The 5 Best Shared Inbox Apps for Team Emails

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The 5 Best Shared Inbox Apps for Team Emails

Most firms utilize a shared inbox to enable customer service to respond to inquiries more quickly. If you notice an email address that utilizes a centralized email address, such as, the organization is most likely employing a shared inbox.

This is because a common inbox enables organizations to consolidate all interactions rather than sending inquiries to each support agent’s inbox individually. With a shared inbox, any member of the support staff can instantly respond to inquiries.

If you’re searching for an appropriate solution, here are five of the finest shared inbox applications to consider for your team.

HubSpot is more than just CRM software; it enables organizations to connect a wide variety of support solutions while also improving inquiry management. It also has a lot of advantages for those who want to advance in their marketing careers.

HubSpot’s shared CRM smoothly interacts with their customer service platform, allowing support employees to easily monitor interactions and repeat requests. You may also develop templates for frequently asked questions, allowing you to respond to clients quickly whenever they have a question.

Best Features

HubSpot has various incredible features, including:

  • A robust app ecosystem that enables organizations to enhance their support services.
  • Easily consolidates all email aliases into a single shared inbox.
  • Integrates seamlessly with the HubSpot CRM to optimize customer flows even more.
  • Provides a plethora of templates for providing speedier replies to audiences.


HubSpot cost begins at $45 a month for the Starter subscription, which allows you to collect 1,000 marketing connections. The Professional plan costs $800 per month, while the Enterprise plan costs $3,200 per month.

Google Workspace is the company’s shared mailbox service. While it is simple, it is also one of the most economical options available. If your organization already has a Google Workspace account, you may quickly set up a Google Group.

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This enables all Google Group members to quickly distribute access to incoming emails inside the shared inbox, making it simple to allocate various threads and discussions. Because team members will not have to pay an extra price to use the shared inbox capabilities, it is a cost-effective alternative for small enterprises.

However, the user interface is clumsy, owing to the fact that it was not designed to be used as a shared mailbox. However, if you need a quick fix, this one works just as well. There are also several Google Workspace work management add-ons available to help you boost support performance even more.

Best Features

Some of its best features include:

  • It does not need any other tools to be linked; you may use it straight with your Google Workspace account.
  • Email functionality and thread management are straightforward.
  • Very shallow learning curve.


This is free if you currently use Google Workspace. Otherwise, you must pay for a Google Workspace account, which starts at $6 per user, each month.

Front is another good shared mailbox tool that you may utilize. Front is a shared email inbox program that does much more than just allow you to assign inquiries. It also has load balancing capabilities and the ability for organizations to develop bespoke processes and automated procedures.

This allows you to route inquiries to various team members based on keywords and even set SLA rules or custom tags. You may also build shared drafts and invite team members to make comments on certain topics.

Best Features

Front offers several intuitive features, such as:

  • Creating personalized message templates.
  • Adding tags to individual articles and searches.
  • Allows you to combine several inboxes using Front.
  • There are several other connectors available for major programs like as Asana, HubSpot, Salesforce, and others.
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The Starter plan is $19 per month per person, while the Growth option is $49. The most costly option is the Scale, which costs $99 per person, each month.

Help Scout is a feasible alternative for firms that want an appropriate solution for handling huge numbers of chats. The interface is meticulously designed to put all critical operations, such as tagging and built-in contextual menus, at the user’s fingers.

Other capabilities, such as stored responses, private notes, and collaborative tools, enable team members to engage with one another. Help Scout consolidates all discussions into a single inbox and allows you to rapidly move between email and chats.

Help Scout is a good alternative for developing teams that want a scalable solution that includes knowledge base software, live chat, and a shared mailbox. Help Scout also helps you to develop a knowledge base for remote teams and makes it simple for teams to work efficiently across several time zones.

Best Features

Here are some of Help Scout’s best features:

  • Allows you to handle communication across numerous channels in real time.
  • Both iOS and Android have native mobile applications.
  • Allows you to gather satisfaction ratings in order to calculate your CSAT scores.
  • Provides extra security features such as multifactor authentication.


The Standard service, which includes access to two mailboxes, costs $20 per user per month. The Plus subscription costs $65 per user, per month, and includes access to five mailboxes instead of two, while the Company package includes unlimited mailboxes for $60 per user, per month.

Kayako is a full-service help desk software that allows you to easily automate activities such as allocating tickets to various support workers and maintaining a shared mailbox.

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It’s a wonderful platform for firms who wish to boost customer satisfaction and respond to consumers quickly. It also provides a slew of connectors with other applications, allowing organizations to rapidly manage discussions and tailor processes, particularly when used with other project management programs.

Best Features

Kayako offers plenty of excellent features, including:

  • Provides a good perspective into client behavior, assisting support employees in understanding and tracking their most recent activities.
  • All prominent applications, including Stripe, Recurly, Chargebee, Slack, and others, have integrations.
  • A 14-day free trial.
  • View updated findings quickly, including any actions performed by other team members.


Kayako provides two unique packages: the Growth plan, which costs $30 per user per month, and the Scale plan, which costs $60 per user per month but allows organizations to add any collaborators for free.

Using a Suitable Email Service Provider Is Equally Important

Once you’ve decided on a shared inbox app for your company, you must also pick an email provider. If you don’t want to remain with Gmail or Outlook, you have various additional possibilities.

All of these programs enable you to sync your email with Gmail, Outlook, or another provider. Make sure your whole support staff is well-versed in the many functionalities of the shared inbox app you employ so that they can make the most use of it!

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