The 10 Most Productive New Tab Extensions for Google Chrome

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The 10 Most Productive New Tab Extensions for Google Chrome

Are you seeking to go someplace when you open a new tab in a browser, or are you searching for information to come to you?

A new tab page in Chrome by default includes the Google search bar and shortcuts to the websites you visit the most. In the upper right corner of the website, there is also a link to Gmail and other Google services.

If you want to be even more productive, replace this page with a new tab to-do list or other useful tools. Let’s have a look at the most useful new Google Chrome tab extensions!

Prioritab’s goal is straightforward: it tells you what you need to accomplish and estimates how much time you have to do it.

Today, this week, and this month have straightforward to-do lists to complete. The ease of use is reminiscent of productivity tools such as TeuxDeux, which instruct you to quit arranging and start working.

Above the three lists (which you may rearrange as you choose), there is a counter that displays the percentage of the day, month, and year that has already passed. It serves as a sad reminder of how quickly time passes, and it may inspire you to get things done.

One of our favorite new tab sites is Momentum. Momentum contains link widgets in addition to an inspiring backdrop, a to-do list, and a single focal item of the day. These links assist you in easily navigating to the sites of your choosing.

You may also display or disable widgets to personalize the appearance of the new tab. Finally, you may search inside the program itself.

Elegant To-Do List Apps for Productive Minimalists

When working on a project, many professionals have hundreds of tabs open on their browsers. If you’re preparing a report, for example, you may need to extract data from many sources. The more tabs you have open, the more difficult it is to locate what you need.

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Toby for Chrome makes it simple to manage your tabs. Simply drag and drop each tab into the program, then categorize everything into categories like Homework, Research, or Public Data.

Users may also create tab collections, add tags, and rank tabs based on name, date, or other criteria. For example, if you make a tab collection, you can simply access the tabs later without having to redo your study.

The search function is also really useful. Use it to locate a certain website, magazine, or article inside your tabs.

Taskade isn’t simply another to-do list app in a new tab. Users may utilize this useful tool to take notes, video chat, establish virtual workplaces, and more.

Taskade, which has over 70,000 users, makes it simple to monitor and manage your projects. It has layouts similar to Trello, ready-made templates, keyboard shortcuts, and collaboration options. It is an absolute need for remote teams and small organizations.

Consider it a free substitute for Slack, Asana, and other task management tools. While it is not as complex as these expensive products, it is more convenient and user-friendly. You may also tweak almost every function that comes with it.

Uncomplicated To-Do Apps for Concentrating on Tasks and Getting Things Done

Infinity New Tab consolidates your to-do lists, bookmarks, and favorite websites into an one location. Its interface is similar to Chrome’s default new tab page, however it has a few differences:

  • Create to-do lists
  • There are over 365 wallpapers and 200 icons to choose from.
  • Real-time data backup and synchronization to the cloud
  • Set email notifications
  • Browse your search history
  • Take notes

What we like most about Infinity New Tab is its simple interface and minimalist style. It functions similarly to an online library, where you may choose what you want with a single click.

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If you’re a freelance writer or content manager, you’ll want to keep up with the newest marketing, copywriting, and SEO trends. However, due to the abundance of information accessible, this is not always straightforward. It might take hours to discover a reliable source of information.

You’ll receive the information you need when you need it with Zest. When you install the app, it will offer the most relevant material depending on your interests.

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For example, if you want to acquire the most recent news on remote work, choose this subject and then go through the results. You may always add new subjects to your list. Zest will only show you articles, videos, and podcasts that are relevant to the subjects you’re interested in.

Users may also recommend articles, change themes, and access their favorite Google services from a single dashboard. If you like writing, you can become a writer for Zest and get your work in front of marketing experts all around the globe.

Switch allows users to see all of their tabs, alerts, online accounts, and bookmarks on a single page. This removes the need to open new tabs or sites on your browser, saving you time and keeping you organized.

Switch Workstation does not change the default new tab page in Chrome. Instead, it adds a sidebar to your browser that enables you to quickly access your email, tabs, and favorite websites.

This may be the easiest new tab to-do list you’ve ever seen. Once installed, it provides a blank page where you may record your daily chores. When you’re finished, go to a new tab to begin a new list. It’s that simple!

Tab Notes, unlike other new tab extensions, does not need users to establish an account or configure permissions. All you have to do is add it to Google Chrome and jot down your ideas.

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You can access your notes even when you’re not connected to the internet with this app. Switch to Dark Mode if you work late to minimize eye strain.

Elegant To-Do List Apps for Productive Minimalists

From the time you start on your computer, this productivity tool makes it simple to manage your day. Plan will show the current time, weather, date, and a helpful to-do list when you open a new tab.

Another interesting feature is that it can sync with Google and Microsoft Outlook. You may also add shortcuts to Box and Google Drive in the tab to access your files. If you need rapid access to your favorite online tools and services, click the first icon in the bottom left corner of the screen to launch Google Sheets, Google Docs, YouTube, and other services.

You may modify and customise the background picture if you’re feeling creative or seeking for inspiration.

While the extensions mentioned above are excellent, nothing prevents you from using the new tab to open your favorite to-do app, email inbox, or anything else that helps you be productive. This is where New Tab Redirect comes into play.

Simply install New Tab Redirect and configure a custom URL that opens everytime you open a new tab to maximize productivity.

Stay on TaskWhen You Open a New Tab

Installing one of these Chrome extensions might assist you in concentrating on your task. What better approach to avoid distractions than by opening a new tab that connects to your to-do list or your email inbox?

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