The 4 Best Tools to Test and Improve Your Email Deliverability

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The 4 Best Tools to Test and Improve Your Email Deliverability

Despite the many communication mediums accessible today, email is an excellent method to communicate with consumers and reach out to new prospects.

However, you can only enjoy the advantages of your efforts if your emails get delivered to your recipients’ inboxes. To prevent the dreaded rubbish bin, evaluate your email deliverability on a regular basis. Here’s everything you need to know about email deliverability, as well as how to test it.

What Is Email Deliverability?

To begin, email deliverability is not the same as email delivery. Your email delivery indicates if your emails were received or refused by your recipient’s server. The latter is possible if your recipient’s email address is incorrect.

Email deliverability, on the other hand, indicates if your email was delivered to your recipient’s inbox or spam bin. In other words, you might have excellent email delivery yet suffer from low deliverability if your email is sent to the spam folder.

So, why do your emails end up in the spam folder? Email spam has long been a big problem, which is why most email service providers have filters in place to keep fraudulent communications out of their customers’ inboxes. These spam filters evaluate your emails based on a variety of factors, including the subject line, content, links, email reputation, and others.

The issue is that these filters are not flawless, since they often classify legitimate emails as spam. Before you declare war on spam filters, keep in mind that they mainly serve a vital purpose; simply have a glance at your spam folder every now and again to discover how many email frauds and filthy marketing practices you have escaped.

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So, while you wait for email service providers to enhance their spam filters, you may concentrate on understanding how these email spam filters function and frequently evaluating your email deliverability.

Why Should You Test Your Email Deliverability?

Email deliverability tests provide information that help you to fine-tune your campaign plan to keep your email from ending up in the spam folder, allowing you to contact more people.

This allows you to save time, energy, and money that might otherwise be spent on an unproductive campaign that produces no results. Furthermore, as email spammers try new techniques to fool email filters, email deliverability testing tools are updated to match those attempts and assist you in keeping your emails in your receivers’ inboxes.

Now that you’ve decided to evaluate your email deliverability, here are five of the finest tools for the job.

MailTester is a powerful tool that allows you to quickly assess the quality and deliverability of your emails. Simply submit your message to the email address created on the page. It will then produce an informative report indicating if your email account is authenticated, an evaluation of your mail server and sending IP, content, or broken links, to mention a few.

It will also offer a number from 1 to 10 based on all of these parameters, indicating the possibility of your email reaching the inbox of your recipient. This email checker enables you to examine up to three messages each day for free, and it also has a pay-as-you-go option as well as monthly and annual subscriptions.

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MailTester also enables you to bulk-check your email list to remove invalid email addresses, enhance deliverability, and increase the ROI of your campaign.

Unspam is an email spam detector that generates a detailed analysis on your email deliverability after examining your subject line, broken links, HTML best practices, IP blacklists, and other factors. It is simple to use, enabling you to check your email simply sending it to the provided testing address.

This tool also helps you develop more successful campaigns with its eye-tracking prediction heat map, which shows you the most and least engaging portions of your designs while also providing a clarity score to highlight crowded regions.

It has a free edition that allows you to test up to 10 emails per month and a paid version that starts at $14 per month.

GlockApps is yet another powerful email spam checker that may assist you in improving deliverability by running your email content through spam filters and exposing problems that may cause your email to be sent to the spam folder.

To acquire a thorough report, just submit a copy of your letter to the email address on its website, as with the previous tools. This application also includes a DMARC Analyzer to safeguard your domain from spoofing and phishing. Its free edition allows for three email spam tests every month, while the premium version costs $59.

Mailtrap checks your email’s headers, links, subject lines, and other elements to provide you with an in-depth report. Its collaborative platform allows you to share the testing environment with colleagues and examine the findings in real time, making it simpler for your team to discover and fix problems that may impact your deliverability.

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Mailtrap can also verify HTML and CSS compatibility for the most common email clients, such as Gmail, Apple Mail, and Outlook, to see a list of problematic components, correct them, and test your email again. You may also use this function to optimize your emails for certain email clients or devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Mailtrap offers a free version for new users to check out as well as a variety of paid subscriptions for freelancers, teams, corporations, and others.

Avoid Spam Folders by Leveraging These Spam Checkers

Whether you are just beginning your email campaign or have already invested in it, testing the deliverability of your emails is critical. It assists you in avoiding deliverability concerns so that your emails get in the inboxes of your receivers, enabling you to enjoy the fruits of your labor and concentrate on other tasks.

You may experiment with various tools to discover the one that best meets your demands and budget, ensuring the success of your email marketing campaign.

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