The 12 Best Free Email Template Builders for Freelancers

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The 12 Best Free Email Template Builders for Freelancers

Are you seeking for the finest email template generator to assist you in running a free email marketing campaign for your freelancing gig?

The worldwide number of email users is expected to reach 4.48 billion by 2024. This is more than any other communication medium. Email marketing is also quite cost effective.

You may also utilize free email template builders to market your company for free. To expand your freelancing business, you could check out the free email template builders listed below.

You can create or alter professional marketing email templates for free with Moosend. It, like other conventional email editors, supports drag-and-drop design.

Without any HTML coding experience, you may integrate complex marketing components like as movies, animations, countdown timers, and so on. Some of its outstanding characteristics include:

  • Include stock picture sources, Google Drive, GIPHY, and social media in your work.
  • A collection of ready-made themes, pictures, and fonts that allows for comprehensive customisation.

Mosaico is a fully free internet tool for running email marketing campaigns. Under the terms of the General Public License (GPL), you may use this platform for commercial purposes. The following are the key features of Mosaico email template builder:

  • Mosaico email templates are supported by all major smartphones and email service providers (ESP).
  • This email editor allows you to customise the graphics more quickly.
  • Image positioning and resizing are possible through drag and drop.
  • Mosaico has custom templates as well as a global undo/redo mechanism.

Mailchimp is a fantastic email marketing automation solution. It’s simple to use, and whether you’re new to email marketing or a seasoned master, the web app caters to all types of users.

You may begin by creating a free account and then grow up as your freelancing company requires. The free plan offers you access to the multi-channel tools listed below:

  • Email template creator and editor
  • CRM software for your marketing requirements.
  • Landing sites, forms, mailings, and so forth that are convincing and professional.
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If you’re seeking for a free mobile responsive marketing email template, check out BEEFree. It’s a drag-and-drop email template editor that doesn’t need any coding knowledge or subscriptions.

BEEFree online app also has a large collection of professional and stylish marketing templates. You may customise email templates and then export them straight to your preferred ESP, such as Gmail, Yahoo, or MailChimp.

Email template browsing filters such as Usage, Automated, Industry, and Seasonal are available.

Stripo allows you to produce interesting marketing emails using AMP technology. To increase user interest, provide interactive components like as accordions, carousels, confirmations, and purchase buttons inside the email.

To have a better understanding of the current email marketing standard, join up for a free account and experience the following features:

  • The free plan is limited to one user and one project at a time.
  • Each project may have two email templates.
  • Every project and per month, you may export four email templates to email applications.
  • You will get full access to the Modules Library as well as view-only access to the Premium Templates Library.

Dyspatch provides a totally visual interface for changing and creating email templates. Personalizing the free email templates does not need any previous coding knowledge. The greatest aspect is that there is no need to join up for a free trial period.

Visit the Dyspatch templates page and choose one of the 12 pre-built email templates. After selecting a template, you may use the editor to pick the marketing campaign mode, such as Update, Coupon, Receipt, Birthday, Activation, and so on.

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Topol is a free email template maker with drag-and-drop design, responsive HTML emails, no learning curve, and other features. The online Topol editor allows you to generate an unlimited number of marketing email templates for free.

The free Topol suite also offers you the following features:

  • There are seven pre-made marketing email templates.
  • Within the email template builder, you may edit photos.
  • Add eight basic blocks to the email templates by dragging and dropping them.
  • Custom HTML codes may be included in marketing emails.

Through a drag-and-drop builder, the Postcards online tool assists designers and marketing managers in creating excellent promotional emails.

Sign up for a free Postcards account to get started with email marketing. The free package includes the following basic services:

  • On Postcards’ workplace, only one person may access, load, create, or store marketing emails.
  • Each industry provides one free customisable email template.
  • You don’t need technical abilities to change the email template’s links, graphics, and text.

Sendinblue is a popular free email template editor and builder that will help you expand your freelancing company for free. The following features are included in the free plan:

  • Keep an infinite number of customer or marketing lead contacts.
  • You have the ability to send 300 emails every day.
  • Using the adaptable and user-friendly editor, you can create compelling marketing emails and newsletters.
  • You may also receive SMS marketing, an email template library, and SMS/email personalisation.

Pixelbuddha is an open-source repository that contains an infinite number of convincing HTML design templates for landing pages, websites, UI/UX design materials, and so on. You’ll also get 16 free HTML email templates to help you improve the success of your freelancing marketing campaigns.

The free email templates are ideal for product advertising, newsletter distribution, and blog promotion. You may change the templates with web-based applications like MailChimp or Stamp Ready after downloading them.

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Unlayer, one of the top hubs for free HTML email templates, allows you to create attractive marketing emails for free. You may also use the Unlayer Studio to create visually appealing marketing emails from scratch.

You will be able to pick the industry and use for marketing email templates with the free access. If you’re a freelancer or an individual consultant, this online free email template library and editor is ideal.

TWILIO SendGrid is a web-based email marketing and API solution. Because it is a freemium web software, you may use the basic functions for free. You may use your free account to access the following features:

  • As long as you utilize TWILIO SendGrid, you may send 100 emails every day.
  • Advanced functionality such as SMTP Relay, APIs, and Webhooks are available.
  • Get personalized Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records, as well as access to high-tech email delivery optimization tools.

Use Free Email Templates for No Cost Email Marketing

You may use any of the finest free email template builders to perform no-cost email marketing campaigns to onboard new customers now that you know which ones are the best. You may also utilize free email template builders to increase the reach of your blog to your target audience.

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