync it all to iCloud. You can also select to auto-load a certain save every time you open Provenance in order to get started playing as soon as possible.

Connect a wireless MFi, iCade, or Steam controller to improve your comfort while playing on a tiny screen.

Unfortunately, Provenance’s creators have deleted it from the most prominent emulation websites. However, you can still install it if you have an Apple developer account and follow the steps on the Provenance Wiki.

3. iNDS (Nintendo DS)

Delta was originally regarded as the finest Nintendo emulator for the iPhone. To enable Nintendo DS emulation on Delta, however, a Patreon membership is required. This is where iNDS comes in; using it, you can play Nintendo DS games on your iPhone for free.

iNDS, which is based on the once-popular NDS4iOS emulator, is accessible for non-jailbroken devices through iEmulators and the BuildStore. As with other iOS emulators, Apple sometimes revokes the license for this one, so you may have to wait for the creators to renew it before you can install it on your iPhone.

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However, once operational, iNDS allows you to play Nintendo DS games at virtually full speed on iPhone 5 and newer, with up to 60FPS on newer iPhones.

Use save states and auto-save settings to sync your game data through Dropbox so you never have to worry about losing your progress, even if the emulator is revoked. iNDS also provides 100,000 game hacks for your favorite DS games, allowing you to add a new layer of fun to them.

You can use iNDS in portrait or landscape mode, with both displays displaying in the middle of your iPhone display, since the Nintendo DS has two screens, one above the other. You may also change the size and design of the controller, as well as deactivate the touchscreen on the second screen to prevent inadvertent tapping.

4. PPSSPP (Sony PSP)

PPSSPP is a program that allows you to play PlayStation Portable (PSP) games on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. While it should be possible to play any PSP game on your smartphone, older iPhones may not be able to do so at full speed.

You can establish save states for your games, much like the other emulators on our list, so you don’t have to worry about reaching a save point before closing the emulator. You may even include cheats in your games for added enjoyment.

One of the most useful features of PPSSPP is the ability to transfer existing saves from your genuine PSP. So you may take up just where you left off in GTA: Vice City.

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a built-in method for syncing your games to the cloud. However, given that most PSP ROMs are quite huge files, this may be the best option.

While playing games, the PSP controls show transparently above the game screen, allowing PPSSPP to offer the widest screen possible on your device.

5. RetroArch (Atari, DOS, Genesis, PC Engine)

RetroArch combines emulators for a variety of consoles, providing a single, elegant interface for playing all of the finest old games on nearly any platform. RetroArch is one of the most adaptable emulators accessible, since it can be installed on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

RetroArch, in addition to Game Boy, SNES, and PlayStation emulators, also supports previous systems such as:

  • Atari
  • DOS
  • MSX
  • Neo Geo Pocket
  • PC Engine
  • Sega Genesis (Mega Drive)
  • and more
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RetroArch uses the same gamepad for all of the available emulators. This makes it simple to become used to the touchscreen layout regardless of the game you’re playing, which may be one of many owing to RetroArch’s extensive support.

You can store custom states and have your favorites auto-load when you launch the app. You may also lock the most recent saves to prevent them from being overwritten.

You may connect to other players for multiplayer sessions using RetroArch’s Netplay functionality. This is compatible with different platforms, so you may play with Android or PC users as well.

6. Eclipse

Eclipse is a new emulator on the market that has gained popularity due to its rapid and simple installation procedure that is not revoked. Simply visit the Eclipse website from your iPhone or iPad and follow the directions, keeping an eye out for advertisements, to add the app to your device’s Home Screen. Then, just press the resultant app icon to start the emulator.

It really is that easy.

Then you may import ROMs to your smartphone through the Files app or your Google Drive account. Eclipse supports the following console ROMs:

  • NES
  • SNES
  • Game Boy and Game Boy Color
  • Sega Master System
  • Sega Game Gear

If you don’t have your own ROMs, you may utilize the Game Hub to install libraries through Eclipse and have fast access to a library of games. There are even libraries that specialize in altered games for a fresh take on classic favorites.

Eclipse, like the other emulators we’ve covered, enables you to store game states and skip over the tedious parts. You may also alter the skins to enjoy playing your favorite consoles in new and exciting ways.

Other iPhone Gaming Options

Though they need some effort to set up, emulators provide a plethora of traditional gaming experiences on your iPhone or iPad once they’re up and running. And these options allow you to play a plethora of games on whichever platform you choose.

If you find the emulators too time-consuming to install, look into other amazing iPhone gaming choices.

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