The 13 Best Android Emulators for Retro Gaming

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The 13 Best Android Emulators for Retro Gaming

Retro gaming is becoming more popular. Old games from your youth are trending, with titles like Frogger, Double Dragon, Doom, and Star Fox 64 seeing a resurgence.

You can still play ancient games even if your old consoles have been destroyed. All you need is an Android phone or tablet.

This collection of vintage gaming emulators for Android will allow you to relive your childhood games on a variety of console and computer platforms.

How Emulators for Android Work

Emulators need game ROMs (and occasionally BIOS ROMs) that are compatible with the platform being emulated. However, if you do not already own the game, obtaining and utilizing game ROMs is a violation of copyright.

ROMs should be downloaded to your Android smartphone directly. You may also download to your PC and then transfer the ROM files to Android. Retro ROMs are often just a few gigabytes in size, which is little in comparison to today’s enormous game downloads. If you wish to transfer games to your phone wirelessly, utilize FTP software.

Your appropriate emulator should be able to execute the ROM after it has been downloaded. But which Android vintage game emulator will you use?

1. ePSXe (Sony PlayStation PS1 and PSOne)

The original Sony PlayStation is one of the most popular gaming systems of all time, and it was the first to sell over 100 million units. With over 7,918 games launched (and a few more afterwards), there are plenty of reasons to explore this platform.

ePSXe is ideal for PlayStation gaming on Android devices. There’s a handy split screen option for two players and support for up to four. The PC version of ePSXe features compatible save states, as well as configurable key mapping for most gaming controllers.

Download: ePSXe($3.75)

2. John NESS (NES and SNES)

John NESS, which combines the John NES and John SNES applications, allows you to play Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System games on Android.

John NESS interacts with Dropbox and includes cheat functionality, save states, a turbo button, an on-screen gamepad, and support for hardware controllers. This means you can effortlessly transfer ROM files from your online storage to the emulator and play them. John NESS also enables snapshots, recording, and streaming as additional gameplay options.

Download: John NESS(Free, in-app purchases)

3. DraStic DS Emulator (Nintendo DS)

DraStic DS Emulator is a very remarkable emulator, with the ability to double the resolution and change the location of the display.

Add-on controllers are supported, with the usual save states allowing rapid save and resumption game play from anywhere. Emulation may be strengthened with a fast-forward option, and saved games can be connected to Google Drive.

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As if that weren’t enough, the emulator comes with a database containing thousands of cheat options for Nintendo DS titles.

Download: DraStic DS Emulator($4.99)

4. M64Plus FZ Emulator (N64)

M64Plus is a popular emulator for fans of Nintendo 64 games.

M64Plus, a variant of the Open Source Mupen64+ emulator, with simple controls in the bottom corners of the screen. This allows you to play games with your thumbs, much as you used to do with the Nintendo64 game controller.

It is recommended to use a software game controller rather than a hardware game controller. USB or Bluetooth Nintendo 64 controllers are difficult to find. As a result, pleasant gaming is only possible on Android devices that aren’t too large for your hands. It is more suited for phones than tablets.

Download: M64Plus FZ Emulator(Free)

5. My OldBoy! (Game Boy, Game Boy Color)

This dual-system emulator is compatible with a broad variety of Android devices, making it ideal for Game Boy and Game Boy Color aficionados.

It’s also packed with features, such as save states and video filters, as well as cheat codes, external controller compatibility, and custom palettes. My Old Boy! even emulates the Game Boy Camera and Game Boy Printer.

Install My Old Boy if you want to rediscover the collection of 1046 Game Boy and 575+ Game Boy Color games.

Download: My Old Boy (Free) |Ad-free($3.99)

6. My Boy! (Game Boy Advance)

This emulator, from the same creator as My Old Boy!, is available for a broad range of Android devices. This makes it compatible with both old and modern hardware.

Support for save states and Google Drive synchronization, extra controllers, and visual filters are all available when emulating the Game Boy Advance. Cheat codes and game speed may be changed to assist teach you to conquer high-speed obstacles.

While no game ROMs are supplied, My Boy! has BIOS emulation, which eliminates the need for system ROMs.

Download: My Boy! (Free) |Ad-free ($4.99)

7. Magic DOSBox (Classic PC Gaming)

Remember when you had to pull up a chair to your PC and type cd to get to the game directory? Entering a single command to start the game without the need of a desktop GUI?

If so, Magic DOSBox allows you to relive the old PC gaming period of MS-DOS on your mobile device. Before Windows 98 could allow desktop game launching, thousands of games were launched on PC. Many vintage PC games have been labeled abandonware or have become open source. The Internet Archive has around 2,500 games.

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The majority of PC games from this time period are similar to Amiga and Atari releases. Along with standard platformers, you’ll notice an increase in the amount of simulators and god games.

Download: Magic DOSBox(Free)


When it initially came out in 2004, the PlayStation Portable (PSP) was an enormously popular portable gaming console. With over 1,370 games produced between its first release and its retirement in 2014, PSP players enjoy an unbelievable selection of titles, all in HD.

The PPSSPP emulator will transport you to 2004. Loading ROMs is simple, and the program may be customized with a variety of options. HD resolution is supported, saves from a real PSP may be imported, and the anisotropic filtering and texture scaling parameters can be modified.

If you like the PSP, this is the emulator to install on your Android.

Download: PPSSPP (Free)

9. GENPlusDroid (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive)

If you loved playing games on the Sega Genesis (Sega Mega Drive in other countries), the GENPlusDroid emulator is for you. Over 900 titles are available from this crucial participant in the so-called console wars of the late 1980s and 1990s between Sega and Nintendo.

GENPlusDroid supports physical controllers, as well as rewind, forward, and cheat support, auto save, programmable key mapping, and a plethora of other features. Finally, GENPlusDroid allows you to enjoy a near-authentic Sega Genesis experience on your Android smartphone.

Download: GENPlusDroid (Free)

10. Uae4arm (Amiga)

Perhaps the most popular computer system of the 16-bit era, the Amiga was launched in 1985 with the final version, the CD32, manufactured until 1996. In that time, an estimated 4,850,000 Amigas were sold, with over 2000 games released while it was in production.

Amiga games can run on current platforms with the help of various UAE-based (or inspired) emulators. Uae4arm is perhaps the best option on Android, capable of running in any of the Amiga line configurations. So, you can emulate an Amiga 500, a 4000T, or a CD32. The Amiga’s library of games don’t all run on the same device; there are three basic generations of system, hence Uae4arm’s granular configuration tools.

Download: Uae4arm(Free)

While a generic Amiga Kickstart file is available with most emulators, for complete support you should buy the official version. This is available from Amiga Forever Essentials.

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Download: Amiga Forever Essentials($1.99)

11. Mobile C64 (Commodore 64)

The most popular home computer of the 1980s, the Commodore 64 is currently enjoying a resurgence as a retro gaming clone system. If you don’t care for the breadbin aesthetic as much as the games, however, you can run them on Android.

There are other C64 emulators for Android, but Mobile C64 seems to be the most reliable. Mobile 64 comes with various public domain games to get you started, as well as a software keyboard for text input and support for USB and Bluetooth controllers.

Download: Mobile 64(Free, in-app purchases)

12. Speccy (Sinclair ZX Spectrum)

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum was a popular, though small, home computer system in the United Kingdom and Europe. It was so cheap that it sold over 5 million copies, which does not include clones like the Timex Sinclair 2068.

Speccy is an incredibly comprehensive emulator. It supports all Sinclair ZX Spectrum models and the majority of clones. Speccy also supports game snapshots, loading from tape files (with a genuine tape loading effect), and gaming with USB and Bluetooth controllers.

That just scratches the surface. If you like Spectrum games, this is the greatest Android emulator for you.

Download: Speccy (Free) |Ad-free($4.99)

13. Emulate Retro Games on Android With RetroArch

There are plenty alternative Android emulators available. However, if you’re installing more than a few of emulators, you should stick to a single solution.

RetroArch comes with 50 emulator cores, offering you an incredible variety of emulation systems. RetroArch supports all of the platforms mentioned above, as well as the PC Engine and Sega Dreamcast. Do you want to play old arcade games? RetroArch also includes MAME.

Download: RetroArch (Free)

Retro Games on Your Android Device

We believe these are the greatest Android game emulators, but whether you agree or disagree, you should find them easy to install, set up, and play.

Simply transfer the ROM files to your Android smartphone, launch the corresponding emulator, and begin playing.

Android is an excellent choice for playing old games, since it is capable of running most emulated systems. In fact, you could utilize Android to set up a vintage gaming center.

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