The 5 Best Free Internet Radio Apps for Android

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The 5 Best Free Internet Radio Apps for Android

Remember when you’d be sitting in your kitchen, fiddling with your radio’s antenna, hoping to locate a station that wasn’t simply static? It seems that the necessity for a radio has long ago vanished, particularly among younger generations.

But what if you still want to listen to the radio but don’t have one? If that’s the case, check out these five applications for radio listening on your phone.

1. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn is your one-stop shop for anything audio. There are hundreds of stations, including news, discussion, and music radio. TuneIn will show you which stations are popular in your region, which specialize in sports, news, and are close to you. There are additional stations in a variety of languages.

TuneIn also provides access to podcasts on a variety of themes, including true crime, mindfulness, comedy, and technology, in addition to radio. You may mark individual radio and podcast channels as favorites so that you can simply return to them at any time, saving you the trouble of looking for your favorite stations each time.

If you wish to listen to radio or podcasts while driving, you may utilize the app’s vehicle mode. Car mode is simply a stripped-down version of the app, with four major options: favorites, recents, suggested, and voice search. You can only search for stations by voice in vehicle mode, rather than manually, allowing for a far safer driving experience.

The TuneIn app does display advertisements throughout your listening time, but these may be deleted by upgrading to the premium version, which costs roughly $10 per month. The premium edition also includes stuff that the free version does not.

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Download: TuneIn Radio (Free, premium version available)

2. My Radio

My Radio provides you access to a massive library of radio stations, music, and discussion shows—over 50,000 in all. The app works similarly to TuneIn Radio in that you may narrow your search to talk radio, news, sports, and other categories. The design is somewhat more smooth, resembling Spotify more than anything else.

By exploring material in the app’s Countries menu, you may locate stations and programmes from all across the globe. Stations from Poland to China, Japan to Jamaica may be found here. You may also explore through many genres like as classical, alternative, house, and oldies.

If you discover certain stations you like, you may like them and save them to your Favorites page so you can listen to them again fast and effortlessly.

The My Radio app does feature a paid version that allows you to remove advertisements, set a sleep timer, and access better quality music. However, if you don’t mind the commercials, you may access the most of the functionality with the free version alone!

Download: My Radio (Free, premium version available)

3. provides a diverse selection of radio stations, podcasts, and discussion programs. On the app’s explore screen, you may browse through hundreds of radio stations, including the app’s top 100.

If you don’t want to listen to radio, go to the app’s podcast page to get podcasts on crime, parenting, health, real crime, and other topics., like several of the other applications featured here, enables you to favorite your favorite podcasts and radio stations for quick access at any time.

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The app’s advertising can be removed with the premium version, but if they don’t annoy you, you’ll be good with the free version alone.

Download: (Free, premium version available)

4. Simple Radio

Simple Radio is just that: simple. Simple Radio, unlike the other applications described here, concentrates on providing a radio experience without any other features or add-ons, resulting in a rather simple and easy-to-navigate software.

This is ideal for individuals who like to listen to their favorite radio stations over discussion programs and podcasts.

You may either browse through the app’s list of radio stations to discover the one that’s ideal for you, or you can just search for your favorite station using the app’s search box. You may also make a favorites list so that you can easily return to listening to your favorite stations without having to search.

Download: Simple Radio (Free, premium version available)

5. Dash Radio

Dash Radio is an excellent software for listening to music. It does, however, function a bit differently than the other programs discussed here. Instead of traditional, well-known radio stations, Dash Radio offers its own set of channels dedicated to a variety of musical genres ranging from jazz to electric to pop and beyond.

Dash Radio’s programming is completely unique, with over 80 of its own stations and around 500 distinct radio personalities. Afrobeats, Disco Fever, Grunge, Pure Soul, and Y2K are among the stations available. Dash Radio will have the music you’re searching for, regardless of the decade or genre.

There’s also a SoundCloud radio station where you can listen to hundreds of unique music.

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You also won’t have to deal with annoying advertising when listening to Dash Radio, which is a benefit. However, keep in mind that the app will automatically favorite stations that fit the genre choices you give when joining up, so if you’d rather start from scratch choosing favorites, then skip this step of the registration process.

Download: Dash Radio (Free)

Now You Can Stay Tuned in Anywhere

Things have surely changed from the days when we would all listen to our radios in the morning. You may now listen to the same, if not more, stations on your phone. With these applications, you can listen to your favorite stations and podcasts no matter where you are, without having to fiddle with an antenna.

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