The 24 Best Android Auto Apps for Messaging, Music, and More

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The 24 Best Android Auto Apps for Messaging, Music, and More

Looking for the best Android Auto apps? If you own an Android phone and a vehicle, you should know how to utilize Android Auto to improve your driving experience. Even if your automobile does not support the app, you may still utilize its capabilities on the display of your phone.

The majority of Android Auto applications fall into one of a few categories. Let’s take a look at some of the greatest Android Auto applications to utilize while driving. Keep in mind that most of these applications need you to open them and join in to your account before they will operate correctly in Android Auto.

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The Best Android Auto Apps for Music

The perfect songs make driving a lot more enjoyable. Choose from the Android Auto music applications listed below based on your interests and existing services.

Once you’ve installed a couple, you may switch between them by hitting the Headphones symbol while on the music page. This menu will include all media applications, including podcasts and radio.

1. Pandora

Android Auto welcomes the service that popularized internet radio. After signing into your account in the normal app, you may choose one of your stations by swiping out the left sidebar. It will play music in the background as you drive.

Tap the arrow to see additional Thumbs Up/Down buttons that allow you to control the station. At the bottom, there are also Replay and Skip buttons. Because of its easy design, Pandora is an excellent choice for those who just want to listen to music and get started. Podcasts are available, as are most streaming services these days.

Download: Pandora (Free, subscription available)

2. Spotify

Spotify, one of the most popular music streaming applications, allows you to listen to your favorite music while driving. To access your library, slide out the left panel, which includes recent items, albums, playlists, and more. We suggest creating a playlist with your favorite songs for the best results so you don’t have to rummage about while driving.

Tap the arrow on the player to see additional options for adding the current music to your collection, starting radio for the song, and viewing the play queue. Remember that shuffle mode is only available in the mobile app unless you have a Spotify Premium membership.

Download: Spotify (Free, subscription available)

3. YouTube Music

YouTube Music is restricted on Android Auto unless you have YouTube Music Premium. If you subscribe, you will have access to the whole repertoire of music, radio, and other content. However, the free service is still worthwhile to use for one major reason: simple access to your own music collection.

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Like its defunct predecessor Google Play Audio, YouTube Music enables you to upload up to 100,000 of your own music recordings. Once they’re in your library, you may watch them from anywhere with an internet connection or download them for offline viewing.

If you have a huge MP3 collection that you don’t want to store exclusively on your phone’s local storage, this is an excellent choice.

Download: YouTube Music (Free, subscription available)

4. Rainwave

Looking for something new to listen to in the car? If you like video game soundtrack, you’ll be pleased to learn about Rainwave. It’s the greatest video game music radio service, and it’s free for Android users. There are five stations to pick from, including remixes, chiptune, and game music exclusively.

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The Android Auto component is straightforward, yet it’s ideal for focusing in the drive while also broadening your musical options.

Download: Player for Rainwave (Free)

The Best Android Auto Messaging Apps

While texting while driving is hazardous, Android Auto does allow basic capabilities for certain messaging services. You may use them to send new messages, listen to incoming communications, and make automatic responses.

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Keep in mind that, unlike music applications, these messaging apps will not display in Android Auto’s menus. They will display notifications on the Home screen, but you will not be able to touch to launch them from any menus.

5. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Android Auto
Image Credit: Messenger/Facebook

If Facebook Messenger is your go-to app for staying in touch with pals, you’ll be glad to hear it also works in the vehicle.

You’ll get alerts for new messages and may listen to them by pressing the Play button. To notify your friends that you are now driving, choose the I’m driving right now auto-responder.

Download: Messenger (Free, in-app purchases available)

6-7. WhatsApp and Telegram

Unsurprisingly, the enormously popular WhatsApp chat is now compatible with Android Auto. It has the same feature set as the other chat applications on the service.

To begin a new message, tell Google Assistant to “Send a message to Jim on WhatsApp.” You may also hear fresh messages and answer verbally.

If you prefer Telegram over WhatsApp, it offers the same basic functions.

Download: WhatsApp Messenger (Free)

Download: Telegram (Free)

8-12. Additional Messaging Apps for Android Auto

We won’t go into detail since most Android messaging applications have the same set of functions in Android Auto. Instead, here are some other texting applications that function in the same manner as Android Auto:

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The Best Android Auto Radio Apps

Do you prefer to listen to the radio rather than music when driving? There are various applications for listening to radio stations on Android Auto.

13. iHeartRadio

If you dislike the radio stations in your region, iHeartRadio offers hundreds of alternatives. You may listen to radio stations from all across the nation with this app. You can quickly tune in to your favorite stations or discover new favorites depending on genre in Android Auto.

Download: iHeartRadio (Free, subscription available)

14. TuneIn

TuneIn, yet another popular radio app, allows you to listen to hundreds of radio stations for music, sports, or conversation anytime you want. Use the Android Auto app to easily start listening to the appropriate station for whatever you’re looking for.

Download: TuneIn (Free, subscription available)

15. Scanner Radio

Do you want to act like you’re going undercover in a movie? This software is for you. Instead of listening to national radio channels, Scanner Radio allows you to listen to police, emergency, and amateur radio.

Some may find it strange to listen to this while driving, but maybe you prefer hearing what’s going on in large cities. It may also help you stay awake when driving late.

Use the Top 10 Scanners on Android Auto to check what’s popular, or the Nearby Scanners if you want to listen to something close.

Download: Scanner Radio (Free) | Scanner Radio Pro ($2.99)

16. Local Radio Apps

The majority of the other radio applications for Android Auto are for local radio stations. There’s hardly much incentive to utilize them when you have so many other audio selections.

But you may check into them if you’re curious or want to listen to your favorite home station while on the road.

The Best Android Auto Navigation Apps

Aside from listening to music or watching videos, the second major app category in Android Auto is navigation. Let’s take a look at your top options in this area.

17. Google Maps

Google Maps is probably already on your phone, but it’s worth noting here. In Android Auto, tap the Navigation icon to access Maps and receive directions. To pick a location, use voice commands or press the Set Destination box, or just leave the app open to watch traffic around you.

The Android Auto version of Google Maps has a reduced layout that makes it simple to explore without a lot of clutter.

Download: Google Maps (Free)

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18. Waze

While Google Maps is the industry standard for navigating, Waze’s Android Auto app has several added capabilities that may sway you. It notifies you about accidents, traffic, and even police waiting to nab speeders on your path, thanks to other drivers sharing information. Waze also finds the cheapest petrol along your route and reroutes you automatically if necessary.

If you’ve never used Waze, why not give it a go alongside Google Maps for Android Auto guidance and see which you prefer?

Download: Waze (Free)

The Best Podcast, News, and Audiobook Apps for Android Auto

Finally, if you prefer anything other than music and radio, here are the greatest applications for other media.

19. Audible

If you’d rather listen to audiobooks than music while driving, Audible has you covered. To listen to your downloaded audiobooks, use the Android Auto app. If you’ve never used Audible before, here are some book suggestions for your free trial.

Download: Audible (Free, subscription available)

20. Podcast Republic

Podcast Republic is an excellent alternative for discovering, organizing, and playing your favorite podcasts if you’re a podcast fanatic. Because Google’s official Podcasts app seems to conflict with Android Auto, we propose this third-party alternative instead.

Set the app to automatically download new episodes when connected to Wi-Fi to save mobile data. This and other useful settings may be found in the app’s Settings.

Podcast Republic (free download) (Free, in-app purchases available)

21-24. News Apps

In Android Auto, you may also listen to a variety of news apps. Once installed, they will appear in your list of music applications.

If you’re looking for a comparable app that isn’t mentioned here, check out the Android Auto applications page on Google Play.

The Top Apps to Use With Android Auto

We’ve reviewed the top Android Auto applications available. These are the standouts; there are other additional texting and radio applications, but the majority of them provide very comparable functionality. If you use one of these services, chances are it has an Android Auto equivalent.

You may listen to music, news, podcasts, or any audio you choose with these Android Auto applications. You’ll also be able to browse in style and message pals as necessary. That’s a lot of capability right there in your automobile!

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