The 6 Best Android Apps for Drink More Water Reminders

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The 6 Best Android Apps for Drink More Water Reminders

You are certainly aware that you should drink water on a daily basis, but do you know how much?

Drinking four to six liters of water every day is the most effective approach to keep healthy. Water is essential to the body since it aids in numerous basic activities such as digestion, temperature regulation, and nutrition transport to your cells. Water also helps you maintain your energy levels and increase your physical performance.

However, since we are just human, it is simple to forget to drink water on a daily basis. These six Android hydration applications can assist you in keeping track of your regular water consumption.

1. Waterful

The Waterful app begins by gathering information about you, such as your gender, weight, and lifestyle preferences. Waterful can develop an optimum hydration regimen for you based on this information. This app will remind you to drink water while you are exercising, nursing, or recuperating.

The alerts will show on your notification bar on a daily basis based on your objectives. The Waterful app’s personalization options include the ability to choose the volume of water you will drink, ranging from 100ml to 800ml. You may also stay hydrated by drinking water, coffee, milk, soda, or tea.

If you don’t drink any of them on a regular basis, you can rapidly make your own. You may examine your weekly, monthly, and annual data to determine how consistent you are in meeting your hydration targets.

Download: Waterful (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. Water Reminder

Water Reminder is a hydration buddy for you. You may use this app after entering your information such as weight, sleep time, and gender. You receive reminders to drink water, as well as useful instructions on how to drink water properly, and you can set your Android to vibrate alone, sound and vibrate, or have the reminder only display.

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You should maintain track of your water consumption, which you can do under the History tab. It gives data and reports on how much and how often you drink water. The Water Reminder app’s options enable you to choose your preferred reminder sound, timetable, and mode.

You may rapidly swap cups or personalize beverages to enter the appropriate quantity of water you consume each day.

Download: Water Reminder (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated provides daily objectives and reminders to help you drink enough water each day. The objectives are determined by the personal information you provide when you use the Stay Hydrated app.

You may create objectives and reminders based on the weather each day. Combining this software with free fitness applications aids in the development of healthy and sustained workout routines. Depending on what you have at home or at work, choose your preferred cups or bottles.

You must purchase the premium version if you want to use features like as dark mode, home screen widgets, and notification sounds. Some of these functions, however, are available in other hydration programs without upgrading.

Download: Stay Hydrated (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Water Tracker

The Water Tracker app is similar to the other hydration applications on our list. It tracks how much water you drink each day and reminds you to drink water on a regular basis. To check your progress over time, you may view your water tracker history through the stats on this app.

Water Tracker’s customisation choices might also help you stay to your objectives. You may choose the intervals and bottle size you want to drink at during the day. Water Tracker and other fitness apps can help you get in shape faster than you think.

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Download: Water Tracker (Free)

5. Hydro Coach

Hydro Coach is one of the greatest hydration applications because it allows you complete control over your water consumption. You’ll be driven to achieve your objectives with tasty incentives to keep you going.

The statistics will measure how much water you drink each week, month, and year. To keep track of your fitness, you may link Hydro Coach to workout applications such as Samsung Health, Fitbit, and Google Fit.

You can also export the data as an Excel file to other devices with the Hydro Coach Pro edition. You also receive detailed statistics and no advertising to distract you. You may also utilize the most recent weather data to adjust your daily water consumption requirements.

Download: Hydro Coach (Free) | Hydro Coach Pro ($4.99)

6. Water Tracker & Drink Reminder

The Water Tracker & Drink Reminder app has a lot more to offer than just health suggestions when you launch it. The UI is straightforward and simple to use, with drink selections ranging from milk to tea to water. All of these beverages will keep you hydrated, and you may choose how many milliliters you drink each day.

Every day, the statistics and accomplishments features will help you remain on target. To guarantee that you achieve your daily quota, you may create reminders based on your intervals. This program is particularly enjoyable to use because of the cute avatars. You just need to pay once to acquire the full edition of the program, which removes the advertising and allows you to store your history to the cloud.

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Water Tracker & Drink Reminder Download (Free, in-app purchases available)

Always Remember To Drink Water Daily

Drinking water is crucial whether you are on a diet, working out, or going about your everyday activities. Water makes up more than 60% of your body and promotes digestion, keeps your skin gleaming, enhances heart health, and regulates body temperature.

These hydration applications can assist you in developing a healthy habit of drinking water. Despite the fact that these applications have identical features, you may still select the ideal one for you based on your style and preferences.

Waterful has a fun interface that makes drinking water seem less like a chore. Having the right mindset about achieving your goals will go a long way in your fitness journey. Drinking water will be next to natural for you.

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