The 14 Best Chrome Extensions Made by Google

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The 14 Best Chrome Extensions Made by Google

With so many Google Chrome extensions available, choose which ones to install may be difficult. And, with so many coming from unidentified third parties, you may be unduly cautious. If you want to be secure, go straight to the source—and who better than Google to give Chrome extensions?

From practical to one-of-a-kind, these are the top Chrome extensions available directly from Google.

1. Google Mail Checker

If you’re constantly checking your Gmail inbox, Google Mail Checker is the plugin for you.

This simple icon in your toolbar just displays the number of unread emails in your mailbox. You may also launch Gmail by clicking the icon.

Download: Google Mail Checker for Google Chrome (Free)

2. Send From Gmail (by Google)

Send from Gmail is the quickest method to send a link to the website you’re on. When you press the button, a pop-up window for your Gmail account will appear. The window displays a written email with the subject line as the page name and the URL inside the content.

All you have to do is add your contact and click Send.

Google Chrome Extension: Send From Gmail (by Google) (Free)

3. Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides

If you don’t have Microsoft Office installed but need to open a file, you’ll need the Office Editing for Docs, Sheets, and Slides extension. Simply drag the file into your browser window to open it in a linked program.

An Excel file, for example, will open in Google Sheets for viewing and editing. You may then save the file in either the new or original format.

Download Google Chrome Office Editing for Docs, Sheets, and Slides (Free)

4. Save to Google Drive

Save to Google Drive enables you to save the current page, a document, or a picture to your Google Drive account with a single click.

Simply click the icon in your toolbar while browsing to bookmark a page. For other things, right-click to access your context menu and then pick the Save to Google Drive option.

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Download: Save to Google Drive for Google Chrome (Free)

5. Google Keep Chrome Extension

Google Keep is a simple addon that lets you take notes while exploring the web. You may use it to store text, websites, and photos to Google Keep.

To save text, right-click it and choose Save Selection to Keep from the context menu. You may also save photographs to a new note. Saving a website is much easier. Simply click the Google Keep extension icon, and an option to save the current page will appear.

You may add extra text and labels to each note straight from your browser. It’s one of the greatest browser extensions for Google Keep created by Google.

Google Keep Chrome Extension for Google Chrome is available for download (Free)

6. Google Similar Pages

Perhaps you’re looking for similar choices when exploring an online shop, reading a blog, or doing research. Google Similar Sites displays a list of pages that are similar to the one you are now seeing.

Click the button, scroll through the options, and then choose one to get to the site.

Download: Google Similar Pages for Google Chrome (Free)

7. Google Translate

When you need a translation quickly, the Google Translate plugin comes in useful. To translate an entire website, just click the Translate This Page icon in your toolbar. The website language will thereafter be changed to your preferred dialect.

Use your mouse to highlight specific words and phrases, then right-click and choose Google Translate from the context menu. You may also translate what you highlight by clicking the toolbar button.

Download: Google Translate for Google Chrome (Free)

When you need to type in another language, Google Input Tools is fantastic. After installing the extension, go to the toolbar’s button and choose Extension Options. Then, choose the languages and input methods that you wish to employ.

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When you get to a location where you wish to text in a certain language, just click the toolbar button to activate the tool, and you’re done. In addition to typing, handwritten input may be used to enter text.

Download: Google Input Tools for Google Chrome (Free)

9. Colour Enhancer

Colorblind people may struggle with what they perceive on online sites. Google’s Colour Enhancer plugin overcomes this issue.

When you visit a website, click the button and choose the color scheme that best suits you. Choose a theme from three possibilities and customize it using the sliders.

Download: Colour Enhancer for Google Chrome (Free)

10. Google Scholar Button

If you’re a student, you’re probably already acquainted with Google Scholar, and this extension provides a shortcut to it. Simply click the icon in your toolbar to search academic journals, books, technical reports, and other resources. The Google Scholar search box will appear in a little window, so just input your search term or phrase and you’re good to go.

This saves time while conducting research since you no longer have to enter the Google Scholar site for assistance. Google Scholar Button may also assist you with citation formatting, making it a handy online tool for researchers and students.

Download: Google Scholar Button for Google Chrome (Free)

11. Google Tone

Google Tone is ideal for getting office employees, school courses, pupils, or families on the same page. This interesting program allows you to broadcast the page you’re on to other computers.

When everyone has the extension installed, just click the button to give them the current page. While the connection is being delivered, you will hear a beeping tone, and the others will get a notice.

Then, just click to open it, and you may all access the website simultaneously without using emails or instant messaging.

Download: Google Tone for Google Chrome (Free)

12. Earth View From Google Earth

If you like Google Earth, why not view a fresh, stunning picture every time you open a new tab? This is precisely what the Google Earth Earth View addon accomplishes.

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You may explore photographs from past tab opens, save a photo as wallpaper, or browse the collection for more fantastic photos.

Download Google Earth Earth View for Google Chrome (Free)

13. Google Arts & Culture

Do you prefer magnificent shots of artwork over pictures of the Earth on your new tabs? Every day, Google Arts & Culture adds a piece of art to your new tab, along with a short explanation, the artist’s name, and any relevant galleries. While the picture is the same with each new tab you open, it changes every day.

Download: Google Arts & Culture for Google Chrome (Free)

14. Mindful Break

The Mindful Break extension is a first for Google. You may set the tool to remind you to take a break at a certain time. Set it at a set time each day, a number of hours, or utilize the random reminder. You may also choose whether you want the reminder to appear as a badge icon, a browser notice, or a bell sound.

The extension allows you to start a breathing workout and switch to fullscreen mode for total attention. Simply press the button and unwind.

Download: Mindful Break for Google Chrome (Free)

Install Extensions From Trusted Developers

Google has created several fantastic Chrome addons. However, Google cannot write an extension for every service.

As a result, you are forced to rely on third-party browser add-ons. And, when you install these extensions, make sure they’re safe. Remember that there are many sketchy Chrome addons available.

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