The 10 Best Video Editors for Chromebooks

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The 10 Best Video Editors for Chromebooks

Chromebooks are more than just web browsers; they can accomplish many of the same things that Windows and macOS do. This includes video editing.

But which video editor is best for Chromebooks? We present the finest video editing apps for your Chromebook in this post…

1. WeVideo

The Chrome Web Store now includes an official app for the popular web-based video editor WeVideo. It is perhaps our favorite Chromebook video editor.

The software is praised for its simplicity. Video editing might be difficult for beginners, but WeVideo’s user-friendly interface allows even complete amateurs to generate passable video. Another element that distinguishes the software is its extensive collection of sound effects, transitions, and visual effects. They are all completely free to use.

WeVideo allows you to edit images on your device’s hard drive or in real time from the camera. Transitions, custom text, voiceover recording, and slow-motion are all supported.

The sole disadvantage of the app’s free edition is the inclusion of a watermark on your video. If you want to use the film professionally, you must upgrade to one of the four premium programs.

Because WeVideo is a web-based service, you will need an internet connection to utilize it.

Download: WeVideo (Free, premium version available)

2. PowerDirector

All new Chromebooks, as well as certain older models, can download and run Android applications from the Google Play Store. As a result, consumers now have many more video editing capabilities than they had when Google initially released Chrome OS.

PowerDirector is a must-have if your Chromebook supports Android applications. It’s one of the greatest Android video editors. The Android version of PowerDirector isn’t as feature-rich as the desktop version, but it still provides more than enough capability for the overwhelming majority of users.

The program has a timeline editor that makes it simple to add effects, create slow-motion sequences, and integrate sound and voiceovers. Other standard video editing techniques, such as fading, transparencies, and blue/green screen, are also supported by PowerDirector.

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PowerDirector is free to use, but you must pay to access all functions.

Download: PowerDirector (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Google Photos

Not everyone need a feature-rich editing package. If you just need to conduct basic video editing on a Chromebook, the Google Photos movie editor may be sufficient. The software includes video stabilization and trimming features. You may also change the orientation of the stored video from landscape to portrait.

Google Photos’ video editing tools have been accessible on the web version of the app since late 2019, which means you no longer need to launch the Android version to edit your film. Unfortunately, the deployment has been gradual, and the functionality is still not accessible globally at the time of writing.

Download: Google Photos (Free)

4. OpenShot

If you use Linux, you’ve probably heard about OpenShot. It’s one of the greatest Linux video editors. It’s also one of the greatest Chromebook video editors.

The editor himself has an excellent feature list. You may utilize image overlays and watermarks, build transition lumas and masks, and add scrolling motion picture credits to your films.

WebM (VP9), AVCHD (libx264), HEVC (libx265), LAME, and AAC are among the video and audio codecs supported by OpenShot.

The app is free to use.

Download: OpenShot (Free)

When we looked into video editors for kids, the author’s children preferred OpenShot.

5. Magisto

Magisto is well-known as one of the greatest video editing applications for Android, having been highlighted several times as a Google Play “Editor’s Choice” app. If you have a Chromebook that supports Android applications, you should give it a go.

The software is targeted directly at social media users who want to share their adventures on multiple networks but aren’t expert video producers in the conventional sense. Magisto can make professional-looking films from the videos, photos, and music on your smartphone using intelligent AI. You may also customize the wording and effects.

Magisto, since it is primarily developed for social networks, allows you to simply share your creations from inside the app. All of the following platforms are supported: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Vimeo.

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Download: Magisto (Free, in-app purchases available)

6. KineMaster

KineMaster is another program that delivers the best of Android to Chrome OS. It’s a video editing package for professionals.

Multi-layer films are supported, and the software has frame-by-frame editing, hue, brightness, and saturation settings, audio filters, royalty-free music, color LUT filters, and 3D transitions.

Kinemaster’s free edition is accessible to everyone, however it, like WeVideo, will slap a watermark in the corner of your projects. From inside the software, you may upgrade to the pro version. It gets rid of the watermark and gives you access to the KineMaster Asset Store. It’s a massive collection of visual effects, overlays, music, and other goodies.

Download: Kinemaster (Free, in-app purchases available)

7. VivaVideo

VivaVideo was formerly accessible in the Chrome Web Store, but it, like many of the greatest video editing programs for Chromebooks, opted to restrict itself to the Google Play Store once Chromebooks began supporting Android apps.

The software manages to strike a balance between pleasure and professionalism. You may, for example, add stickers, GIFs, humorous sound effects, and other social media-friendly gimmicks while also trimming, editing, and enhancing your video using VivaVideo’s extensive set of tools. Transitions, inserting text, combining and dividing movies, altering the pace, and reverse playback are all supported.

Download: VivaVideo (Free, in-app purchases available)

YouTube’s video editing function is often overlooked by users. It’s part of YouTube Studio and allows you to edit videos on your Chromebook without having to install extensions or run Android applications.

The software is quite simple. You may use it to clip, edit, and blur out faces, names, and other identifying information from your movies. YouTube Studio once included more complex features including as filters, text, music, lighting, and transitions, however Google has abandoned them.

To use YouTube Studio, you will need a Google account.

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9. Hippo Video

Hippo Video is one of the few Chromebook video editors that still has a listing in the Chrome Web Store.

It’s a two-in-one application that can be used for both video marketing and video editing.

There are two versions: free and paid. Trim, crop, add text, and adjust other basic settings are all available in the free edition. If you want additional functionality from your video editing program, you must upgrade to the premium edition.

Download: Hippo Video (Free, premium version available)

Kapwing is an incredibly powerful Chromebook video editor. It may be accessed with any web browser, including Google Chrome.

The program allows you to add text, merge videos, add subtitles, add audio (from a Chromebook), resize your video, remove backdrops, and cut your movie. You may also upload a video from your hard drive to edit or paste the URL of an internet video (for example, from YouTube) and edit it straight in the program.

You may even change the output ratio of your video. There are other options, including 1:1, 9:16, 16:9, 4:5, and 5:4. As a result, the app is ideal for anybody who needs to produce social media content.

What’s the Best Video Editor for Chromebook?

These Chromebook video editors cater to a wide range of users. If you’re a beginner video editor, it may be time to learn basic video editing techniques. While programs like Magisto are entertaining, your designs will be even more remarkable if you use one of the more professional tools mentioned above.

If you want to learn more about video editing, whether on your Chromebook or not, read our post on how to edit videos like an expert.

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