The 6 Best Screen Sharing Apps for Android and iPhone

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The 6 Best Screen Sharing Apps for Android and iPhone

Smartphone screenshots are useful for quickly sharing a picture of what’s on your phone’s screen. However, they fall short in more demanding circumstances such as troubleshooting, writing instructional manuals, or cooperating with pals who live far away. Fortunately, live screen sharing applications are not limited to desktops.

Using the correct software, you may simply broadcast your phone’s screen to someone else. Here’s how to use the best screen sharing apps for Android and iOS to share your phone’s screen.

1. Zoom: The Best Screen Sharing App

Zoom has been the most extensively used video conferencing solution since its inception in 2013, with the term “Zoom” now being used interchangeably with video conversations. Zoom is regarded as the finest mobile screen sharing tool since it works across all operating systems—both on PCs and mobile devices—and enables users to join to a Zoom conference straight via their web browsers.

Screen sharing capabilities, on the other hand, are dependent on the plan. On basic Zoom accounts, only the host may screen share, however any participant can screen share with Zoom Pro, Business, and Enterprise accounts if the host allows it. Previously, only one person could screen share in Zoom at the same time. Multiple users may now screen share at the same time; however, this capability is only available to hosts who utilize the Zoom desktop client.

Zoom is the most popular screen sharing software for Android and iOS because, in addition to screen sharing, it includes additional useful group conferencing features like as breakout rooms, raising hands, annotations, remote desktop control, and a long number of third-party connectors.

Zoom for Android | Zoom for iOS (Free, subscription available)

2. Skype: The Easiest Screen Sharing App

Skype, Microsoft’s video chatting technology, allows you to share your computer or phone screen during a video conversation. The function is available across all platforms, including the Android and iOS applications.

It doesn’t matter if the person on the receiving end is using a smartphone or a PC since it’s OS-agnostic. You may use Skype to stream material from your phone to your computer or vice versa. In addition to one-on-one meetings, you may present the content on your screen in a group video chat for free.

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In April 2020, Skype also announced MeetNow, which enables users to join video discussions without having to download or sign up for Skype.

Other communication methods are available via Skype. A built-in translator can transcribe a Skype conversation or conference in real time and show subtitles in a variety of languages. You may also record calls and get intelligent text message ideas. If you’re unfamiliar with the platform, our step-by-step instruction on how to set up Skype should have you up and running quickly.

Download: Skype for Android | iOS (Free)

3. Microsoft Teams: The Best Screen Sharing for Teams

Microsoft Teams was previously exclusively accessible to corporations as part of a subscription. Microsoft Teams, on the other hand, now provides free chats, audio, and video conversations, as well as 5GB of personal storage (per user) for one-on-one talks. Teams may utilize all of the free plan’s features and pay for extra, including 10GB of file storage per user for $4/month.

You may now attend a meeting in Microsoft Teams even if you do not have an Office 365 account. This free edition, however, is only accessible to people who do not have a paid, commercial Microsoft 365 subscription.

If you’re on a desktop, you can simply share a window or your full screen through your web browser if you’re using Chrome or the most recent version of Microsoft Edge. However, it’s recommended to download the app to get the most out of Microsoft Teams’ Android or iOS screen sharing features.

In contrast to Zoom, Teams enables other participants and visitors to share displays, even if you have a free membership. Guests, on the other hand, can only screen share during meetings if the admin has permitted it. However, Microsoft, like Zoom, now lets users to join Teams meetings without utilizing a link. As a visitor, you may join Teams through links or codes if the organizer permits it.

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Download: Microsoft Teams for Android | iOS (Free)

4. Google Meet: A More Secure and Accessible Option

Because of its ease of use, many users choose Google Meet over alternative screen sharing programs. Simply open your preferred browser and go to—no software download required.

More crucially, Google Meet has been promoted as a more secure solution for video conferencing. It is not only limited to persons with Google accounts, but it also provides greater encryption and other security measures, such as “knocking” and the host’s ability to amend meeting specifics in the Google Meet invite.

If you’re using a computer, you may share a single tab, a window, or your full screen. However, if you use this screen sharing tool from your Android or iOS device, you can only share your complete screen.

All Google Meet accounts, even free ones, have the ability to share displays. The host may activate or disable the function during a meeting. Any participant with permission may share their screen. If you are a Google Workspace user and you are unable to share your Google Meet screen, your administrator has most likely deactivated the capability.

Download: Google Meet for Android | iOS (Free)

5. TeamViewer: Control Another Device While Screen Sharing

TeamViewer is a more powerful mobile screen sharing solution. It is generally used for troubleshooting. Aside from displaying your screen, Android allows you to allow the other person to operate it remotely.

TeamViewer, unlike Skype, is not a standard video calling program. This means you won’t be able to video chat with the receiver directly. Furthermore, its setup is far more hard than Skype, and you must download various add-on programs.

The TeamViewer QuickSupport app is the simplest method to share an Android or iOS screen with TeamViewer. This program automatically generates a unique ID for your device and enables you to share your screen without establishing a TeamViewer account.

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When the app has been installed, launch it. To send a connection link through any chat or email app, use the Send My ID button. Install the main TeamViewer program on the second phone and open the URL you provided. You will be able to access the shared screen after the sender verifies the connection.

Download: TeamViewer for Android | iOS (Free)

Download: TeamViewer QuickSupport for Android | iOS (Free)

6. Share Business Files Along With Your Screen

With the press of a finger, you may host and attend online meetings on your smartphone. You may use this video platform program to share your Android or iOS screen, documents, presentations, and whiteboard. This software, however, does not provide free video conferencing.

Its most affordable membership is $12 per person each month. This plan provides for an unlimited number of meetings and conversations of any duration, as well as calls from phones in any country across the globe. The Lite package likewise includes a customized link and backdrop but excludes webcam streaming. Only the Business and Enterprise subscriptions allow for scheduling, recording, and additional participants (up to 250).

Download: for Android | iOS (Subscription required)

Quickly Share Your Smartphone Screen

You no longer have to rely on static screenshots to organize a vacation with your distant pals or receive assistance from a service center representative. These applications will enable you to simply share the screen of your phone for free or at a cheap cost.

Of course, not every screen-sharing tool is suitable for all users. Depending on the additional features featured, you may choose one platform over the other. And, if you must pay, always give it a go before overspending.

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