The 10 Best Local Multiplayer Couch Co-Op Games on PC

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The 10 Best Local Multiplayer Couch Co-Op Games on PC

Couch co-op games, which allow local multiplayer on the same device, highlight some of gaming’s finest social qualities. Far from being a solitary activity, these games demonstrate that gaming can be a fun addition to parties, romantic evenings, and hanging out with friends.

While the term “sofa” denotes console gaming, there are plenty of PC couch co-op games to enjoy. These are the greatest couch co-op games to play on your PC, ranging from co-op platform games to various local co-op games on Steam.

1. Rocket League

Genre: Sports

Rocket League is a popular sports-themed video game. Instead of playing conventional soccer, you maneuver the ball and score goals against the opposition team with remote-controlled cars.

With the ability to enhance your vehicle, smash others, and defy gravity, this amusing mash-up of genres lends itself to hilarious mayhem. You may play with or against another person on the same device utilizing its split-screen local multiplayer. Team up with other players online or utilize the game’s AI teammates to start up competitive bouts.

The game has also grown over time to incorporate in-game events and championship seasons.

Download: Rocket League on Steam ($19.99)

2. Human: Fall Flat

Genre: Puzzle

Human: Fall Flat is a humorous puzzle game that employs a peculiar physics engine to both fascinate and irritate you as you complete challenges for various levels. While the game may be played alone, it comes to life as a co-op title, allowing you to laugh with pals as you comically and frequently fail to solve hurdles.

The game is difficult enough to keep you interested, but it also has a core lightness that makes it a terrific way to unwind and spend time with friends. In addition to split-screen local multiplayer, you may play the game online with friends remotely.

Download: Human Fall Flat on Steam ($14.99)

3. Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

Genre: Puzzle

The Trine puzzle platform game series has always provided an incredible co-op experience. Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince combines the best of the previous games and revitalizes the franchise with new character skills and interesting boss encounters.

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The game may be played by up to four players online or in local co-op. Each character have distinct powers that aid in overcoming obstacles. Meanwhile, the game’s gorgeous graphic design and odd humor contribute to its overall appeal.

Download: Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince on Steam ($29.99)

4. Broforce

Genre: Platform/Run-and-Gun

Broforce blends the run-and-gun action of classic games such as Contra with a pixel-art look and out-of-control mayhem. It’s a fun game inspired by classic games, with full controller support, local co-op and competitive modes, and tongue-in-cheek humor.

As you go through the game, you will unlock new characters based on famous films and pop culture. They not only pay respect to these figures, but each has their own set of powers and weaponry. The game contains a level editor and other game modes that will keep you playing even after you’ve finished the campaign levels.

To coincide with the release of The Expendables 3, the makers of Broforce also published a free standalone set of levels named The Expendabros. This free standalone expansion is certainly worth attempting if you want to get a taste of the main game.

Download: Broforce on Steam ($14.99)

5. A Way Out

Genre: Adventure

A Way Out is a one-of-a-kind, narrative-driven game that puts a new perspective on traditional cooperative games. In A Way Out, you and a companion collaborate to assist your characters in escaping from jail.

Rather than just being an action game in which a buddy is only a passenger, teamwork is vital to the game’s gameplay. One player, for example, may need to distract a jail staff while the other takes an object. To be successful, you must both play your parts.

If you’re seeking for a more in-depth cooperative game that isn’t divided into puzzles or stages, A Way Out is the game for you.

Download: A Way Out on Origin ($29.99)

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6. Cuphead

Genre: Platform

Cuphead is a couch co-op platform game with hard levels and a distinct graphic style. The game may have charming graphics inspired on 1930s cartoons, but the intense boss battles ensure that this platformer is not for the faint of heart.

To progress through the stages on the titular Cuphead’s adventure to reclaim his soul from the devil, you’ll require accuracy and fast reflexes. The highly rated game offers a challenge that you may enjoy on the same screen with a buddy, making it an intense yet delightful experience for those who are up for the challenge.

Download: Cuphead on Steam ($19.99)

7. The Adventure Pals

Genre: Platform

In contrast to Cuphead’s intensity, The Adventure Pals is an excellent choice for those looking for a casual couch co-op platform game. With its quirky humor and an outlandish plot, The Adventure Pals is a really fun and whimsical game.

The relative ease of the gameplay lets you enjoy its unusual animation and storyline. Your character is tasked with trying to save his father from a villain who wants to turn him into a hotdog. Accompanied by your pet rock and flying giraffe, you will need to get past enemies and bosses in a variety of areas to succeed.

Since it’s a relatively casual game, you can enjoy the shared screen co-op mode with a friend, a partner, or a child.

Download: The Adventure Pals on Steam ($14.99)

8. Overcooked! 2

Genre: Cooking simulation

Overcooked! 2 is a fantastic culinary simulation game in which you and your teammate(s) must accomplish cooking orders quickly and accurately. Many individuals are drawn to this often difficult game because of the intensity of delivering orders and cooperating in hectic kitchen stages.

However, if you can laugh while making mistakes, this is the sort of game that will keep you and your pals interested and on your toes.

Download: Overcooked! 2 on Steam ($24.99)

9. Death Squared

Genre: Puzzle

Death Squared is a local multiplayer puzzle game in which up to four players collaborate to complete a level by fulfilling color-coded objectives. Rather than merely completing puzzles, players must achieve their objectives without murdering their friends, which is frequently easier said than done.

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The game also includes 80 narrative levels, 40 party levels, and 45 high-difficulty levels, so you and your pals will be kept occupied.

Download: Death Squared on Steam ($14.99)

10. Nine Parchments

Genre: Action

Frozenbyte, the studio behind the Trine series, is behind Nine Parchments. As a consequence, the aesthetics and comedy of this cooperative action game have a distinct artistic likeness.

You and other wizards must complete levels by fighting foes using spells. The gameplay is extremely similar to the critically renowned videogame Magicka, but with a less difficult learning curve. Mayhem occurs as players battle opponents while while attempting to protect their friends from friendly fire.

As you go through the stages, you will be able to gain talents in many areas of magic and mix spells with other players to create combinations. You may play the game with pals using both couch co-op and online multiplayer.

Download: Nine Parchments on Steam ($19.99)

Play PC Couch Co-Op Games Remotely

Couch co-op games are a fun way to spend time with friends, but what if you want to play with them from afar? Many local multiplayer games now allow internet multiplayer as well.

However, for those who do not, there is a tool that may be used to convert local multiplayer games into ones that your friends can join remotely. Learn how to achieve this with our tutorial on how to utilize Parsec to play online local co-op games.

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