The 5 Best Pomodoro Timer Chrome Extensions for Deep Work

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The 5 Best Pomodoro Timer Chrome Extensions for Deep Work

Numerous apps and websites have promoted the Pomodoro Technique in recent years, a time-management approach that generally consists of 25-minute intervals of intense, intensive work followed by 5-minute breaks.

Chrome addons are among the most handy digital Pomodoro timers. However, with so many accessible, choose one to download might be difficult.

So, to make your quest for the greatest Pomodoro Chrome extension easier, here are five of the finest. There’s a Pomodoro Chrome addon for everyone, with extra features ranging from a to-do list to soothing tunes to website blockers.

Core feature: A simple Pomodoro timer.

Marinara is undoubtedly one of the most widely used Chrome extensions on our list. And there’s a reason for this: it’s ridiculously easy.

Marinara, unlike many of the other Pomodoro timer extensions on our list, does not include a dropdown menu. To start a work session with Marinara, just click on the extension’s icon. This overlays a 25-minute countdown on the symbol.

When a session expires, an alert will sound, and Marinara will transfer you to a new Chrome tab, asking whether you want to start a 5-minute break, which will be shown on the icon once engaged.

Marinara is now configurable, so you may work for longer or shorter periods of time. To adjust the time of the work session as well as the short and long breaks, right-click on the icon and choose Options. You may also deactivate alerts and noises.

You may also examine your previous daily, weekly, and monthly work sessions with full graphs under the Options tab. Marinara is an excellent choice for anyone seeking for a basic Pomodoro timer to add to their browser.

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Download: Marinara for Chrome (Free)

Core feature: A Pomodoro timer and to-do list combo.

Focus To-Do, as the name implies, combines a Pomodoro timer with a to-do list.

It’s also not your typical to-do list. Tasks can be scheduled, projects can be created, reminders can be made, task priority can be indicated, sub-tasks may be added, and progress can be tracked using sophisticated graphs and pie charts.

To begin working on a job, just set a personalized Pomodoro timer for it and begin. Then, after finished, tick it off. Focus To-Do also includes mobile and Mac applications that sync with the extension, so you can view your to-do list from any device at any time.

While this may be too complicated for some, if you’re looking for a Pomodoro timer as well as a thorough to-do list, Focus To-Do may be the app for you.

Download: Focus To-Do for Chrome | Android | iOS | Mac(Free)

Core feature: A Pomodoro timer and ambient sound player.

The Pomodoro timer is a supplementary feature of Noisli. The ambient sounds that shut out bothersome external noises are the main selling feature. Noisli is basically a website with a range of sounds, but its Chrome extensions make it easier to access the main functions.

The addon has a dropdown menu with customized playlists of blended ambient sounds labeled Productivity, Random, and Relax. Simply click on the category to modify the sound mix. You may also store your favorite mixes in Noisli and retrieve them later during work sessions.

And, of course, at the top of the menu is the iconic Pomodoro timer, which can be set to any amount of time.

While all of these capabilities are free, Noisli restricts the amount of time you may spend streaming their sounds every day. A subscription version is available to access limitless streaming, as well as extra sounds, oscillation and shuffle modes, new background colors, and session metrics from the previous month.

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Download: Noisli for Chrome (Free, subscription available)

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Core feature: A Pomodoro timer and gamified website blocker.

Forest combines the Pomodoro Technique with a website blocker to prevent you from visiting distracting websites such as social media during work or study hours.

To do this, Forest effectively transforms an otherwise annoying website blocker into a game.

A virtual tree seedling is planted in the Forest Chrome extension’s dropdown menu at the start of each timed session. If you visit a website on the Blocklist for the following 25 minutes (or whatever time period is chosen), your tree will wither. However, if you can keep your attention on the work at hand, your seedling will grow into an adult tree.

There is, thankfully, an Allowlist option that allows you to view sites on your Blocklist during sessions.

Forest also has a mobile app that works in conjunction with the Chrome addon. On the app, you can check your stats, explore a virtual forest of trees that have grown successfully from previous work sessions, and unlock new tree species to plant.

Download: Forest forChrome (Free) | Android (Free)

Download: Forest foriOS ($1.99)

Another Pomodoro timer and gamified website blocker are the main features.

Otto, a gamified Pomodoro Chrome addon, is similar to Forest in a few areas. Otto, like Forest, has a website blocker as its major function. By avoiding accessing restricted websites, however, you are safeguarding a blue cartoon figure called Otto rather than a tree.

Otto’s health depletes when you access a prohibited site. I haven’t yet reduced Otto’s health to zero, so I’m not sure what happens next. And I’m not sure I want to know.

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Of course, the work and break periods may be changed. When a work session ends, Otto initiates a break session at the sound of a bell.

When using Otto, unlike Forest, there is no option to accept sites on the blocklist. Other features include a Daily Distraction Graph that shows how many times each day you visited restricted sites and Auto Block, which automatically block a website if you spend too much time on it.

Download: Otto for Chrome(Free)

Which Is the Best Pomodoro Chrome Extension?

It obviously depends on what you’re searching for. When it comes to productivity tactics and tools, everyone has their own preferences, and the Pomodoro Chrome extension is no exception.

Marinara is ideal for individuals who want a basic, minimalist timer. If you also need a to-do list, choose Focus To-Do. Noisli is wonderful if you want ambient music to work or study to and are ready to pay for limitless streaming. Or maybe you love making everything work-related into a game, in which case Forest or Otto are ideal.

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