The 5 Advanced Chrome Settings You Should Be Using

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The 5 Advanced Chrome Settings You Should Be Using

While Chrome is one of the most popular browsers available, not everyone is aware of the advanced options that allow it to be even better. You may not have the time to keep up with every change, or you may not use these settings often.

However, Chrome’s advanced settings provide tools to help you optimize your browsing experience. So, in this section, we’ll look at some of the most helpful advanced options you can adjust.

How to Access Advanced Settings in Google Chrome

If you’ve never used Chrome’s advanced settings, it may seem to be a difficult undertaking. But, in reality, it couldn’t be easier.

To access Chrome’s advanced options, click the three dots and pick Settings from the menu, then Advanced from the left sidebar. The advanced options will be revealed as the area expands. Which ones, though, should you alter?

1. Languages

You may choose a language for displaying Google Chrome’s UI as well as another for translating websites. You may also add languages and sort them according to your preferences.

Furthermore, enable the option to translate websites that aren’t in languages you read to spare yourself the trouble of manually translating them each time. If it doesn’t work, you may also turn it off.

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In the advanced settings, you’ll also discover spell check choices. To verify the text you input in the browser, you may use either Basic Spellcheck or Enhanced Spellcheck. Not only that, but you can customize your spell check experience by selecting the languages you use.

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While Downloads is the default place for storing downloads, you may change it under advanced settings.

If you can’t decide and want to store downloads in various directories every time, you may simply enable: Before downloading, ask where you want to save each file.

3. Accessibility

Navigating the web is difficult for readers with visual problems and impairments. Chrome advanced options, which are designed to improve user experience and accessibility, allow you to install a variety of accessibility features through the Chrome Web Store.

You may also activate live captioning. When you surf the web, view a movie, or scroll through your online results, automatic audio and video subtitles will be generated for you. You may also customize the font size and style of the captions.

Not only that, but You may activate settings such as displaying a fast highlight on the targeted item and navigating sites using a text cursor.

4. System

Chrome’s advanced options also allow you to activate your computer’s proxy settings or employ hardware acceleration when available.

Using hardware acceleration speeds up the loading of results and makes your browser run more smoothly. In terms of proxy settings, it enhances private and secure online surfing by installing a firewall and web filter.

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You may also choose whether or not to keep background programs running after you close Chrome.

5. Reset and Clean Up

Under advanced settings, you’ll find the option to restore settings to their original defaults.

Furthermore, did you know that Chrome can assist you in locating and removing malicious malware from your computer? You may also submit information about malicious software or processes.

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Browse Better With Advanced Chrome Settings

You may use these advanced options to increase online accessibility or just to make your everyday life easier. There’s no question that some of these options will come in helpful and provide you with a more efficient browsing experience.

If you want to optimize your surfing experience even further, you may check out some experimental and secret advanced options from “chrome:flags/.” Remember to reload your browser after adding a flag to ensure that the settings are loaded. If you don’t like how it works, you can always deactivate the flag.

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