The 6 Best Anime Streaming Apps for Android and iPhone

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The 6 Best Anime Streaming Apps for Android and iPhone

With each passing day, the number of anime viewers grows. There are over 10,000 anime programs accessible on the internet. Despite the rising popularity of anime, it’s difficult to find reliable applications for streaming anime on smartphones.

Many applications include obtrusive advertisements, are unlawful, or do not function properly. Fortunately, you can stream anime on your smartphone using various services. Let’s take a look at the finest anime streaming applications for iPhone and Android.

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a prominent anime website with over 20 million monthly visitors. It has nearly 1,000 titles with subtitles in its collection (for non-Japanese speakers).Popular programs include Jujutsu Kaisen, Dr. Stone, Black Clover, and many more.

The app’s Simulcasts function allows you to see an episode the same day it airs in Japan. Along with anime, Crunchyroll has a large digital manga collection, making it one of the finest applications for reading manga on iPhone and Android.

Crunchyroll offers the material for free, but each episode is accompanied by invasive advertisements. You may get rid of them, though, if you subscribe to one of its premium plans, which start at $7.99/month and go up to $79.99/year. There is a 14-day free trial to see whether you want to subscribe to Crunchyroll Premium.

Crunchyroll for Android | Crunchyroll for iOS (Free, subscription available)

2. Netflix

Netflix need no introduction since it is one of the greatest streaming TV providers available. It offers a superb, user-friendly design and a large variety of anime movies and episodes. There is a separate anime area where you can locate all of the anime that Netflix has to offer.

The collection isn’t as large as other applications’, but it has numerous classics like as Death Note, Demon Slayer, Naruto, and others. All of the titles have subtitles, and a couple include English dubs. You may also download and watch these programs later.

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Netflix does not provide free streaming and does not display advertisements. To watch anime or other material, you’ll need to sign up for a membership. The basic plan costs $9.99 per month and the premium plan costs $19.99 per month.

Netflix for Android | Netflix for iOS (Free, subscription available)

3. Funimation

Funimation is another another anime streaming app with over 800 titles, including numerous hard-to-find flicks. It provides dubbed and subtitled episodes and allows you to change the subtitles to your liking.

It also covers famous titles like as One Piece, My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, and many more. You receive the SimulDubs function, which enables you to view dubbed anime on the same day it airs in Japan, much like Crunchyroll.

Funimation offers free dubbed material, but subtitled stuff is only available with a membership. In addition, there are other reasons to subscribe to Funimation. Premium plans start at $5.99 per month and go up to $99.99 per year. If you want to see which membership plan is best for you, you may sign up for a 14-day trial.

Funimation for Android | iOS is available for download (Free, subscription available)

4. VRV

VRV is more than simply a streaming service. It contains a variety of video material, including anime. You may view material from three different channels: Crunchyroll, Mondo, and VRV Select.

The Crunchyroll channel features anime, while the Mondo and VRV Select channels have a wide range of entertainment such as science fiction, animation, comedy, and more. You can watch anime series like One Piece, One-Punch Man, Punch Line, and others on Crunchyroll. It also offers a simple and straightforward user interface.

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You may watch the video for free, but there will be some unavoidable advertisements throughout the broadcast. However, for $10 a month, you can remove the ads and get access to exclusive shows, offline downloading, and new episodes first. In addition, VRV offers a 30-day free trial to try out the features before deciding whether to upgrade to the premium plan.

VRV for Android | VRV for iOS (Free, subscription available)

5. RetroCrush

If you’re seeking for retro anime, RetroCrush is the app for you. It offers a vast range of classic anime, the most of which were never released outside of Japan. Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel, Cybersix, Devil Lady, and many more games are included in this app.

Furthermore, the app’s design is clean, simplistic, and simple to use. It not only offers retro stuff, but also includes first-time dubbed releases. Furthermore, you do not need to register in to begin viewing, but having an account allows you to customize your watchlist.

RetroCrush’s biggest feature is that you can watch any program in their collection for free. Ads will appear often, but they will not be as invasive as on other platforms. You can also upgrade to RetroCrush Premium, which includes an ad-free experience, access to exclusive titles, and multi-device streaming.

RetroCrush provides two Premium subscriptions for $4.99 per month and $49.99 per year. If you wish to test out the platform first, there is a 14-day free trial available.

RetroCrush for Android | iOS is available for download (Free, subscription available)

6. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is another famous streaming service that offers a wide range of TV episodes and movies. Prime Video, like Netflix, has both old and modern anime. When you search for anime, you will be presented with a list of all anime titles that are available on Prime Video.

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Vinland Saga, Inuyashiki – Last Hero, Psycho-Pass, and more well-known games may be found in Prime Video’s collection. They all have English subtitles, and a handful have dubbed versions. One of the many reasons you should subscribe to Amazon Prime Video is the ability to download and watch these series offline.

You cannot watch Amazon Prime Video for free. To watch material, you’ll need a Prime Video subscription, or you may subscribe to Amazon Prime to gain shopping privileges, unlimited Prime Video, music streaming and book reading, and much more.

The Prime Video membership costs $8.99 per month, while Amazon Prime begins at $14.99 per month and goes up to $139 per year. Students may get an Amazon Prime membership for $7.49 per month or $69 per year.

Amazon Prime Video for Android | iOS Download (Free, subscription available)

Stream Anime on Your Smartphone

There’s a reason why anime has grown in popularity throughout the years. Anime is a wonderful kind of storytelling that uses great animation. Because of its success, many additional streaming services have a large collection of classic and new titles.

These applications are fully legal, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the law. In addition, several of these businesses offer websites where you may watch anime online if you prefer a larger screen.

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