The 10 Most Relaxing TV Shows on Netflix

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The 10 Most Relaxing TV Shows on Netflix

What are the similarities between Breaking Bad, Hannibal, and The Americans? They’re all excellent programs that deserve the recognition. They are, however, gloomy, heavy, and unpleasant to view when you are worried. They are not calming television series.

Sometimes you simply want to come home, sit on the sofa, and watch a palate cleaning program to decompress. You should watch these calming Netflix programs for that. If you choose, you may even employ these TV programs to help you go asleep.

Consider a chat show hosted by comedian Jerry Seinfeld, with each guest being one of his famous buddies. Then picture it taking place inside a café, along with the vehicle trip there. There are no scripts. There is no self-promotion. It’s completely real, sincere, and amusing.

The title of the program says it all: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Each episode lasts around 15 to 20 minutes and contains a vintage automobile chosen by Seinfeld himself to complement the personality of the evening’s guest.

It’s the perfect program to watch when you want to turn off your brain and simply giggle.

2. Bob Ross: Beauty Is Everywhere [Broken URL Removed]

Bob Ross: Beauty Is Everywhere is similar to The Joy of Painting, however the episodes are from the 1991-1992 seasons of the program, and not all of them are included.

But who knows? Nothing surpasses the pleasure of seeing Bob Ross paint another beautiful beauty while encouraging you with his sweet voice. Looking for a soothing TV program to fall asleep to? Then stop looking.

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Have you watched the film Jiro Dreams of Sushi? If you have and like it, you should definitely see Chef’s Table. Chef’s Table, directed by the same guy (David Gelb), is one of the greatest Netflix documentaries for foodies.

Every episode focuses on the life and cuisine of a Michelin-starred chef from across the globe, bringing out the human aspect that is frequently lacking in culinary documentaries.

Think again if it seems uninteresting. Chef’s Table is not just a wonderfully filmed program, but it is also highly fascinating and uplifting. As you watch, the hours will fly by.

While Explained is a Netflix program, it seems more like a YouTube series in that each episode is roughly 15 minutes long, instructive, amusing, and totally self-contained to a particular subject every episode.

There are Explained episodes about bitcoin, K-pop, esports, the financial market, cricket, life longevity, and other topics. It’s enough to give you a broad idea of a topic’s history and significance, and it’s delivered in an engaging—-and surprisingly relaxing—-unbiased manner.

This program, also known as The Great British Bake Off, is maybe the most wholesome reality TV competition you’ll ever see (rivaled only by MasterChef Junior).

The Great British Baking Show pits amateur bakers against one other in a series of elimination rounds until a champion is determined. The finest aspect is that it lacks the intense competitive mentality that drives most American reality programs. It exudes warmth, laughter, and delicious cuisine.

Have you ever wished you could watch Big Brother or The Real World without the contrived drama or planned narratives? Then you should try Terrace House.

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Six strangers come together to live in a shared house for a month, with hidden cameras everywhere. However, this is a Japanese reality show, and there’s a different culture and atmosphere than what you normally see in American reality TV. It’s soft, it’s polite, and it’s a joy to watch.

The original Terrace House (Boys and Girls Next Door) ran for three years in Japan, but Netflix revived it in 2015 with Boys and Girls in the City. This was followed by the sequels Aloha State and Opening New Doors. Only the Netflix-produced ones are available on Netflix.

The world around us is incredible. We’re lucky to live on Planet Earth, surrounded by so much natural beauty, and Our Planet is a documentary series that brings the exotic jungles and deep ocean seas right onto your TV screen.

It’s hosted by Sir David Attenborough, who provides insightful and calming commentary and also fronts some of the best BBC documentaries on Netflix. The show was also film entirely in Ultra High Definition, which makes the visuals even more stunning. There’s something meditative about watching nature play out in some of the most remote corners of the world.

Samurai Gourmet is a light-hearted show that follows a newly retired Japanese man who roams his neighborhood and explores the rich culinary offerings therein.

In a word, Samurai Gourmet is refreshing. Few shows are as easy to watch as this one, and it demands nothing of you in return.

Aggretsuko is a Japanese anime that’s ultra cute, but it’s not a kid’s show. The cuteness contrasts against the main character’s mundane and frustrating office life, as well as her secret love of death metal karaoke.

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The episodes are short at just 15 minutes apiece, so you can pop them on whenever you—-like the main character—-feel like you need to blow off some steam.

The documentary series The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes is hosted by British architect Piers Taylor and property developer (and actress) Caroline Quentin. They go to isolated regions to see some spectacular custom-designed houses, investigating how they were made to adapt to their environment.

Even if you have a little home envy while watching it, this is a fun program to watch. It’s fascinating to see the inventiveness on exhibit, but there’s no drama or competitiveness here—-just it’s a pleasant, friendly glance at how other people live.

These are some of the finest TV series to watch when you’ve had a hard day and want to unwind with something pleasant and entertaining. Or perhaps to listen to while falling asleep.

If you want to relax even more, try these simple meditation techniques for beginners to acquire mindfulness.

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