The 6 Best Tools to Analyze Laptop Battery Health

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The 6 Best Tools to Analyze Laptop Battery Health

The laptop battery is a vital piece of technology, yet we are frequently unaware of its condition. Your Windows laptop will also not provide you with adequate information. It just shows a little battery indicator with the remaining time and % on the surface.

You’ll see a few battery issues sneak in over time. The battery no longer holds a charge. The charge level indicator displays erratic readings. A faulty discharge estimate is also rather prevalent. There are, however, workarounds and solutions.

Let me walk you through various third-party programs for checking the health of your laptop battery in Windows 10.

Why You Should Monitor Laptop Battery Health

A battery is a small chemical device that is portable and has limited resources. A battery, by definition, has complex voltage reactions to cell load, temperature, and age. The battery’s health has an impact on device performance and run duration.

You should keep an eye on the health of your laptop’s battery for the following reasons:

  • You’ll get a starting point for the power management workflow under different workloads and environments.
  • The capacity of a battery changes over time. As a result, the charging indicator will show you inconsistent readings. When this happens, you’ll know when to calibrate the battery.
  • Incorrect use of the battery can cut short its lifespan. When you start monitoring laptop battery health, you can take corrective steps to increase longevity.
  • It can help prevent other issues, like your laptop not charging when plugged in.

When the battery fails or there are other problems in the system, Windows may display the notification “No Battery is Detected.” After running a full power cycle on your PC, the problem should be addressed.

1. Powercfg Battery Report

On Windows, the powercfg command is a secret utility. It may be used to create a detailed report on your battery history. It contains information on your battery’s performance and allows you to see the gradual loss in battery capacity that happens over time.

Press Windows Key + X and choose Command Prompt to create a battery report. Then put powercfg /batteryreport into the command line. This command saves a battery report in HTML format to the specified location.


Check the following settings in your browser after opening the file:

  • The difference between Design Capacity and Full Charge Capacity. As batteries wear over time, the full charge capacity will be less than the design capacity.
  • Battery capacity has been depleted in various power modes during the previous three days. Also, have a look at the battery use graph.
  • Compare the battery life since you bought the laptop and look for patterns in Full Charge Capacity vs. Design Capacity.
  • Examine the utilization and duration of the battery. And if your computer was running on batteries or hooked into a power socket.
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This kind of laptop battery life test might help you find issues that are affecting your battery life. If the report reveals significant discrepancies, you might consider purchasing a new battery.

2. BatteryInfoView

BatteryInfoView is a utility program that provides detailed information about your laptop’s battery. There are two display components. To see data such as Designed Capacity, Full Charged Capacity, Battery Health, Number of charge/discharge cycles, and more, go to View > Show Battery Information.

Select View > Show Battery. Log displays a complete log analysis of power condition, capacity percentage, capacity value, rate, voltage, and event type. When you suspend or restart the computer, a new log line is added.

This allows you to determine the pace at which the battery discharges. You may save the battery data to a TXT or CSV file for future reference.


  • View complete battery information in one location.
  • You may examine the log to see whether the battery capacity has changed.
  • Check Always on Top to prioritize the app window for battery monitoring above others.


  • It is unable to filter the battery log by date range.
  • It does not provide a graph that predicts battery wear over time.

Download: BatteryInfoView (Free)

3. PassMark BatteryMon

BatteryMon displays a graph of its results in real-time, allowing you to monitor laptop battery charge levels. The vertical Y-axis shows the percentage charge level (0-100%) while the horizontal X-axis shows the sampling duration. Change the sample time interval by going to Edit > Configuration.

The current charge level is shown by the black line. The trend is shown by the blue line, which is based on extrapolated data samples. And the red line compares it to its life expectancy. Naturally, the red line will diverge more than usual for a short period comparison.

When you begin monitoring the log file (Info > View Log), the data will show the estimated charge or discharge rate over a certain time period. You’ll see how laptop battery health deteriorates over time.


  • It uses a real-time graph to assess battery health. You’ll receive information like charging/discharging rate, battery life, total time, and more.
  • Configure alerts for battery level, voltage, and temperature. You have the option of using a popup alert, log data, or email.
  • Compare and compare current battery capacity with historical data.
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  • For newcomers, the software is difficult to use.
  • The user interface seems to be outdated and difficult to use. Understanding the graph and log file data requires a few tests.

Download: BatteryMon (Free, premium version available)

4. Save Battery

A simple app for checking the health of a laptop battery that works with tablets and Surface computers. The primary screen displays a lovely, dynamic charging/discharge status. It displays battery information such as Design Capacity, Full Charge Capacity, the last time it was plugged in/out, and the approximate remaining time to charge/discharge.

You may change the theme from dark to light and enable Tiles to show the battery % on the Start screen. The app may provide different information about the battery condition depending on the size of the live tile.


  • Set up alerts for full charge, low battery, and charge/discharge at a certain level. It might be an SMS, a reminder, or a regular email.
  • Click History to show a graph of the charging/on battery history. You may save the list for future reference.


  • The sample time interval cannot be changed. Because the data reference points are so tiny, it is impossible to observe the battery trends.
  • The app can only save battery statistics for 30 days.

Download: Save Battery (Free, In-app purchases available)

5. Microsys Smarter Battery

A set of diagnostic tools for monitoring laptop battery status, calibrating batteries, and exporting battery-related data for future reference.

The Info page displays information such as Full Battery Capacity against Design Capacity, discharge time, cycle count, wear level, and power condition when in battery or AC power mode.

The Graph page displays the change in battery capacity over time. The capacity % is shown on the Y-axis, and the data drawn at that time period is shown on the X-axis. The red line should stay parallel to the orange line for a good battery.

The Calibrate page displays statistical data on the laptop battery’s wear level, use time, discharge cycles, cycles since calibration, and other factors. At any moment, you may store the battery statistics for each page.

You may enable the battery gadget to display information such as battery capacity, remaining time, and CPU utilization. You may also examine a complete log file of the battery discharge rate and calibration data.


  • You may monitor up to four batteries, including battery packs, at the same time.
  • You may change the time interval by zooming in/out and moving forward/back in time using the arrow buttons.
  • To accelerate the calibration procedure, simulate the discharge mechanism.
  • You may configure low/critical battery warnings and trigger standby/hibernation when the battery runs low.
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  • The options are dispersed around the page.
  • It may be perplexing at times, and it may conflict with the built-in power management options.

Download: Smarter Battery (Free trial, $14)

6. Pure Battery Analytics

A well-designed app for checking and monitoring the status of a laptop battery. The Quick Glance screen displays the current battery state, as well as frequently used settings that impact battery life, as well as Full Charge and Design Capacity.

The Analytics page displays the % change in battery charge over time in four distinct graph views: bar graph, column graph, line graph, and bubble graph. Install the add-on from the Github website to receive real-time battery % and notifications.

You may use the app to get alerts when the battery reaches a certain level of charge or discharge. You may even trigger the theft alert in the event that your laptop is stolen.


  • Create a heatmap to display the trend of average battery retained / hour over the specified time period.
  • Graph showing the percentage of battery change (charge-discharge) and range distribution of your battery capacity over time.
  • Powercfg configures a detailed and appealing graph report on power, sleep diagnostics, and more.


  • On a single page, much too many metrics are shown. It makes analyzing battery data more complex.
  • The battery data cannot be exported for future reference.

Pure Battery Analytics (free download) (Free; In-app purchases available)

Extend Your Battery Lifespan

It is not easy to keep track of your device’s battery health. There are really too many variables and considerations to take into account. You may use these tools to check battery health and take remedial actions to prolong its life.

At the same time, you should broaden your knowledge by learning about the technologies that goes into a battery. Read on to learn more about how to care for your non-removable laptop battery.

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