The 14 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Tab Management

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The 14 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Tab Management

Tabs are great for multitaskers since they make web browsers more simpler to operate. But it doesn’t imply tabbed browsing can’t be improved. Google Chrome, the world’s most popular web browser, yet lacks tab management tools.

Keep reading if you’re seeking for a Chrome tab organizer or tab management addons. Here are some of the greatest Chrome tab management addons.

1. The Great Suspender

Chrome may have begun as a lightweight and quick browser, but it has evolved into a memory-hogging monster. It’s hardly unexpected; running a large number of extensions and closely integrating the browser with the Google ecosystem of applications requires a lot of processing power.

As a result, if you’re a tab addict (or working on an old, underpowered machine), The Great Suspender is a must-have. The open-source program (which is one of the greatest Chrome tab extensions in any category) allows you to choose a time after which tabs will be “frozen” and their memory will be freed.

Download: The Great Suspender (Free)

2. Tabli

Tabli’s brilliance is not in its capacity to manage tabs in your current browser window, but in its ability to manage tabs in all the windows you have open. It’s an excellent add-on for resolving a frequent online irritation.

For example, if you have several work-related tabs open in one window and all of your social network tabs open in another, you may switch between them while keeping the tabs themselves segregated. Tabli, when used appropriately, may be an amazing tool to increase your productivity.

Of course, all of the standard functionality, such as Save and Restore, are included.

Download: Tabli (Free)

3. Tabs Outliner

Do you make use of Workflowy? If you do, Tabs Outliner will become second nature to you. Tabs Outliner may be thought of as a folder tree for tabs for people who are unfamiliar with the productivity tool.

When you start a new tab, it nests under the old one. You may move tabs across trees and add comments to assist you remember why you were looking at them.

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It also allows you to shut tabs while keeping them in your tree so you can return to them later; this is ideal for clearing up browser RAM.

Download: Tabs Outliner (Free)

4. Tab Hibernation

Another memory-saving tab manager is Tab Hibernation. It is not feature-rich, but it is simple to use. Simply click the extension icon in Chrome’s upper right-hand corner to put all tabs save the one you’re now viewing into hibernation mode.

To revive a tab, open its window and choose Wake Up. The extension will remember where you were on the screen and reload from that place.

Download: Tab Hibernation (Free)

5. TooManyTabs

Excessive tabs are problematic because they overburden Chrome’s capacity to show material in a meaningful manner. TooManyTabs fixes the issue by displaying a thumbnail preview of the tabs you have open in a pop-up window.

The plugin also features a search area to help you discover what you’re searching for fast.

Download: TooManyTabs (Free)

6. Quick Tab

Quick Tab, like TooManyTabs, conquers excessive tab use using a drop-down menu that displays all currently active tabs. There is also a search feature.

While TooManyTabs is likely to be the superior option for individuals who open 20 or more tabs on a regular basis, lighter tab-a-holics may choose Quick Tab.

Download: Quick Tab (Free)

7. Tabs Hide Button

The Hide Tabs Button adds an icon to the Chrome Toolbar. When you click it, it will shut all open tabs. It will also remember them if you exit Chrome.

If you don’t want another icon on your Toolbar, you may access the extension through the right-click context menu. Closed tabs may even be password-protected. Simply right-click the Tabs Hide Button and choose Options.

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Download: Tabs Hide Button (Free)

8. TabJump

TabJump, developed by the same team that created TooManyTabs, is a contextual tab navigator that appears when you click on the extension’s icon.

Rather of presenting all tabs in a single column, TabJump contains three: Undo, Related, and Jump. Undo displays previously closed tabs, Related displays other open tabs from the same site, and Jump displays all other open tabs. It’s a terrific method to arrange tabs, cramming as much information as possible into a little amount of space. It outperforms Chrome’s tab group functionality.

Download: TabJump (Free)

9. TabCloud

This addon will have tab lovers falling head over heels. If you utilize TabCloud, you will no longer be limited to clogging up a single computer with hundreds of open tabs—-you can now store your tabs and access them on a whole other machine.

Despite its strength, the extension is easy to use. By clicking on the disk symbol in the pop-up, you may preserve your browser’s state and restore it on any PC. To activate the feature, you must sign in with your Google account.

Download: TabCloud (Free)

10. TabsPlus

This is a basic behavior modification extension that pushes Chrome to the last chosen tab whenever you shut a tab.

You may also change the default behavior of new tabs, such as forcing them to open in the background or shifting their position in the tab list.

Download: TabsPlus (Free)

11. Cluster

Cluster is another tab organizer for Chrome.

The option to arrange your tabs by domain or Chrome window is one of Cluster’s strongest features. It’s a strong function that you may not know you need until you try it. People performing heavy-duty research that needs many tabs from a single site, such as students, will find the feature very beneficial.

Download: Cluster (Free)

12. Toby

Do you find yourself accessing the same tabs over and over again when you get on your computer in the morning?

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Toby simplifies the process by enabling you to group tabs that can be opened with a single click. Experiment with the extension after you’re comfortable with it. Why not, for example, distinct groups of tabs for business and personal?

Download: Toby (Free)

13. Session Buddy

Session Buddy has a few core features:

  • Save active tabs as collections to restore later.
  • After a computer crash, recover all tabs.
  • Search across all of your open tabs using a single interface.

The program also features a robust set of customization settings, enabling you to fine-tune how tabs operate inside the browser.

Download: Session Buddy (Free)

14. OneTab

When your credit card bills start to pile up, you’re in a pickle. Do you shut them all at once, risking losing all the sites you were viewing, or do you endure as Chrome consumes more and more of your available CPU?

The answer, it turns out, is neither. When you install OneTab, you may consolidate all of your open tabs into a single list. They may be reopened at any moment from the list.

Download: OneTab (Free)

Learn More About Browser Tab Management

Any tab addict should be able to discover a Chrome tab organizer that fits their workflow. All of the extensions we recommended are free, so you may try them all and discover which one best suits your requirements.

After you’ve done looking through our selection of Chrome tab management extensions, you may want to check out some Chrome extensions that speed up your online surfing.

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