The 13 Best Local Multiplayer Games on Nintendo Switch

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The 13 Best Local Multiplayer Games on Nintendo Switch

Because of its mobility, the Nintendo Switch is home to a plethora of fantastic multiplayer games. Whether you’re searching for sofa co-op games or party experiences for groups of friends, the Switch has something for everyone.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the greatest local multiplayer games on the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite. All of this can be done from the comfort of your sofa with your family and friends.

Great for: Up to four players of any experience level.

Everyone enjoys a little Mario Kart, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is one of the greatest games in the franchise. All of the DLC from the original Mario Kart 8 release is included, as well as a true war mode with specially built courses. There are several personalities, karts, and courses to choose from.

On a single console, you may race with up to four other individuals. Accessibility features like as auto-accelerate and steering aid are also available in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

This is a terrific game to play with small children, your granny, or that person in the office who’s never touched a controller, thanks to a dynamic item system that lets players at the rear catch up.

Great for: Any size group looking to have some fun with casual fights or get their teeth into a sophisticated combat system.

Smash Ultimate is not just a fantastic fighting game, but also a celebration of gaming in general, owing to the variety of featured brands. It features all playable characters from previous games, almost every level, gobs of music from the many series featured, and a variety of modes to explore.

Smash Ultimate is an excellent party game, whether you want to fight in intense one-on-one bouts or employ items in wild clashes. Up to eight people may participate as long as there are enough controllers. It’s simple enough for anybody to pick up after a few rounds, yet it’s packed with complexity for those willing to put in the effort.

To unlock new characters and levels, paid DLC packs are available.

Excellent for: Up to four players that want to play a co-op game and don’t mind retrying if anything goes wrong.

Overcooked charges you with managing a frantic kitchen. You must prepare ingredients, cook, serve meals, and wash dishes in order to create more food. While it begins off basic, it gradually spirals out of control.

Curveballs are continually thrown through kitchens, causing them to shift form, break in two, or suddenly explode. Collaborate with three pals, communicate efficiently, and roll around on the floor laughing when everything goes wrong.

While Overcooked is simple to play, it is not easy to succeed. You should avoid playing this with persons who are easily agitated.

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Overcooked 2 is similar to the first game, but it adds additional dishes, kitchen dangers, and a tossing feature to spice things up. For a higher chance of success, read our Overcooked 2 tips and tactics.

Perfect for: Couples who like spatial puzzles or families looking for an exciting co-op experience to share with their children.

Snipperclips is a two- or more-player cooperative game. Each level gives you a goal, such as hurling a ball through a hoop or cutting a piece of paper into a certain form. To do so, both players may chop the other player’s character into whatever form they like.

You must collaborate to form your characters into instruments that will assist you in completing the mission and progressing to the next level. Aside from the main mode, there are additional levels for up to four players to collaborate on, as well as several party modes that incorporate the sniping skill into sports like as hockey and a deathmatch.

It’s a fun local multiplayer adventure that will both challenge and amuse you.

Ideal for: A group of players that appreciate sports activities with a twist or conventional tennis gameplay.

Unfortunately, Mario Tennis Aces is the sole Mario sports offering on the Switch at the time of writing. It adds on basic tennis gameplay by using an energy meter to fuel special actions such as ultra-precise strokes and last-second saves. If you want a more conventional experience, the Simple option removes all extraneous features to create a plain tennis play.

Compete against your friends in singles or doubles matches, or check out some of the featured minigames for a change of pace. A Mario Tennis match is a terrific way to spend an evening with competitive friends, but it’s also simple enough that anybody can pick it up quickly.

Ideal for: Groups of four or more who appreciate social games and enjoy laughing.

The Jackbox Party Pack titles are compilations of party games that resemble board games rather than video games. Every year, the firm offers a new collection of five games.

While the game material is shown on the screen, each player participates by using their phone, tablet, or computer. You may be required to answer questions, create images, and vote on answers depending on the game.

Most games have a player maximum of eight, although many of them enable additional people to participate by sitting in the audience. If you can’t decide which Party Pack to choose, #3 is probably the best overall, however #4 and #5 are also nice. WhatNerd has rated every Jackbox game published so far if you want to learn more about them.

Some of the standout games include:

  • Fibbage: A game in which you must tell a believable fib in order to trick other participants.
  • Quiplash is a game in which participants vote on the funniest replies to a question.
  • Drawful is a game similar to Pictionary, but with odd questions and humorous drawings.
  • Everyone is required to perform a basic assignment, except for a “faker,” who attempts to fit in by making up answers. The other players must find out who is lying.
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Keep in mind that in order to play the Jackbox games, your machine must be linked to the internet.

Excellent for: A night of competition for up to four players, with a decent combination of skill and luck to keep things interesting for everyone.

Super Mario Party mixes a board game with the objective of collecting as many stars as possible with a variety of minigames to gain valuable cash. To traverse the board, you’ll need strategy, skill to earn coins in the minigames, and a touch of luck with your dice rolls.

Aside from the primary game, Super Mario Party has a team option in which you may freely roam around the board. You may also play the minigames on their own or try one of the side games provided.

Because a game usually takes at least an hour to finish, this isn’t a good match for a party where people want to switch in and out. Even if there aren’t many boards, Super Mario Party is still a lot of fun.

Ideal for: Up to four people that wish to work together on an adventure.

Castle Crashers is a timeless indie beat ’em up that’s ideal for couch co-op. Up to four players take on the role of medieval warriors battling to rescue abducted princesses. You may pick which traits to enhance as you level up, allowing you to collaborate with your friends.

The game’s art is in the humorous Newgrounds style, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Because you can play the full campaign in multiplayer, it provides for a great journey with friends. There are also a few side games to try.

Excellent for: Two to four players looking for a fast-paced soccer experience.

Rocket League is basically soccer, except with rocket-powered automobiles instead of soccer balls. To get the ball into the opponent’s goal, you’ll need to employ boost, hops, and flips. While the movement is simple to learn, there is a lot of depth to master.

When the system is docked, up to four players may play simultaneously, or two players in portable mode. Matches are speedy and thrilling to watch, making this a good all-around Switch multiplayer game.

Fans of classic puzzle games who appreciate slower gameplay for two to four players will enjoy this game.

Puyo Puyo Tetris is a must-have multiplayer title for classic puzzle fans. The game combines Tetris with Puyo Puyo (a famous puzzle game in Japan) for some new puzzling action.

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The game allows you to play pure Puyo Puyo or Tetris modes, a hybrid mode where you may play both at the same time, and a swap option where you can switch between them. As you clear lines of Puyos, you will send waste to your opponents, making their life more difficult.

Ideal for: Creative people that want to collaborate on creating unique environments, or parents who want to join their children in their favorite game.

Minecraft is the video game that defined an age. It’s accessible on almost every platform and allows you to construct whatever your imagination can think of.

Minecraft, in case you didn’t know, is also a fantastic multiplayer experience. You may play locally with up to four people through split screen and contribute to construct your world together.

Excellent for: Two players who don’t mind beginning again if they fail in a difficult game.

Enter the Gungeon is a top-down bullet hell roguelike, so you’ll spend much of your time evading incoming fire before dying and beginning again. Every time you play, the game’s stages, adversaries, and weapon placements are randomly generated, keeping the game new and tough.

Inviting a teammate makes this difficult experience more fun, making it an excellent alternative for experienced gamers.

Great for: Up to four players looking for some pick-up-and-play arcade action.

Super Bomberman R is the newest installment in the popular arcade series. It has you and three other friends competing on a square grid. You must lay bombs to demolish blocks, collect power-ups, and eventually trap your opponents with well placed explosives.

It’s easy, but it’ll keep you entertained if you don’t feel like diving into a more sophisticated game. If you like arcade action, you should check it out.

Play the Best Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Games

You should have plenty of co-op games to enjoy on your Nintendo Switch thanks to our list. Whether you want to play a deep two-player game with your significant other or a party game with a huge group, you have plenty of alternatives.

Simply ensure that you have enough controllers for everyone. If you need extra Nintendo Switch controllers, we’ve written about the finest ones. When you’ve finished configuring your Nintendo Switch, here’s how to fully personalize it. Then, these are the greatest Nintendo websites to follow.

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