The 15 Best Two-Player Mobile Games to Play Anywhere

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The 15 Best Two-Player Mobile Games to Play Anywhere

Are you becoming bored at work? Or maybe you’re attempting to kill time while on vacation. Two-player mobile games are one of the finest ways to pass the time no matter where you are or what you are doing.

With that in mind, here are the greatest two-player mobile games that you can play on the same device, on different phones, or via the internet…

Two-Player Games to Play on the Same Device

If you don’t want to deal with signing in online or setting up a Bluetooth or local connection, these two-player mobile games will allow you to play with someone on the same device…

1. Dots and Boxes

Genre: Strategy

Dots and Boxes transforms a classic childhood pen-and-paper game into a fun way to pass time on your phone. Local multiplayer allows two individuals to play the game on the same Android or iOS smartphone.

When you don’t have access to Wi-Fi, this offline feature comes in handy. It’s a basic game that’s both competitive and addicting.

Download: Dots and Boxes for Android | iOS (Free)

2. Crossy Road

Genre: Arcade

Crossy Road is inspired by the famous vintage game Frogger, and it offers the same challenging and addicting action with a quirky block look. The two-player option enables you to play on the same device while employing a split-screen input style.

You may compete and undermine your opponent at the same time. The game is also compatible with Android TV, which allows you to play on a bigger screen.

Download: Crossy Road for Android | iOS (Free)

3. Glow Hockey 2

Genre: Arcade

Glow Hockey 2, which brings air hockey to your phone, is another real-world classic adapted into a fun mobile game. While playing on a smartphone or tablet screen reduces the physical size of the game, the competitive stakes remain the same, making it an excellent game for two players.

The gameplay is simple yet immensely enjoyable. Guide your striker with your finger. Then, while protecting your own goal, attempt to get the puck into your opponent’s goal.

Download: Glow Hockey 2 for Android | iOS (Free)

4. Badland

Genre: Adventure/Sidescroller

Badland is a fascinating game with a beautiful visual style that reviewers have commended if you’re searching for something a bit unusual. The goal of the game is to steer your blob past obstacles until you reach the stage’s finish.

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There are cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes in the game. You play on the same device, which is the ideal method to real-time coordinate your characters.

Download: Badland for Android (Free) | iOS ($2.99)

Two-Player Mobile Games That You Play Online

If you wish to connect remotely via online play, there are a number of two-player games available for both Android and iPhones…

5. Bowmasters

Genre: Action/Fighting

Bowmasters is a fiendishly enjoyable game that blends ragdoll physics, a lovely graphic style, and cartoon violence. The goal is to exterminate your opponent by launching a weapon at them.

Calculating your weapon’s trajectory is half the fun. Meanwhile, the other half is hitting the target and seeing your friend’s disappointment.

You must first finish the tutorial and a few matches before you can access the game’s PvP modes. Following that, two players may compete against each other on the same device or online.

Download: Bowmasters for Android | iOS (Free)

6. Words With Friends 2

Genre: Word

Following the popularity of the Scrabble-inspired Words With Friends game, Zynga released Words With Friends 2—an improved version. Two-player Android games that mimic traditional board games are quite popular, and this one is no exception.

You may play online against random opponents or with friends. Another advantage of the game is that you may resume your turn later if you are interrupted.

Download: Words With Friends 2 for Android | iOS (Free)

7. Clash Royale

Genre: Card/Strategy

Clash Royale is a combat card and tower defense game created by the same developers as Clash of Clans. Opponents draw attackers and defenders from their deck of cards, with the goal of destroying the opponent’s towers before your own.

Before you may play against a buddy, you must first complete the tutorial. Once you’ve unlocked this mode, all you have to do is add a buddy and start a match.

Download: Clash Royale for Android | iOS (Free)

8. Battlelands Royale

Genre: Battle Royale/Shooter

Battlelands Royale is a battle royale game that is comparable to Fortnite and PUBG but does not need as much strategy or a high-end gadget. It’s ideal for quick gaming sessions with a companion, whom you can join up with online through the game’s duos and squad modes.

The controls are simple, and the games are brief, making it ideal for a fast two-player time-waster.

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Download: Battlelands Royale for Android | iOS (Free)

9. Uno

Genre: Card

While most Uno mobile game matches involve four players, there is a 2v2 option that allows you to play against opponents with a buddy.

You must first complete a public match to have access to this mode. However, after this is completed, you may ask pals to join you in fight against others.

There’s also a Room Mode where you may play with anyone you invite.

Download: Uno for Android | iOS (Free)

10. Boggle With Friends

Genre: Word

Boggle is another popular word game that Zynga has successfully adapted for mobile use. The goal of Boggle With Friends is to discover as many words as possible from a random sequence of letters.

You may, however, only link letters that are near to one other (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally).You win if you score more points than your opponent before the timer runs out.

While each round is timed, the timer does not begin until you begin your turn. This means you may play the game whenever you have some free time.

Download: Boggle With Friends for Android | iOS (Free)

11. Golf Battle

Genre: Sports

Golf Battle allows you to play 1v1 online matches with your pals on your smartphone, but you can even arrange matches with up to six players. The catch is that you must connect via Facebook.

The game, on the other hand, has a lot going for it, including lots of casual fun with brief challenges and matches. It also doesn’t need much focus and has a low learning curve, making it simple to get started and enjoy.

If your buddies aren’t online, you may join public matches—the game’s default multiplayer option.

Download: Golf Battle for Android | iOS (Free)

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Two-Player Games You Play Over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

While these games are more uncommon, you may also attempt several two-player games that allow you to connect to your opponent over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Here are a few to check out…

12. Sea Battle 2

Genre: Strategy

Sea Battle 2 is a Battleship-inspired game with a unique pen-and-paper look. You may play on the same device with a buddy by connecting over Bluetooth, sending a game invite, or participating online.

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Because secrecy is such an important aspect of gaming, it’s best not to play the game on the same screen—-but the option is there.

Download: Sea Battle 2 on Android | iOS (Free)

13. Soul Knight

Genre: Dungeon/Roguelike

Soul Knight is a fantastic dungeon crawler in the vein of Enter the Gungeon. Roguelike games for smartphones are the ideal package, thanks to their easy controls and repeating cycle of gameplay.

Connecting to the same Wi-Fi network allows you to play with pals. The game will identify whether or not someone on your network is hosting a match.

Download: Soul Knight for Android | iOS (Free)

14. Terraria

Genre: Sandbox

While most of these games are built for brief bursts of gaming, Terraria is a multiplayer mobile game that can keep you entertained for hours. It’s a mobile version of the famous PC game that lets you play with pals through local Wi-Fi or by connecting to a PC-hosted dedicated mobile server.

It’s a cheap way for two people to enjoy a mobile game together, and the experience is well worth the money.

Download: Terraria for Android | iOS ($4.99)

15. Tank Stars

Genre: Tactical

Tank Stars is a Worms-inspired tactical game with a graphics design akin to Bowmasters. The game is a fun way to challenge your friends because of the variety of tanks and weaponry available, as well as the precise factor of shooting.

You may play on the same device or on the same Wi-Fi network. Both modes, however, must be unlocked by playing a few practice AI matches.

Download: Tank Stars for Android | iOS (Free)

More Mobile Games to Add to Your Collection

Mobile games were formerly thought to be extremely basic and monotonous, but they’ve developed into a major phenomenon. There are still idle clickers and match-three games, but there are also many excellent titles available.

These apps transform mobile gaming from a solitary activity to one that can be shared with a companion.

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