The 20 Best Free Games on Steam That Won’t Trick You to Spend Money

The 20 Best Free Games on Steam That Won't Trick You to Spend Money
The 20 Best Free Games on Steam That Won’t Trick You to Spend Money

Years ago, you could buy a video game for a set fee that included everything. In these days? In most cases, you pay full price for the “basic” game and then pay more to access additional content. Or you might download a “free” game only to be duped by psychologically deceptive methods that drain your bank account.

Freemium games aren’t going away since these tactics are so lucrative. The good news is that not all coders are that avaricious. Here are the greatest free games available on Steam (one of the must-have programs for PC gamers) that do not depend on shady marketing tactics.

15 Totally Free Games on Steam

You may download these games for free and enjoy them without feeling obligated to pay money in-game.

1. Iron Snout

Rating: 98% | Genre: Fighting

You’re a pig in the woods. Defend yourself against waves of wolves that want to rip you apart. It’s basic yet enjoyable, and there’s a surprising amount of replayability thanks to the many weaponry and body parts dropped by enemies. Iron Snout is a great way to pass the time and one of the greatest free games on Steam.

Download: Iron Snout on Steam

2. The Expendabros

Rating: 97% | Genre: Action Platformer

The Expendabros is just what it sounds: nonstop bullet-spraying action that’s as ridiculous and campy as it is quick and exciting. “High octane” doesn’t even begin to explain it, and there are ten missions to accomplish as seven distinct characters. It’s amusing and addicting, and it’s one of Steam’s greatest free single-player games. Is there anything greater than that?

Download: The Expendabros on Steam

3. Eternal Senia

Rating: 97% | Genre: Action RPG

Eternal Senia is a role-playing game that anybody may play. The game is based on simplicity and straightforwardness, yet it’s complex enough to keep you entertained for hours. It provides a full experience, including puzzles, equipment, and an engaging tale. Eternal Senia was created in RPG Maker over the course of a year and is freely accessible to everybody.

Download: Eternal Senia on Steam

4. Alien Swarm

Rating: 94% | Genre: Third-Person Shooter

Alien Swarm is a cooperative tactical online shooter in which you and your friends fend against swarms of hostile aliens by crawling through stages and solving puzzles. It’s enjoyable yet difficult, and you’re certain to hit your table a few times out of frustration. When you’re among internet buddies, it’s not a terrible way to pass the time.

Download: Alien Swarm on Steam

5. Shadow Warrior Classic

Rating: 94% | Genre: First-Person Shooter

Do you remember the first Doom? Shadow Warrior Classic is similar to that, but with a hint of Duke Nukem. It’s dramatic, gruesome, and plain ludicrous at moments, yet it still stands up after 20 years (as well as an MS-DOS game can hold up, anyways).

Download: Shadow Warrior Classic on Steam

6. Sisyphus Reborn

Rating: 94% | Genre: Adventure Story

Sisyphus Reborn is a short game that is driven by its enigmatic tale and mood. It’s all somewhat meaningless, but maybe that’s the idea. It’s the kind of game that will make you think, and even if philosophy isn’t your thing, Sisyphus Reborn will leave an effect on you. It takes just 30 minutes to complete. Why not try it out?

Download: Sisyphus Reborn on Steam

7. The Desolate Hope

Rating: 91% | Genre: Action Platformer

Here’s one of the oddest games you’ll play this year. The Desolate Hope is odd to say the least, and so one-of-a-kind that it’s difficult to put into words. It’s both futuristic and vintage. It has RPG aspects but is not a true RPG. And the one-of-a-kind art style will take your breath away. If nothing else, you should play it for that alone!

Download: The Desolate Hope on Steam

8. You Have to Win the Game

Rating: 92% | Genre: Platformer

Looking for a good dose of classic platformer fun from the 1980s? That hole will be filled by You Have to Win the Game. Because it’s an exploration game, there won’t be much action, but that doesn’t imply it’ll be boring—-“thrilling but restful” is what you should anticipate. You may further increase the difficulty by using the You Only Live Once mode!

Download: You Have to Win the Game on Steam

9. Sigils of Elohim

Rating: 92% | Genre: Puzzle

The Talos Principle’s associated mini-game is Sigils of Elohim. You acquire bonuses for the other game by completing the many riddles in this game. Even if you don’t own The Talos Principle (a fantastic game), you may appreciate this one for what it is: a simple “put the blocks into a form” puzzle game.

Download: Sigils of Elohim on Steam

10. Fistful of Frags

Rating: 90% | Genre: First-Person Shooter

While most multiplayer first-person shooters are based in a military or futuristic environment, Fistful of Frags is set in the Wild West. It includes duel, free-for-all, and team modes to accommodate a variety of playstyles, as well as several novel gameplay aspects (such as dual wielding) and a unique scoring system.

Download: Fistful of Frags on Steam

11. Endless Sky

Rating: 90% | Genre: Open World

Endless Sky, not to be confused with No Man’s Sky, is an open-world game in which you explore, trade, and battle as a spacecraft in space. Unfortunately, there is no multiplayer mode, but the main plot takes approximately 10 hours to complete and then unlocks hours of additional enjoyment, so you’ll certainly get your money’s worth. (I kid you not, it’s free!)

Download: Endless Sky on Steam

12. Port of Call

Rating: 89% | Genre: First-Person Adventure

You board a ship, have no idea who you are, and nothing is as it seems. Port of Call only takes around 30 minutes to complete, but if you appreciate horror and suspense, those 30 minutes are definitely worth the download. Whether nothing else, it’s an intriguing experiment to see if short story games can succeed—-and I believe Port of Call demonstrates it.

Download: Port of Call on Steam

13. Teeworlds

Rating: 88% | Genre: Action Platformer

Teeworlds is like Kirby mingling with Mario and Quake. You play as one of many charming tiny ball-shaped individuals seeking to murder other ball-shaped people in this multiplayer platformer arena game. On top of the weaponry and game types, such as Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, the grappling hook feature adds an intriguing physics component.

Download: Teeworlds on Steam

14. Super Crate Box

Rating: 89% | Genre: Action Platformer

Super Crate Box traps you within a box arena with no way out and tests your endurance against waves of enemies. Every time you fail to kill an enemy, they respawn and move quicker. At random, many weapons appear throughout the arena, each with its own set of benefits and weaknesses. A great arcade-style experience, to be sure, and one of the many entertaining free games on Steam.

Download: Super Crate Box on Steam

15. TrackMania Nations Forever

Rating: 86% | Genre: Racing

TrackMania is the only racing game series that provides a better, more gratifying experience. TrackMania Nations Forever is the series’ first free release, but with 65 amusing stock tracks, an in-game track editor, an in-game video studio for capturing footage, and multiplayer capabilities, it’s just wonderful.

Download: TrackMania Nations Forever on Steam

The 5 Best Free-to-Play Games on Steam

Unlike the previous games, they contain in-game purchases. However, they do it in a non-intrusive manner, so you may still enjoy them without paying any money. If you desire Steam Trading Cards, you must pay an in-app purchase.

16. Team Fortress 2

Rating: 93% | Genre: First-Person Shooter

Team Fortress 2 was instrumental in popularizing the whole “pay for cosmetics” business model, and it is still one of the greatest free-to-play games on Steam with the most equitable monetization mechanisms. You may either purchase cosmetic-only goods or drop/unlockable equipment that affect gameplay but are never strictly superior to the default loadouts.

Download: Team Fortress 2 on Steam

17. Path of Exile

Rating: 92% | Genre: Action RPG

Path of Exile is, in many ways, what Diablo 3 should have been. The fact that Path of Exile is fully free and devoted to a “ethical monetization” strategy is particularly noteworthy. There is no locked content or pay-to-win rewards; merely cosmetic goods that are completely optional. Is it any surprise that Path of Exile is still going strong? This is free-to-play done correctly, and it’s certainly one of Steam’s best free games.

Download: Path of Exile on Steam

18. Warframe

Rating: 92% | Genre: Third-Person Shooter

Warframe, dubbed a “poor man’s Destiny,” is a multiplayer cooperative PvE first-person shooter that sends you out on story missions and tasks. It also offers a PvP option for those that want to compete. Despite the game’s popularity, the makers have never advocated for a strict revenue approach. Everything you can purchase, you can also get in-game, and it’s never a grind since the game is enjoyable.

Download: Warframe on Steam

19. Dota 2

Rating: 85% | Genre: MOBA

Dota 2 is the world’s second most popular MOBA. However, unlike League of Legends, which requires players to grind and grind to obtain champions, Dota 2 offers all players access to every hero from the start. You just buy cosmetics, and sure, Dota 2 cosmetics are actually cosmetic! They have no impact on gameplay.

Download: Dota 2 on Steam

20. Battlerite

Rating: 83% | Genre: Team Arena Brawler

Consider World of Warcraft’s Arena PvP mode, but with a top-down approach, with every ability replaced with skillshots, no mana, and no random numbers. Battlerite is the name of the game. It boils down team-based PvP gaming to its essence: outperform the other team and kill them before they kill you. As a free player, you have a restricted champion rotation and may unlock champions with in-game gold earned by playing.

Download: Battlerite on Steam

What Are Your Favorite Free Steam Games?

These games will provide you hundreds of hours of fun gaming for free. They demonstrate that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a good time, so why not check them out? You could discover a new favorite.

If you’re ready to spend money on a worthy game or two, check out these great independent games available on Steam. For more, see the top free games for Linux and /r/FreeGamesonSteam on Reddit.

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