The 11 Best Email Apps for Android

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The 11 Best Email Apps for Android

Email applications for Android are a two-edged sword. They may be quite useful, particularly if your profession requires daily email exchanges, but they can also contribute to tech-induced despair.

Email addiction is a serious issue, but it’s simply one part of a larger, more widespread problem: smartphone addiction. So, before we give any email app suggestions, we’d want to remind you that sometimes doing without is preferable.

But if you’re looking for a solid Android email app, keep reading! Here are some of the top Android email applications to consider.

The Best Free Email Apps for Android

1. Samsung Email

Samsung’s Android applications are hit-or-miss, but when they do strike, they hit it out of the park. Samsung Email is one of the greatest free email programs for Android, just as Samsung Internet Browser is one of the top free browsers for Android. The people at Samsung are quite knowledgeable.

The most appealing aspect of Samsung Email is its simplicity of design, which is shared by other Samsung applications. If you own a Samsung smartphone, it’s nice to have an app that fits in with the overall theme and performs well enough to outperform other comparable applications.

Exchange ActiveSync for corporate email accounts, encryption for security and privacy, configurable alerts, scheduling synchronization, and spam control are some significant features.

Download: Samsung Email (Free)

2. Blue Mail

The Blue Mail app has it all, but our favorite features are its seamless performance and small layout. Blue Mail provides a lot of breathing space, even on a little device. It’s never crowded, it’s simple to use, and it’s enjoyable to use.

Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Office 365, iCloud, and AOL are all supported by Blue Mail. Furthermore, it supports IMAP and POP3 accounts. Advanced features include account-specific notification settings, Quiet Hours, Groups for sending large emails to the same recipients again, and more.

Download: Blue Mail (Free)

3. Gmail

If you don’t want to deal with any bother, the Gmail app comes pre-installed on most Android smartphones. You don’t have it? You may install it manually if you like. Check out these secret Gmail app features to boost your email efficiency.

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Previously, the Gmail app was only compatible with Gmail or G Suite email accounts, but it has recently added support for Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and any other IMAP/POP-compatible email provider.

If you encounter troubles, here’s how to repair Android email sync issues.

Download: Gmail (Free)

4. Microsoft Outlook

After being revamped, the Microsoft Outlook app became one of the top email programs in the Google Play Store. It’s visually appealing, includes productivity-boosting features like the Focused inbox, and is 100% free with no advertisements or upgrades.

Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and, of course, Outlook, Office 365, and Microsoft Exchange are all supported by Microsoft Outlook. Smart filters, swiping motions, and connection with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are all included.

Download: Microsoft Outlook (Free)

5. K-9 Mail

K-9 Mail is as straightforward as it gets. True, unlike many email programs, the app lacks a beautiful contemporary UI. However, since it is open-source, it is worthwhile to use. This makes it the most dependable if you value your privacy. The coding shows that they are not doing anything shady with your emails or data.

K-9 Mail includes all necessary email functions and is compatible with any email provider that supports IMAP, POP, and Microsoft Exchange 2003/2007.

Download: K-9 Mail (Free)

6. myMail

myMail is a pleasure to use since it is clean, speedy, and elegant. Many of the design components are recognizable, so choosing this over another email client comes down to personal opinion.

myMail supports a broad variety of email accounts, including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, iCloud, AOL, GMX, and Microsoft Exchange. Account creation couldn’t be easier: just input your credentials and let the app do the rest.

Real-time push alerts, a simple file attachment procedure, email scheduling, folders to organize emails, unique email signatures, email threading for clean viewing of discussion chains, and up-to-date synchronization using the ActiveSync protocol are all notable features. MyMail also enables you to secure the app using a fingerprint or PIN.

Download: myMail (Free)

7. Spark Email

Spark Email is one of the top Android email applications. The app’s clean style with a contemporary appearance is what sets it apart. Spark Email also has a number of interesting features, such as Smart Inbox, which organizes your emails for faster navigation.

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Smart Inbox guarantees you don’t miss out on vital information despite the fact that the typical individual receives hundreds of emails every day.

You may customize your email templates and signature, making it easier to send and respond to messages. It also enables for user interface customisation.

Another important feature is the ability to pin emails, send reminders and follow-ups, schedule emails, and undo outgoing emails. Spark Email also offers team assistance, albeit this comes at a cost.

Spark Email offers numerous accounts and, even better, you may sign in using any email provider. It works with Gmail, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, AOL, and any other IMAP-enabled client.

Download: Spark Email (Free, in-app purchases available)

The Best Paid Email Apps for Android

1. Nine

Few people would pay $15 for a desktop app, much less a smartphone app. But Nine is so well-designed that your productivity will skyrocket, and you’ll never want to use a “regular” email software again.

On top of its simple UI, you get Exchange ActiveSync, a rich-text editor for emails, per-folder email alerts, SSL encryption, lightning-fast hybrid email search, and more. Nine is compatible with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, Outlook, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and a variety of other services.

To believe it, you must try it. Fortunately, Nine has a free trial period that allows you to determine if the price is worthwhile for you.

Download: Nine (Free trial, premium version available)

2. Aqua Mail

Aqua Mail is simple, minimalist, and effective. Because everything is set out logically, its navigation is the easiest you’ll find in Android email programs. It works with almost all email providers, including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, FastMail, iCloud, GMX, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and others.

The free version of Aqua Mail includes a one-account restriction, advertisements, and adds a “sent with Aqua Mail” signature to all your emails. Subscribing to Aqua Mail Pro will remove these restrictions and annoyances.

Download: Aqua Mail (Free, subscription available)

3. MailDroid

MailDroid is a brand-new Android email program that has everything you need, plus a few extras like a complete rich-text editor, password security, split-screen for tablets, attachment saving to cloud storage, configurable mail rules, and more.

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It is compatible with Gmail, iCloud, Vivaldi Mail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, AOL, and almost all other email providers that support IMAP, POP 3, and Exchange.

Ads fund the free version of MailDroid, which you can eliminate by subscribing to MailDroid Pro for $5. However, we encourage starting with the ad-supported version and then upgrading as soon as possible if you enjoy it. (Spam subscriptions do not transfer from the free to paid versions.)

MailDroid is free with in-app purchases; MailDroid Pro is $4.99.

4. TypeApp

TypeApp seems to be a Blue Mail clone at first sight. If you use it after Blue Mail, you may need to double-check that you’ve launched the correct program. However, if you look closely at TypeApp, you’ll see that these applications have tiny variances.

Instead of Blue Mail’s Material Design principles, TypeApp has a much older flat design style. Nonetheless, TypeApp features extra UI components that make navigation and administration easier.

Overall, the feature sets of the two are practically comparable. Blue Mail provides slightly better performance and uses less battery power, but TypeApp is a great option if Blue Mail isn’t for you.

Download: TypeApp (Free, in-app purchases available)

Choose Your Favorite Android Email App

The best email software for Android is ultimately the one that provides the features that are most important to you. Everything from the user interface to the many bells and whistles that make your life simpler. The main thing is that you like it and that it does not interfere with your activities. Any of the Android email applications listed above would suffice.

Spark Email is worth a try if all you need is an Android email app to replace Google Inbox. It’s one of the greatest free Android email applications.

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