The 6 Best Free FPS Games You Can Play Today

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The 6 Best Free FPS Games You Can Play Today

The first-person shooter game genre is one of the most popular. You’ve definitely played FPS games in the past due to the abundance of options available to FPS players. Free FPS games provide a great method to play as a team with your buddies without spending any money.

There are plenty fantastic FPS games available for free. Because free games are primarily supported by microtransactions and a huge player base, practically all of these free FPS games are accessible on several platforms.

1. Ironsight

Ironsight is a futuristic FPS with several weaponry and customization possibilities, which helps to keep gaming interesting. With locations and gameplay reminiscent of previous, more popular Call of Duty titles like Black Ops 2, Ironsight is ideal if current FPS games have left you dissatisfied and you want something a little more bare-bones.

Ironsight doesn’t have a lot of material, nor is it complicated; it’s a simple shooter that prioritizes basic gameplay above showy extras. It’s really simple to set up and balances microtransactions without making the game seem too pay-to-win. The game has received positive feedback on Steam, and you’re sure to like it whether you play alone or with a group of people.


Warface, an older free-to-play FPS than the other games mentioned, blends the genre with MMO to create an experience that is certain to keep you hooked. You may pick between five distinct classes, which will alter your gameplay and quest lines, and you have a fair lot of choice, since you can play PVP or PVE.

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There are several weapons, peripherals, and regions to explore in Warface. Its MMO influence keeps the action interesting and prevents the FPS aspects from becoming monotonous. While recent reviews have been mixed, and it prominently incorporates microtransactions, Warface remains one of the greatest free FPS games.


Valorant is a highly competitive free FPS game developed by Riot, the creators of League of Legends. A character-based game, you may choose from a variety of Heroes, each with their unique set of powers, and a well-balanced meta that adds a more tactical dimension to the shooting experience.

Valorant offers an advanced ranking system, and its publisher and creators target users who want to feel competitive in their online gaming experiences. With six playable maps and a few dozen weaponry, the game allows you to customize your play style.

While you and your buddies may attempt Valorant, even if you’re new to the FPS genre, more experienced players will do better due to the game’s extremely competitive character.


Portal meets Call of Duty. If you’re a fan of any of those series, you’ll like Splitgate a lot. Splitgate’s basic experience is incredibly enjoyable, despite the fact that it is a pretty bare bones FPS with a limited selection of weapons and maps. The portal feature creates a noticeable skill gap with a quick learning curve.

Because the microtransactions are purely aesthetic, you won’t be disadvantaged by opponents who have just paid more for the game. Splitgate is a game that anybody can learn to master, and its refined, responsive gameplay combined with intelligible and dynamic levels make it worth a look if you’re searching for a trustworthy FPS.

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While the restricted number of game types and stages might make it seem a touch boring, the game’s content is expected to expand in the future.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone need no introduction, since it is one of the most popular video games of all time. While the game has recently come under criticism for widespread hacking, Microsoft’s purchase of Activision is expected to help mitigate this.

Warzone is a battle royale FPS that has been around for a while. It features its own plot distinct from the Call of Duty games, but preserving Modern Warfare elements (2019).You may utilize guns and equipment from previous COD versions, and you can play the game alone or with others.

If you’re unfamiliar with FPS and battle Royale games, Warzone may have a steep learning curve, thanks in part to the high level of talent that both genres attract. The game has a large area and periodically adds and removes various spots, so each battle seems new for you and your group.

Because of the game’s popularity, you’ll never have trouble finding a match, and it might be a viable option if you or your friends are dissatisfied with the direction the normal Call of Duty games have gone.

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite, one of the most recent entries in the first-person shooter FPS genre, is the long-awaited successor to Halo 5: Guardians. If you like the original Halo games, you’ll like Infinite, but even newcomers will find much to enjoy in this shooter.

While the series has been divided among fans since 343 Studios took over as producer, Halo Infinite has received favorable reviews, making it a good pick for you and your buddies to test, especially since it is free.

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Halo Infinite is simple to pick up and has enough of a learning curve to offer a feeling of progression to the game, with more levels planned. There is balance among the weapon and vehicle options, thus there is no need to be concerned about an overwhelming meta. Finally, the diversity of game styles helps to reduce the monotony that might result from protracted gaming sessions.

The Best FPS Shooters

If you and your pals are searching for a free-to-play first-person shooter that isn’t cheap, the titles presented are certainly worth a look. These games provide both casual and competitive experiences, and they all seem unique from one another for individuals who suffer from FPS fatigue.

If these games are too tough to run on your PC, you may try FPS browser-based games. These are usually simpler to operate.

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