The 10 Best Interactive Online Art Games for Kids

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The 10 Best Interactive Online Art Games for Kids

Online art games for kids might be a fascinating way for them to explore the world of color. While growing up, most of us abandon the drawing pencil or crayon. Perhaps our ambitions of becoming excellent painters will not come true. But maybe we can encourage the children in our life to continue where we left off.

Online art games are not a substitute for traditional art education for children. So, don’t make them drop the palette and brush, but please try out these interactive art websites for some family fun.

PBS Kids will appear in any search for online activities for elementary pupils. In the United States, the network is the most popular platform for children’s programs and material.

You’ll be spoiled for choice with the PBS Kids portal’s interactive art games for kids. This site connects to a variety of online art exercises.

Another famous online location for fascinating art games is The Art Maker on this PBS site. They may use a virtual coloring brush to paint Elmo the hairy muppet or to battle Cookie Monster.

It’s all online, but you can teach your kids how to paint using crayons, oil paints, watercolors, and other materials to spark their creativity.

This website has a range of casual art games for females. But it doesn’t have to be gender-specific since the point is to have fun with color and craft.

With a click of the Play button, you may try out fashion makeovers, decorate a buddy, or become a hairdresser.

When it comes to science, history, nature, and even pop culture, the Smithsonian does not cut corners. This portion of their extensive website is devoted to virtual art games and craft activities for children of all ages. The Smithsonian Learning Lab has many of the materials.

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For example, you may assist your children in building an ArtBot, an art-making robot with complete instructions available on the website. If you want to avoid the robot, there are other activities such as coloring pages and collage projects.

The Smithsonian is a fun art website, but it is more useful as a serious educational resource.

Art appreciation may begin at a young age with trips to museums such as the Tate in the United Kingdom. But you can also accomplish a lot from home. Tate, for example, has a whole area on its website dedicated to free art games, art activities, and entertaining quizzes.

On Street Art, kids may create art like Andy Warhol or paint virtual walls with graffiti. Once they begin their artistic travels, no one can stop them.

Toy Theater is a neat little website that offers educational exercises for elementary school pupils. Proceed to the selection of enjoyable online art activities that will assist your children in developing visual learning abilities, abstract concept expression, and design awareness.

The exercises are ideal for early learners in kindergarten through third grade.

Artsology is a new collection of 107 art activities for children of all ages. Begin by spray painting graffiti on the walls of New York City and progress through surrealism art using an arcade game.

Some games are labeled with the Flash logo. You may ignore these since Adobe has ceased upgrading Flash.

Drawize, a similar “guess what I drew” game, may be used in lieu of Pictionary. Your children may sketch and participate in the daily drawing challenge, or they can go online and play with friends or strangers from all around the globe.

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Android and iOS versions of the drawing and guessing game are also available.

Download: Drawize for Android | iOS (Free)

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This Google A.I project will keep youngsters captivated for 20 seconds at a time while they compete with the neural network’s picture identification abilities.

It’s a fantastic study project, but it can also be used as a fast doodle drawing game similar to Pictionary. The game’s neural engine is used to estimate the artwork. If it successfully guesses, the “game” is done.

The twenty-second timer will also encourage your children to sketch intuitively rather than stop and think. Because the drawings do not have to be flawless, anybody with or without creative aptitude may participate and have fun.

Another A is Auto Draw. I used Google to power the game. It differs from the previous game in that the automated bot will “predict” your doodle and recommend a more polished piece of clip art to replace it.

Children can also tell whether their own doodles are near enough to the recommended drawings done by icon painters in an instant.

AutoDraw is a useful tool for non-artistic children since it allows them to exchange their crude drawings for prettier clipart, which they can then use in any art project.

A Few Other Art Websites for Kids

Many online art games for children are now available as smartphone applications. However, here are a few more art websites for your kids to explore in the browser.

  1. Art Pad
  2. Color With Leo
  3. Beautiful Curves
  4. NASA Coloring Books
  5. Crazy Games—C0loring
  6. Disney Junior Coloring Pages
  7. Son of String Art
  8. ThisIsSand
  9. Tessellate
  10. Weave Silk
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Spark Creativity With Art and Drawing

Kids might be encouraged to sketch freely by playing interactive art games. After all, they aren’t squandering paint on canvas or paper and creating a shambles. In truth, art is merely the place for youngsters to muddle things up and see what comes out.

These interactive art websites are ideal for children, and there is an ocean of drawing and painting applications, some of which masquerade as games for Android and iOS. Point your children to websites that teach the fundamentals of drawing, and they will begin to lay the groundwork for a wonderful pastime.

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