The 5 Best Visual Voicemail Apps for Android

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The 5 Best Visual Voicemail Apps for Android

Voicemail may seem to be a relic of the past, yet it is still useful. However, calling a number to get such voicemails is ancient. We’ve compiled a list of the top visual voicemail apps for Android to help you manage missed calls with ease.

Visual voicemail goes above and above the conventional experience, sending voicemail to your email, transcribing messages, and even allowing you to save them forever.

What Is Visual Voicemail?

Traditionally, if you miss a call and someone leaves you a message, you get a notice but know nothing more about it. You have no idea who left the call, how long the message was, or even what they spoke about until you contact the voicemail number.

All of this changes with visual voicemail. You do not have to listen to messages in sequence; instead, you may handle them individually. It greatly simplifies the voicemail procedure.

It’s not a new feature for cellphones; the iPhone introduced it in 2007. However, with time, the functionality has improved. Some programs can transcribe voicemails, so you don’t have to listen to them.

Your phone provider may already supply you with a visual voicemail app, but not all of them do. It may also be affected by variables like as where you live and the phone you use. Some manufacturers provide stronger Android support than others.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top visual voicemail applications for Android.

1. HulloMail

HulloMail is a simple voicemail software. While many of its functions (such as transcribing and sending messages) are behind a charge, the free version is dependable and effective.

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The top screen displays up to ten of your most recent messages, along with the contact name, date, and time. You may also show missed calls here if you like (those where a caller hung up without leaving a message).

You may play the message and call back using your phone’s dialer program by tapping each item. It’s simple, but if you don’t need anything fancy, HulloMail is the way to go.

Download: HulloMail (Free, subscription available)

2. InstaVoice

The fantastic contemporary Android UI of InstaVoice makes it an enticing option as a voicemail app. Your voicemails may be seen and played from a single screen. You may also retain an unlimited number of them.

The software organizes voicemails and missed calls into tabs for easy access. There’s also a chat option that works like a stripped-down version of messaging applications like WhatsApp or Viber. To be honest, it’s of little use since it’s only free to communicate with someone who also has InstaVoice.

One of its distinguishing characteristics is the ability to attach up to ten phone lines to a single account. Perhaps you have separate numbers for personal and professional use—-now you can manage all of your voicemails from an one location.

Download: InstaVoice (Free, subscription available)

3. Google Voice

If you have an Android phone, you are already a part of the Google ecosystem and are ready to use Google Voice. You may use it to get a new phone number that will ring all of your linked phones at the same time, allowing you to answer whichever one is closest to you.

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It is feasible to keep your current phone number (see Google’s number transfer guidelines), although the procedure is inconvenient. Unlike other programs that employ call forwarding to function as voicemail, Google Voice is great for folks who want a completely new phone number.

If that’s you, congratulations! Google Voice provides an easy-to-use interface, eliminates spam numbers, automatically backs up all of your voicemail, and can transcribe anything for free. The transcription is also available in several languages.

Download: Google Voice (Free)

4. YouMail

YouMail has been in business for almost ten years and has received several honors throughout that period. While it is mainly marketed as a robocall filter, it also works well for visual voicemail.

It can save up to 100 voicemails that are clearly segregated by date and contact and can be accessed by phone or computer. You can also categorize them into folders if you want to keep track of your voicemails.

Don’t forget about its other features. If a spam caller fits its database, it will block the call and inform the other party that your phone number has been disconnected. You may also use it to hold free conference calls, which is useful for business. Callers just call your number and are instantly connected.

Download: YouMail (Free, subscription available)

5. Visual Voicemail Plus

One clear disadvantage of Visual Voicemail Plus is its outdated UI. Though the app continues to run well and get updates, the creators plainly aren’t interested in updating it to meet current Android design standards. If that’s okay with you, don’t neglect Visual Voicemail Plus.

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In fact, it’s so old-school that it can send faxes. Faxes may be sent to your phone number and seen inside the app.

Aside from the oddities, this is a dependable software with a plethora of customizing choices. You may modify your data and notification settings as well as add additional accounts. It also has clever features such as automatically playing voicemail when you lift the phone to your ear.

Visual Voicemail Plus [No Longer Available] Download (Free, although subscriptions are available)

Never Miss a Call on Android Again

The applications we’ve featured here each provide something unique, so maybe one of them will work well as your new visual voicemail service for Android.

Consider synchronizing Android alerts to Windows 10 if you want to go the extra mile and never miss a phone notice. You can even respond to messages without having to pick up your phone. On Windows 10, this feature extends to receiving incoming call notifications. You’ll never miss another phone call again.

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