The 6 Best Chromebook Parental Control Apps to Monitor Your Child’s Activity

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The 6 Best Chromebook Parental Control Apps to Monitor Your Child’s Activity

A Chromebook is an excellent choice for your children. They’re inexpensive, portable, and lightweight, and the software is free. When your children begin to use technology, you’ll want to keep track of what they’re doing.

Chromebooks and Chrome OS feature a good set of parental controls due to its emphasis on children, students, and education. Some are built into Chrome OS, while others are available through the Chrome Web Store or Google Play.

Here are the finest Chromebook parental controls for your youngster.

Google Family Link is one of the best-integrated Chromebook parental control options available. Parents may watch their child’s Chromebook session from their Android smartphone using the Google-designed app. Chrome Supervised Profiles have been replaced by Family Link. Existing Chrome Supervised Accounts continue to function normally, but you can no longer change their settings or establish a new profile.

Google Family Link allows parents to:

  • Set time limitations for Chromebook usage.
  • Manually set daily time limitations
  • Set time limitations for particular apps.
  • View app use and create time activity reports for your children.
  • Approve app downloads and other online transactions
  • Remotely install education and exploration applications
  • Remotely lock the Chromebook with a set unlock time.
  • Find your kid via Family Link on their Chromebook.

You may also manage your child’s Chromebook from another Chromebook if you have the ability to install Android applications. (Some Chromebook models can only install applications from the Chrome Web Store, not apps from the Android operating system.)

Google Family Link performs the same functions as a Chrome Supervised Profile, but with a few added benefits.

Christian Cawley has detailed how to install Google Family Link on Android devices, and the procedure is same on a Chromebook.

Mobicip Parental Control with Screen Time (the software’s full title) is a parental control program that may be used remotely. It is one of the most widely used and comprehensive parental control tools available for Android, iOS, Chrome OS, macOS, and Windows.

The following functions are included in the Mobicip Parental Control Standard Plan:

  • Timetable and constraints Screen time on a Chromebook
  • Lock Chromebook remotely
  • Examine your most recent browsing history
  • Apps for social networking, video, and gaming may be blocked and controlled.
  • Control the filtering of online material.
  • Send messages to the Chromebook, such as reminders and homework checks.
  • When the Chromebook is turned on, you may track its position.
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Mobicip Parental Control is simple to use and packed with features. It is a high-end parental control app. A year’s membership to Mobicip’s Standard Plan costs $49.99 per year and provides security for five devices. Mobicip also provides a free seven-day trial to see whether the parental controls work for you and your children.

Qustodio is a useful parental control tool that has just been updated to support Chrome OS. The move delivers Qustodio’s highly rated kid safety capabilities, including its simple online interface, to Chromebooks for the first time. Even better, Qustodio may be used with Google Family Link, while some other programs need you to eliminate the integrated option.

Qustodio is now available for iOS, Android, Kindle, macOS, and Windows devices, giving you a comprehensive picture of your children’s gadgets and networks.

Qustodio for Chrome OS includes the following features:

  • Monitor and remove objectionable information from social media, video games, and applications.
  • Calls and text messages should be monitored.
  • To balance screen time, impose screen time constraints.
  • Smart web filters are used to defend against internet material.

Qustodio is offered at three different pricing points. The entry-level Small Plan is $55 per year and covers up to five devices, while the Medium Plan costs $97 per year and protects up to ten devices. Have additional devices to safeguard? The Large Plan costs $138 per year and covers up to 15 devices.

While Qustodio is not the cheapest solution for multi-device child safety, it does provide a wide range of options for monitoring your child’s Chromebook. Furthermore, Qustodio has just recently made the jump to Chrome OS, so anticipate more features from the parental control app’s iOS, Android, and web versions to arrive shortly.

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WebWatcher has a lengthy history in the parental control business. WebWatcher Chromebook isn’t as feature-rich as Google Family Link or Mobicip Parental Control. However, it does provide adequate remote Chromebook administration as well as some useful content warnings. You may use WebWatcher Chromebook monitoring to:

  • Keep track of your website and search history.
  • Keep an eye on social media URLs.
  • Create automated screenshots of word alerts.
  • For continual updating, use continuous screenshot mode.

The Alert Log feature from WebWatcher comes highly recommended. The Alert Log continuously monitors data on the Chromebook, using sophisticated filtering to detect any potentially harmful activity or material. If your kid participates in any questionable conduct on their Chromebook, you will get an email with a snapshot of the problem.

The WebWatcher Chromebook monitoring methodology protects the privacy of Chromebook users while informing parents of any potentially risky conduct.

WebWatcher for Chromebook is a high-end parental control application. You have the option of paying $3.32 per month or $39.99 for a 12-month membership. WebWatcher also provides a free trial to allow users to try the parental control system before purchasing it.

Blocksi Manager Home is a complete Chromebook parental control solution that includes a plethora of monitoring and administration tools. There are several Blocksi variations. The Blocksi free option provides a useful but typical set of URL and content filtering, whitelisting, and website ratings.

The best solution is Blocksi Manager Home Premium, which includes the following features:

  • Time limits on internet, social media, video, and gaming access
  • Additional keyword and channel screening on YouTube
  • Filtering policies that are customizable
  • Analytics, search, and online history in near real time
  • Notifications about efforts to access potentially harmful or illegal content
  • Screen time enforcement

The annual pricing of Blocksi Manager Home Premium is $59.50 per user. Blocksi Manager Home is one of the most expensive Chromebook parental control programs. It is, nevertheless, one of the most thorough. Blocksi, like the other Chromebook parental control alternatives on our list, has a free trial period.

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Apps like Blocksi prevent children from turning them off with a password. Check out the various ways your kids will try to get around your parental restrictions!

mSpy is a parental control program that focuses on continuous monitoring. In this regard, mSpy provides you with a continuous glimpse into your child’s Chromebook environment as long as the Chromebook is turned on or in use. mSpy offers a wide variety of parental restrictions, including:

  • Monitoring of social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Snapchat
  • Monitoring and reporting on web surfing and search
  • Email tracking and analysis
  • When the Chromebook is in use, the location is tracked.
  • Geo-fencing notifications; if your kid uses the Chromebook outside of the fence, you will be notified.
  • Application control, monitoring, and blocking have been installed.

mSpy is the most complete parental control program on our list, but it is also the most costly. The Premium membership, which costs $53.99 a month, includes geo-fencing, website filtering, and other features. With a 12-month membership, you may lower the monthly cost to $12.49 per month.

What Is the Best Chromebook Parental Control App?

Look no farther than Google Family Link if you want something free and simple to use. It’s ready to use right away. It may be installed on practically any Chromebook that is compatible. It monitors your child’s Chromebook use using your current Gmail account, and the program itself is simple to use.

The other choices are all useful, with varying degrees of parental control. However, since they all have a cost, the free option prevails.

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