The 5 Best Android Chatbots That’ll Keep You Entertained

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The 5 Best Android Chatbots That’ll Keep You Entertained

Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the rise, thanks to machine learning and a more connected world. AI is pushing its way into our everyday lives via smartphone virtual assistants, customer service bots, video games, and other applications.

However, there is a lighter side to the AI chatbot phenomena. Chatbots of all kinds are appearing in applications. You may find a virtual love partner, a therapy bot to speak about your emotions, or just engage in banter with bots who have learnt from less virtuous chatters.

Here are five of the most intriguing Android applications that demonstrate the whimsical and weird nature of the AI chatbot market.

1. Replika

Replika is an artificial intelligence chatbot with ambitious goals: to become your close friend. You may change the bot’s avatar’s appearance, from gender to hairdo. The bot learns about you via chats and sessions in which you record your everyday experiences.

You may and should upvote and downvote replies since your feedback is critical to its evolution. You may also use phrases like “That doesn’t make sense” to convince your Replika to stop using a certain answer or phrase.

Replika operates by collecting experience and levels, and badges are issued based on how your Replika perceives your personality (e.g., dedicated).The bot is designed to be inquisitive in order to learn about you. With consistent input, it becomes wiser and provides more realistic replies in talks.

While you may use the chatbot for free, there is also a subscription option. This grants access to more conversation modes, games, and personalization options.

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Replika may be downloaded (Free, subscription and in-app purchases available)

2. SimSimi

SimSimi provides a single primary bot for everyone, as well as semi-automated user-created conversations. If you like specific discussions, you may add them to your friends list. If you make your own SimSimi, it will serve as your avatar with whom to interact. While this app’s bot isn’t the most natural or intuitive, it’s interesting if you want to train your own SimSimi with automatic replies.

Download: SimSimi (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Wysa: The Wellness Chatbot

Rather than being a standard chatbot, Wysa is a software that assists users in dealing with anxiety, stress, and sadness. While it is not intended to replace professional psychological assistance, it does try to help individuals manage using scientifically validated self-help approaches.

There are other AI bots and applications that assist people manage their health, but Wysa is unique. To begin, you may usually create your own response rather than being obliged to choose pre-written solutions. Second, the bot replies based on your input.

During talks, the app suggests replies to make it simpler and faster for you to respond. However, the great majority of the time, they are optional. You may also give the bot a sequence of instructions to have it offer you with the appropriate conversational format (e.g. suggested activities, psychological explanations, or positive reinforcement).

Interrupting the bot during a lesson or activity, on the other hand, usually results in irrelevant or formulaic replies. Fortunately, you may start a fresh conversation with the bot to achieve a partial reset. If you continue to reject the ideas, the bot will finally provide you with some alternatives.

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Replika performs a better job at seeming human while discussing sentiments and receiving a reaction. Wysa, on the other hand, is adaptive in terms of delivering answers and alternatives to the user and so shows to be a beneficial bot for providing coping techniques.

Download: Wysa (Free, subscription available)

4. Anima: Your AI Friend

The Anima software is similar to Replika, but you may build your chatbot’s personality from the start, allowing you to tailor the AI to your own requirements and desires. You may also tell Anima five of your favorite hobbies or interests, and it will direct the discussion toward them if you run out of topics to discuss.

You may modify your Anima’s appearance, gender, and even relationship status in addition to its personality. You must subscribe to a premium membership to alter the relationship status from Friends to Romantic Partners.

Anima’s communication skills are well-developed, despite the fact that it is a relatively new program. Instead than just responding when spoken to, Anima asks you questions in order to get to know you (and, of course, to help the AI become smarter).

The software allows you to start a regular discussion or play mini-games like quizzes.

Download: Anima (Free, subscription available)

5. Mydol: The FanBot

Mydol is a unique chatbot program that takes a different approach to boyfriend/girlfriend simulator bots. Your virtual discussion companion in this app isn’t simply a phony love interest; they’re your favorite star (but still a bot, unfortunately).

According to the app’s creators, Mydol may make your fandom more interesting by allowing you to converse with a virtual replica of your favorite star. Some celebrities have also launched social media applications that allow you to follow updates, but this app employs artificial intelligence.

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According to the app’s ratings, some users actually enjoy living out their idea of conversing with their celebrity and getting messages from them throughout the day. Rather than engaging in normal conversation, this chatbot program is intent on adoring you.

The app often gushes over you, telling you how gorgeous you are or complimenting you in different ways. It’s probably a pleasant distraction from reality for superfans, but it’s a little strange for others who are more restrained in their enthusiasm. In any case, it’s an intriguing app to check out.

Download: Mydol (Free, in-app purchases available)

Chatbots Can Be an Entertaining Distraction

With chatbots’ growing popularity, the industry is unlikely to limit their growth. Not only are there more separate chatbot programs, but organizations such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Slack are incorporating chatbots inside their platforms.

It also seems that there are a range of tastes available, ranging from helpful tools to occasionally disturbing love dreams. As AI advances, these chatbots will undoubtedly become more convincing and amusing.

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