The 10 Best Games to Stream on Twitch Right Now

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The 10 Best Games to Stream on Twitch Right Now

Twitch is a tremendously popular website that lets you to broadcast your games with others while also cultivating a following by appearing on a regular schedule and amusing them.

The amount of content providers broadcasting on Twitch is not expected to decrease in the coming years. If you’re a Twitch broadcaster or want to get into Twitch streaming, you’ll have a greater chance of success if you play a game with a large audience.

Here are the best games you can stream on Twitch right now.

1. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege, a first-person shooter game that focuses on close-quarters, objective-based action, has proved to be very popular since its first release.

The game’s competitive atmosphere and teamwork-oriented gameplay make it exciting to watch for onlookers, particularly if you’re very expressive and entertaining while gaming.

You’ll certainly need some talent to compete at a respectable level, since the Rainbow Six community is competitive, which carries with it a latent elitism. To excel in streaming Siege, you must have both entertainment value and natural talent at the game.

According to Statista (which we’ll use for all data), Rainbow Six: Siege has had over 4.22 billion views on Twitch as of February 2022.

2. Overwatch

Overwatch has received over 7.94 billion total views on the live-streaming site, and it’s easy to see why. Overwatch is a team-based, multiplayer-only FPS that provides you a variety of heroes to employ, each with their own distinct skills and play styles that form part of diverse team combinations.

Overwatch will undoubtedly appeal to fans of MOBAs and first-person shooters. It has a really active community that might help you get started on Twitch if you’re entertaining. It helps to be skilled in Overwatch, although it’s probably not necessary at the beginning. In fact, your audience will most likely enjoy seeing you improve over time.

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3. World of Warcraft

Despite being just short of two decades old, World of Warcraft continues to draw large crowds, with over 11.02 billion total watchers on Twitch. If you had wonderful recollections of raiding on World of Warcraft when you were younger, why not let yourself to get dragged back in for the sake of your Twitch career?

Given the age of WoW, most spectators are likely to want to witness some mid to endgame stuff. If you have an old account and are familiar with WoW, you may have an edge over a new streamer who is just starting out. In any case, there are certainly a lot of people watching this game.

4. Minecraft

Minecraft has been around for almost a decade and is still one of the most popular games of all time. Even if you’ve never played Minecraft before, it’s a really simple game to learn and might be a wonderful way to get some views.

Because Minecraft is overrun with content providers, you’ll want to find a way to stand out. Consider things that might make your audience feel engaged to and interested in your Minecraft gaming, whether it’s a particular obstacle in your Survival world or the quality of your buildings.

5. Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a digital strategy card game based on the Warcraft franchise that has over 13.46 billion all-time views on Twitch. It is a relatively recent game on the block compared to the other greatest games to broadcast on Twitch.

If you were a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic: The Gathering, or other card games as a kid, as well as World of Warcraft, then Hearthstone is the game for you. It will most likely be a game that you like playing while also obtaining viewers from owing to its continued popularity.

6. Dota 2

Dota 2, one of the oldest and most popular RTS MOBAs, can be a lot of fun if you have the proper team. Dota 2 may be your streaming game of choice if you’re interested in the genre or if you simply need a game your PC can handle playing while broadcasting. It’s quite simple to run on most PCs thanks to its good optimization.

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Dota 2 has over 19.09 billion total views on Twitch, indicating that it is undoubtedly popular and isn’t going away anytime soon. If you’ve never played a game like this before, you should spend some time training before making it your primary game, since others will expect you to have a fair skill level in order to watch you regularly.

7. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, one of the most popular multiplayer FPS games of all time, still has a robust user pool and is a wonderful option for games to broadcast on your Twitch account.

You’ll need to bring your A-game when it comes to talent and competition. If you’ve never played before, you should expect to spend some time being beaten up. However, with practice, you will be able to pick it up and, depending on your skill level, even compete in rated bouts.

8. Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V/Online has become one of the most successful games of all time, with Rockstar enjoying its popularity for three generations. And with GTA Plus, there will be increased interest in the game.

Viewers will certainly appreciate watching you play either the narrative or Online if you haven’t played GTA before, however the latter is your best shot for establishing a following.

9. Fortnite

Fortnite is already a worldwide sensation, with a very amazing active player base and over 27.7 billion all-time Twitch views. A battle royale that boosted the popularity of the genre as a whole, and, like Twitch, transformed the gaming environment forever.

If you’ve discovered that you excel at Fortnite, you should absolutely Twitch broadcast it, since a better level of performance often leads to a larger audience, as prominent streamer Ninja has shown. Just don’t expect your job to be as well-known or as easy as Ninja’s, even if it isn’t impossible.

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10. League of Legends

League of Legends, this generation’s defining MOBA, is an immensely successful game that has managed to keep an active player population for over a decade. League of Legends is the most popular game on Twitch by far, with over 48.1 billion all-time views, and is therefore well worth playing to develop an audience via your broadcasting.

You’ll choose a champion from a pool of over 100, each with their own set of powers, design, and play styles. League is a massive game, and although its community is sometimes regarded as one of the most caustic, its popularity makes it a profitable pick for any aspiring Twitch broadcaster.

The Best Games for Twitch Streamers

There are several games you may broadcast on Twitch to build an audience, but the top ten most popular games are always worth checking at first. Most popular games are free to play and well-optimized, making them accessible even if you have a low-budget streaming setup.

In addition to playing popular games, search for any Twitch streaming advice you can discover to offer yourself the greatest chance of success on the site.

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