The 13 Best Offline Games for iPhone and iPad to Play Without Data or Wi-Fi

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The 13 Best Offline Games for iPhone and iPad to Play Without Data or Wi-Fi

Are you restricted by your data plan? Do you use the subway to go to work? In any case, you have your reasons for being offline at times, but it doesn’t mean you have to be bored when you’re offline.

Your iPhone and/or iPad are excellent gaming devices, and you don’t even need internet connectivity to use them. This is due to the fact that iOS games can be played offline, and these are the greatest offline games for iOS.

1. Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is an unlimited runner that will satisfy your need for skiing. Take control of Alto and ski down the Andes slopes, collecting cash and avoiding obstacles along the way.

Touch controls are used to make Alto leap or grind and earn points by completing stunts. The whole game is playable offline, so you may enjoy your Andean journey from the comfort of your subway vehicle. Because the game never ends, it may keep you engaged while you’re waiting for Wi-Fi.

Download: Alto’s Adventure ($4.99)

2. Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey, the sequel to Alto’s Adventure, preserves everything you loved about the first and adds a bit more. This game seems more like an expansion than a genuine sequel, with additional characters, locales, soundtrack, and a few new concepts.

Still, if you like Adventure, you’ll enjoy Odyssey, which focuses on extreme activities rather than collecting.

Download: Alto’s Odyssey ($4.99)

3. Monument Valley

Have you ever wished to investigate one of M. C. Escher’s impossible paintings? That is the whole idea of Monument Valley, an independent puzzle game created using the Unity engine. You play as Ro, a little girl who explores colorful buildings and solves complicated riddles. Your major utility is the ability to adjust the screen’s viewpoint, which opens up new pathways.

This game is one of the most exhilarating and engrossing experiences you can have on your phone, and you can play it fully offline. You may never need to connect to the internet again.

Monument Valley may be downloaded for $3.99 (with in-app purchases).

4. Monument Valley 2

In Monument Valley 2, you play as Ro’s kid, traveling the globe in search of her mother. The principle is similar, but the aesthetics are far more stunning, and the puzzle-solving is much more complex and sophisticated. The visuals shine even brighter on a larger screen, making these two chapters two of the greatest offline iPad games.

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This game contains four additional chapters than its predecessor and expands on the elements of the original game. In certain worlds, the game substitutes the original game’s isometric geometric visual style with more 2D scenery.

Download: Monument Valley 2 ($4.99)


You’re a slimy black blob who doesn’t want to die. BADLAND is a hard puzzle game in which your character must navigate a planet filled with frightening traps and perils. Keep your ball floating by using touch controls while keeping an eye out for whirling blades, pointed spikes, and other hazards that will rip it to shreds. Various pickups across the globe can make you larger, smaller, multiply you, and do other things.

The difficult gameplay will draw you in. The spooky soundtrack and stunning gothic graphics will have you going back for more. Although there is a local multiplayer component, all gameplay may be enjoyed offline.

Download: BADLAND ($0.99)


BADLAND 2 introduces additional mechanics, most notably the ability to shift your character both left and right, which relieves some of the strain. The core of the game, though, remains.

There is a modest online multiplayer feature, but this game thrives offline, on your iPhone, alone with headphones, and engrossed in the experience, much like its predecessor.

Download: BADLAND 2 ($0.99)

7. SevenBloks

This creative puzzle game resembles a cross between Tetris and Sudoku. The rules are straightforward. You have a 7×6 grid filled with blocks with numbers one through seven on them. It clears if a numbered block is in a column or row with the same number of blocks as it does. If it clears close to a white block, the white block fractures and eventually breaks, revealing a numbered block.

The aim, similar to Tetris, is to avoid losing by having the blocks go over the top while scoring points. It’s easy, yet never-endingly tough fun. Everything except the leaderboards can be experienced offline, making it a perfect game to play while waiting for an appointment or riding a train through a region with no Wi-Fi.

Download: SevenBloks (Free)

8. Mini Metro

Mini Metro, another puzzle game with a lovely UI, allows you to design your own mass transportation system. You may create your own routes linking various stations using real-world city maps. You have a limited number of lines and trains, as well as a rising number of stops, so you must put everything properly. You lose if customers wait too long at any one station.

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The maps and layout are basic and elegant, with a look reminiscent to minimalist transportation maps common in large cities.

Download: Mini Metro ($3.99)

9. Civilization VI

Civilization VI is the newest entry in the long-running series in which you, as the leader of your people, attempt to conquer the globe throughout history. Civ is a turn-based game that takes hours yet is simple to play in short bursts of time. It uses real-world leaders, location names, and historical landmarks. As a result, it is ideal for iOS.

Although you can play local and internet multiplayer, an offline AI campaign will keep you entertained on a lengthy subway or airline travel. There are various methods to play Civilization on your phone if Civilization VI does not appeal to you.

Download: Civilization VI (Free, in-app purchases available)

10. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley, another PC-to-iOS transfer, allows you to get away from it all and operate your own farm in a little community. You may utilize a controller with iPhone and iPad gaming apps like Steam Link and Apple Arcade to make the experience more enjoyable.

This game is one of the finest ways to pass a lengthy train journey because of its beautiful 8-bit visuals, basic, non-competitive gameplay, and surprisingly intriguing dungeon exploring. When city life becomes too much for you, escape to Pelican Town, where all you have to do is harvest the pumpkins on time.

Download: Stardew Valley ($4.99)

11. New York Times Crossword

Will Shortz’s New York Times Crossword is the gold standard of everyday puzzles. With the New York Times Crossword app, you may access the most recent one as well as the whole collection of former crosswords. Aside from the puzzles, the app contains a lot of additional functions. Track your streaks on the Stats page, complete puzzles from the past in the Archive, or purchase packs of unique crosswords.

You may either subscribe to the New York Times Digital Membership or purchase a separate Crossword subscription. If you do not pay, you will only have access to the daily Mini crossword, which is enjoyable in its own right but not like as entertaining as a full problem.

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While you must have internet connectivity to download new crosswords, you may save an infinite number of them to play later. When you do use the internet to download new crossword puzzles, utilizing techniques to limit mobile data consumption and save money on data expenditure would be beneficial.

Download the New York Times Crossword Puzzle (Free, in-app purchases available)

12. Ticket to Ride

The award-winning board game is now portable. In Ticket to Ride, you and your pals become railroad barons, racing to be the first to connect the nation by train. The aesthetics are faithful to the original board game, even down to the virtual railway cards you draw and hold.

You may play in Pass-And-Play mode, which allows you to take your turn and pass it to your buddies in front of you, but it’s also a great solo game. Each game lasts 15 to 20 minutes, making it ideal for passing the time on a real-life train journey.

Download: Ticket to Ride ($8.99, in-app purchases available)

13. Minecraft

Minecraft, the worldwide sensation, is now accessible on all devices, including your iPhone or iPad. If you want anything online or offline, a construction and exploring sandbox that effortlessly transitions to iOS controls is ideal.

While you can play with other players and work on the same worlds together, after buying it, you may play it without using any data or Wi-Fi. Whether it’s your first time playing or you’ve been away for years, you’re certain to spend hours constructing a world directly from your phone.

Download: Minecraft ($6.99)

What Are Your Favorite Offline iPhone Games?

We’ve explored some of the finest games you can play offline on iOS, so you don’t have to depend on data to pass the time.

If you want to play an iPhone game offline while still having fun with your friends, iPhone party games designed for groups gathering in person are the ideal option.

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