The 12 Best “How to” Websites

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The 12 Best “How to” Websites

What are the most frequent housework tasks you perform? And where do you believe your lack of abilities is a hindrance? Consider these two inquiries, and then look for the greatest “how-to” websites that will answer all of your queries.

DIY websites aren’t only for honing your handyman abilities around the home. Yes, they can help you save a lot of money. They may, however, boost your confidence if you know how to manage little daily situations without seeking for help.

Here are some lesser-known how-to websites providing a variety of tasks to do at home or at work.

DIY Home Improvements

Start with the less expensive home repairs. Prioritize decor changes that boost your family’s sense of warmth and you won’t go wrong. There are many places to learn home repair tips from, including YouTube, but pay these sites a visit too.

DIY Projects is a well organized site. You can find projects to do around the house and even outside. Use the menu on top to find projects around your skillsets or narrow down to specific areas at your house. Many of the articles on the site are listicles that give you a bunch of ideas in one quick read.

The Home Depot is the place you will go to in search of appliances and the tools to repair them. The blog is the place you can visit for do-it-yourself projects that help you repair, renovate, and build things around the house.

The blog offers pointers on home improvements segregated by the different rooms in your house. A nice section called Style Challenges if filled with inspirational projects for those who want to take on a complete makeover before any special day of the year like Christmas or Halloween.

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This colorful site can help you turn your closet into an office. It can also help you deal with personal issues at work or at home. The blog is for the creative woman who has a do-it-herself attitude in all aspects of her life. Apart from the articles, the site also hosts online classes and recommends products a woman can use in all areas of her life.

Cleaning and maintenanceis a daily task. Follow the experts on this site as they teach you how to clean everything from clothing to cars. The simple site is well categorized and you can find just about anything to clean on the Things You Own page.


Gardeningteaches us the value of growing our own food. It also teaches us a lot about patience. Tending your home garden is also a great family hobby.

This site answers all your gardening questions. So far it has answered about 50,000 direct questions about gardening so it’s expected your query will already be one among them. If you are new to gardening, start with the Gardening How To section. There aremany gardening projects you can take on one at a time too.

You may use your craft talents in your garden. Stephanie Ross takes it a step further by demonstrating how plants may also be healing. Look through the blog’s DIY section for projects you can do in your own little bit of paradise.


What you cultivate fresh can be cooked. But, with so many wonderful culinary and recipe websites currently available on the internet, do you really need any more? These two how-to culinary websites, on the other hand, are of a different type.

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The popularity of handmade bread and sourdough is growing. The Fresh Loaf is a “how-to” community for home bakers. Begin with Lessons and work your way through the site’s hundreds of recipes. The Forum is also a great location to meet other people who are enthusiastic about making their own bread.

As an alternative to DIY internet instructions, let’s attempt a podcast. This specialized podcast focuses on the do-it-yourself part of homebrewing. You will be able to listen to homebrewing gurus as they discuss their passion and all you need to make your homebrewing hobby a success.

Career and Work

If you are not enthusiastic about your career, your personal life may suffer. Or there is an imbalance between work and life. Not everyone gets what they desire, but it is always possible to improve any work.

Idealist is a job search portal for those looking to make a difference in the world. However, it is also a professional how-to site for people looking to go from intention to action and work on socially beneficial jobs. Answers to questions about career shifts, work-life balance, organizational skills, job search obstacles, and much more may be found here.

Alison Green is a model. She is the recruiting manager you should speak with before your first interview. She infuses her postings with a sense of humour and years of experience in understanding how hiring managers think. If you need specialized guidance, check through the Topics section on the main page.

Sustainable Living

A non-toxic environment has become an urgent need. Clean water and clean air are already present-day issues. You may start with these two how-to websites, which provide little steps for living a more sustainable life.

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Green living is becoming more popular. And it represents the sole possibility for a long-term future. You should use the web to locate a recycling center in your area. If that isn’t what you’re searching for right now, check out the articles on how to reuse items around your home. Perhaps you might begin by learning how to recycle all forms of Amazon packaging.

This fantastic website is a favorite among minimalists worldwide. It is built on three basic living pillars: small housing, simplicity, and homesteading. Ryan Mitchell, the founder, lives in an off-the-grid small home. He educates people about the advantages of downsizing via practical lectures on house design, decluttering, and ecological living.

Go Online to Find Help

There are many of “how-to” websites that provide all of the answers you want. You will also discover that getting your hands dirty is the greatest method to tackle an issue. So accept them as a project. Break it down into the smallest portion you can tackle today, and then begin searching for solutions.

The DIY websites in the preceding list constitute just a small portion of the total. There are plenty more how-to websites to bookmark.

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