The 4 Best Apps to Help You Write a Song

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The 4 Best Apps to Help You Write a Song

Anyone who has ever written a song understands that it isn’t always flowers and sunshine. Sure, some individuals appear to be more inspired than others, but every composer has suffered writer’s block at some point. Songwriters, like novelists, screenwriters, and even freelance writers, suffer from this creative illness.

Fortunately, there are certain applications that may assist you in your writing process. Whether you concentrate on the music or the lyrics, one of these applications will assist you in putting pen to paper and producing a beautiful song. Let’s see what these songwriting applications are capable of!

1. Tully

Tully’s home page displays all of your current master tracks. Tully allows you to post all of your files, including masters, projects, and single beats. When you create a new project in Tully, you may maintain notes or lyrics in the blank area, import files, set a metronome, and record audio right in the project space.

If you’re happy with how a song turned out on Tully, you can even pay for a membership to have your music quickly available on major platforms where others can download it. After it’s been disseminated, you’ll be able to check how your song is doing and how much money it’s bringing in.

Tully for Android | Tully for iOS (Free, subscriptions available)

2. Maestro

Although there are several tools available to assist you in creating your own sheet music, Maestro is an app that enables you to carry it with you wherever you typically take your phone. So, basically everywhere.

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When you initially use the app, you’ll see an unnamed song that you may begin modifying right away. Of course, you may alter the title, and then experiment with other notes and timings until you get the tune you’re looking for.

This program is designed for expert songwriters who understand music theory since it requires you to compose your own sheet music. Having said that, the app will play everything you make on the instrument you choose, so even inexperienced musicians may put together a nice tune.

Maestro for Android | Maestro for iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Apollo 16

Apollo 16 is mostly a note-taking program, but it also allows you to record audio and add media to each new note. This is really useful if you are often inspired when away from home or do not have a pen and paper with you.

If you have an idea for a song, you may rapidly start a new note and even hum a melody or recite the words that come to mind. If you’re working on a song while waiting at the doctor’s office or driving home, there’s a rhyming words function in each note where you may pick the ideal term for your latest composition.

Download: Apollo 16 for Android | iOS (Free)

4. Lyric Pad

If you’re a visual person, Lyric Pad is a terrific Android app. When you’re typing out new lyrics, it seems as though you’re writing on lined notebook paper. When you’re completed, tap the eye symbol to see your final product on a cleaner white screen.

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You may attach photographs or media from your phone to each message. You may then effortlessly share any particular remark with a buddy for comment. All of your ongoing projects will be prominently displayed on the home page for quick access.

Lyric Pad for Android is available for download (Free, subscription available)

Go Write a Hit!

It’s not simple to break out of a songwriting rut, but by employing additional tools to get your creative juices flowing, you’ll be on your way in no time.

Even if you discover that these applications aren’t as efficient as your regular songwriting process, it’s something fresh and different for you to try, and your brain will appreciate you. Shaking things around is a great way to give your brain a rest and enable creativity to flow to you rather than you hunting for it all the time.

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