The 10 Best Text Editors for Your Chromebook

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The 10 Best Text Editors for Your Chromebook

If you want to take notes or write code on your Chromebook, you’ll need a dependable text editor.

Here are a few of the top HTML and text editors for your Chromebook.

1. Caret

Caret is the text editor of choice for developers and programmers on Chromebooks. The program is totally offline and, more crucially, can open and save files locally or on your Google Drive.

Caret, modeled after Sublime Text, is a full-featured, open-source code editor that highlights code in practically any language using Mozilla’s Ace code editor.

Tabbed editing, JSON-format configuration files, and sublime-compatible keymappings are among the highlights. The sole disadvantage for programmers is the absence of Git and SFTP integration. Unfortunately, the developer has said that he has no intentions to add support in the future.

It works just as well for users who wish to use it as a basic note-taking and text-dump program. The interface is simple and tidy, similar to Notepad on Windows and TextEdit on macOS, and it enables users to write simple documents and make rapid changes to text files.

Download: Caret (Free)

2. Text

Textis is a simple Notepad++ replacement for Chromebooks. It lacks cloud synchronization and is not based like Sublime Text, but it does include syntax highlighting for a variety of programming languages and has a distraction-free UI.

The program is powered by CodeMirror, however it does not fully use the flexible text editor’s capabilities. There is no integration of JavaScript autocomplete, for example, although smart indentation, bracket and tag matching are provided.

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Text provides a user-friendly, easy-to-master experience for individuals who do not have sophisticated demands. The program can save and open files directly to/from the local hard drive, support multiple files open at once, and has complete offline capabilities.

Download: Text (Free)

3. Google Chrome

Many people are unaware that the Chrome browser has a (very) rudimentary text editor.

In Chrome’s URL bar, type data:text/html, html contenteditable> to see an editable page similar to Notepad and TextEdit. Ctrl + S will allow you to save the document (as an HTML page).

It’s worth saving the link since, although simple, it works 100% of the time, providing a fail-safe alternative in an emergency.

4. Quick Write Text Editor

If you prefer a more straightforward method of using your browser as a text editor, the underutilized Quick Write Text Editor is worth a try.

The distraction-free software adds an editable area to a tab. You may modify the text font, color, size, and background color.

Quick Write Text Editor also works offline, so you won’t be unable to edit text on your Chromebook if you are not connected to Wi-Fi.

Download:Quick Write Text Editor (Free)

5. Google Docs

Google Docs is largely a Microsoft Word replacement for your Chromebook, although it will suffice if you need a native software to rapidly take notes on anything.

Google Keep is another Google tool worth investigating. It’s ideal for project management, to-do lists, and on-the-fly document saving. If you want to learn more about Google Keep, check out our guide.

Download: Google Docs (Free)

6. Minimal Text Editor

Minimal Text Editor is an even more minimalistic text editor for your Chromebook.

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You may enter text into a single box. When you’re done, you may download the material with a simple click to your computer.

A dark mode and a full-screen mode are both supported.

Download: Minimal Text Editor (Free)

7.Magic CSS

Magic CSS is a Chromebook code editor. It displays real-time previews of CSS/Less/Sass code updates.

It has auto-saving, a CSS reloader, and syntax highlighting. You may also minify and lint your code, as well as use iframes to load the extension.

The app is open-source.

Download: Magic CSS (Free)

8.Web Text Editor

Web Content Editor is a useful Chromebook tool that allows you to alter the text of any page you visit in your browser.

Of course, you’re not overwriting the real site’s content, but it’s beneficial for those who work with text on websites every day and want to swiftly alert colleagues to prospective changes.

And, let’s face it, the app has a lot of prank potential—just think of all the conceivable Wikipedia updates…

Download: Web Text Editor (Free)

9. Edit With Sublime Text

Edit With Sublime Text is a good HTML editor for Chromebooks.

It enables users to alter the content of an HTML node element as well as the “TEXTAREA”, “INPUT[type=search]”, and “INPUT[type=text]” elements.

The plugin allows you to modify many nodes at once, each with its own text file that you may save as required.

Edit With Sublime Text may also be used to access the DevTools panel and convert an external script or an external CSS resource to an internal version.

Download:Edit With Sublime Text (Free)

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10. Noteblock

Noteblock, another extremely simple text editor, will round off the list.

It is intended to be used as a notebook to scribble down thoughts while exploring the internet. When you click the extension, a text block appears in the top-right corner, and you may begin writing straight away.

Noteblock is the only software of its kind that includes tabbed notes inside the addon. That means you can not only keep your notes organized, but they won’t get lost amid all your other tabs.

Your notes are kept locally rather than on the cloud, so you can relax about your privacy.

Download: Noteblock (Free)

Start Doing More With Your Chromebook

Chromebooks may not get as much attention as they did a few years ago, but they are still excellent laptops that can meet the majority of your productivity demands.

You may also discover free image editors, video editors, and audio editors with a little searching.

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