The 15 Best Chrome Themes to Customize Your Browser

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The 15 Best Chrome Themes to Customize Your Browser

There are several variables that contribute to Google Chrome becoming the most popular browser available today. But, with so many others using the same browser, don’t you wish yours was a bit more noticeable?

Even if you don’t care about being distinctive, staring at the same plain white backdrop day after day might grow tiring. A more engaging Chrome theme can totally transform the browser, and they’re quite simple to install.

Here are 15 of the best themes that Chrome has to offer.

The Just Black theme for Chrome delivers exactly what the name suggests. It takes the place of the usual white with a lovely clean black.

This modification is beneficial to both your eyes and your monitor. When coupled with Chrome’s dark mode, you won’t have to deal with the sting of pure white late at night or throughout the day.

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Moving on, the Black red shards motif serves as a good halfway point. It’s darker than the default Chrome theme, allowing you to concentrate on appealing blacks and dreary grays.

The accent color is the most fascinating aspect of the Black red shards motif. Red glows pleasingly in the backdrop, and the use of red icons and buttons truly helps this theme stand out.

Night Time In New York City is a good pick if you want a theme that is a touch darker but yet has lots of light. The icons, buttons, and text are all white on black, which makes them incredibly visible.

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The magnificent backdrop of Night Time In New York City, on the other hand, provides you just what you’d anticipate from the name.

The next topic on this list is Sahara, which follows a similar theme to the preceding. This theme has a lot of dark hues that are easy on the eyes, as well as a lovely night sky.

The theme also includes a lot of dark, patterned brown hues, which look fantastic. The rich brown and the night sky work nicely together, giving this theme another another excellent pick.

If you want something with genuinely dark blacks and brilliant flashes of color, Galaxy-View is certainly worth considering.

Galaxy-View, as the name implies, provides a view of the galaxy. This theme’s sky is littered with stars while staying lovely and gloomy.

Nebula is also a good option if you want something similar to Galaxy-View.

While preserving such fantastic vistas, Nebula offers a more consistent color palette than Galaxy View. If you like space or stargazing, Nebula could be the theme for you.

Lone Tree is a lovely theme. The blue gradient over the top looks fantastic, and the backdrop is a fantastic color combination.

However, the decision to make the buttons and icons gray may make some of them difficult to see. The rest of the theme is so good that you won’t even notice.

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You’ve seen enough of gloomy themes by now, so why not try something a little different? Ride the Wave is a Chrome theme that maintains your browser’s appearance dark without making it uninteresting.

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The dark blues and purple tones assist to maintain the same mood as a theme like Just Black while staying new and intriguing to look at.

Night Light is the next theme on our list, a Chrome theme that is bright without being garish. The artwork is adorable, and the purple accent looks excellent no matter what website you’re on.

If you like pastels, either in color or as a media, The Explorer is a topic that will appeal to you. The motif is bright, airy, and vibrant.

The artwork is realistic and has plenty going on to hold your attention. The subdued backdrop and modest color palette used for the header serve to bring the theme to life.

You may want to set a theme that looks wonderful on Chrome’s landing page and then forget about it while you navigate. Flying Paint does this.

Flying Paint provides a Chrome theme that will captivate your attention every time you open a new window. However, since it chose to keep the usual Chrome header and buttons unchanged, it’s easy to overlook it while you’re not doing anything more essential.

Colors is a wonderful place to start if you want something with a lot of color. The paint splashes at the top of the screen trickle down into Chrome’s home page, so you’ll see a wonderful variety of colors no matter where you browse.

Branches is a great motif for something more relaxing. The theme shows a Sakura branch in front of a gentle pink tint and does not modify the headers or buttons.

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In the same spirit, Snowy Branches has a similar notion but uses a gentle blue palette instead. Snowy Branches is another soothing theme that features Sakura branches.

Finally, Floral Blue completes the list. The design is delicate yet captivating, with a great light blue backdrop and deeper hues for the header and search bar.

Try as Many Themes as Your Heart Desires

With so many fantastic Chrome themes available, it’s a pity you can’t use them all at once. Fortunately, there are several methods to customize your Chrome instance to get the most out of it.

You can do a lot with various Chrome profiles, and you can modify the themes to fit them so you never get them mixed up. If you know where to search, there’s so much more you can accomplish with Chrome.

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