The 5 Best Animation Apps for Android

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The 5 Best Animation Apps for Android

Creating an animation is an excellent method to bring life to a dead artwork. Digital tool improvements have made animation very straightforward and convenient for both pros and amateurs.

Although the market for specialized drawing tablets seems to be appealing, nothing surpasses the ease of just bringing out your phone and scribbling on its screen. Unfortunately, there aren’t many popular alternatives for applications that assist you make animations on the Play Store.

Regardless, we evaluated a bevy of animation applications for Android and compiled a list of the finest ones that are free to use.

1. Animation Desk

Animation Desk is one of the top animation applications for Android, with over a million downloads. It features everything that makes an animation tool great: a clean user interface, plenty of settings, and a few methods to export the completed animation.

Animation Desk comes with a few brushes and a color palette that you may change to your preference. It’s simple to switch between frames, and the onion skin toggle is merely a touch away. If the default 24fps option isn’t enough for you, you may change the amount of frames in your animations.

When you’re finished, you may export your animation as a video or a PDF. Individual frames may also be exported as pictures. The premium membership increases your cloud storage to 1TB, supports color-coded onion skin drawings, and allows you to export GIFs.

Download: Animation Desk (Free, subscription available)

2. Draw Cartoons 2

Creating a few-second animation still requires manually drawing several frames. It might be much more difficult to do so on a smaller screen. Draw Cartoons 2 is a great program for doing simple animation without taking a lot of time and effort.

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The program includes a large collection of items and characters with skeleton models that can be moved around to create rapid animations. You may also construct your own characters and use the same skeleton functionality to make animation much simpler.

Draw Cartoons 2 is definitely aimed towards children, but we had a good time trying the game nevertheless. Aside from animating sequences, you can also add voice-overs and music to the completed result and export it as a video file.

Download: Draw Cartoons 2 (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Stop Motion Studio

Stop-motion animation is another method for creating animations. Stop Motion Studio is a terrific companion software if you like utilizing actual objects to convey a tale.

Although you don’t need a separate software to snap a series of photographs and sequence them to produce a video, this app makes the process easier. A familiar overlay option allows you to place your props in relation to the preceding frame.

The program also includes a variety of filters and editing tools to help you take your animation to the next level. Tools like green screen and rotoscoping may open up a whole new world of possibilities for those who are dedicated, even with little props.

Other significant features include a time interval mode that automatically shoots photographs, a complete manual mode for tweaking things like ISO and white balance, and the option to capture images using a secondary phone as a remote control.

Stop Motion Studio (free download) (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Stick Nodes

Give Stick Nodes a try if you enjoy the notion of animating using moveable joints and pieces. This stick figure animation program is a one-stop shop for all stick figure aficionados.

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It includes every animation feature imaginable and then some. You may use the large library to add or change stick figures, and you can even link two or more items to make animation much simpler. Stick Nodes features a surprising variety of power user controls and effects that you can apply to the seemingly basic stick figures.

You may apply blur, shine, and other realistic effects to your drawings using the app’s pro version. Regardless, the free edition of the program has no adverts and does not prompt you to subscribe to the pro version.

On smaller phones, the wide range of choices and menus might seem a little crowded. This is the single problem we have with the program, which is also disguised as praise for the vast amount of functions it has. Stick Nodes is one of the greatest solutions for creating impressive stick figure animations without spending a lifetime sketching them all manually.

Download: Stick Nodes (Free, premium version available)

5. FlipaClip

What better way to round up a list than with an app that is unrivaled when it comes to producing animations on Android? FlipaClip is the gold standard and should be emulated by every other digital drawing program.

FlipaClip not only provides a wealth of choices like as brushes, grids, a ruler, onion peel, and more, but it also includes an excellent collection of sound effects. Although it is a premium option, including sound effects into basic animations may elevate them to new heights.

If you have a compatible Samsung smartphone, FlipaClip is one of the greatest S Pen applications. The program allows you to add dimension to your drawings by using pressure sensitivity. You may import movies onto your canvas and create animations to go with them.

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The stunning design and simplicity of use of FlipaClip are easily our favorites. First-time users also receive a helpful introductory video that walks them through all of the app’s features. We strongly suggest FlipaClip to anybody serious about taking your animation to the next level with just an Android phone.

Download: FlipaClip (Free, in-app purchases available)

Create Animations on the Go

We’ve looked at a small selection of animation applications, all of which have something unique to offer. It is now up to you to pick which one best meets your requirements.

While nothing matches a dedicated animation setup with numerous displays and a drawing pad, it’s amazing to see how much you can do with your phone. On-the-go picture and video animation has gone a long way due to inventive applications like these.

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