The 10 Best Dialer Apps for Android

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The 10 Best Dialer Apps for Android

A contemporary smartphone may have a plethora of features, but one of its core uses is still making phone calls. You’ll need a dialer app for that.

Stock dialers aren’t typically packed with features. Furthermore, you may be sick of using the same software. The good news is that you can install third-party applications that provide amazing functionality and a fresh new design.

So, let’s take a look at the top 10 dialer applications available on Google Play.

1. Phone by Google

When it comes to offering a solution for its consumers, Google never fails, and the Phone app is the default dialer on many Android smartphones.

This program lets you stop spam calls and identify unfamiliar callers using Google Caller ID. You may also listen to and erase voicemails directly from the app. You may share your current location and data to others using its emergency contact function, and you can even record calls in specific regions.

Google Phone is completely free to use. Some of its functions, such as Caller ID, are only accessible in a few countries.

Download: Phone by Google (Free)

2. True Phone

True Phone is an advanced dialer for Android. It provides contact management tools, including the ability to customize any contact data such as birthdays or occupations, as well as add a picture that shows on the call screen.

True Phone also enables you to change the look of the dialer interface. With a single touch, you may examine recent calls, favorites, and your contacts. Furthermore, you may personalize its appearance with one of seven pre-installed themes or make your own.

True Phone offers full functionality for free, albeit the free edition contains advertisements. You may get rid of them by upgrading to the premium version.

Download: True Phone (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Drupe

Drupe is a visually appealing dialer software with significant functionality. Its exceptional UI design distinguishes it from its competitors.

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Drupe may be accessed from any app simply swiping the dots that appear on the screen. It also allows you to customize how the app acts after your call ends and includes a Caller ID function.

Drupe offers all of the features mentioned above for free. It also has a pro edition that includes a driving mode that activates automatically when you start moving. This feature makes app access simple, allowing you to avoid any potential risk. Call blocking is also only available in the pro version.

Download: Drupe (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Simpler Dialer

Simpler Dialer enables you to create a user ID in order to authenticate users and offer accurate caller ID and spam information. You may also personalize the dialer with different themes and styles.

The app has a traditional T9 keypad. It allows you to conveniently manage your calls, access preferred contacts, modify contacts in many languages, and enable the missed call notification function.

Simpler Dialer is free and has no ads.

Download: Simpler Dialer (Free)

5. Simple Dialer

Simple Dialer has all of the standard functionality you’d expect from an app in this category, as well as some useful customization choices. The program supports group calls with contacts from your call record, features an easy-to-use speed-dial option, and enables you to set or disable the proximity sensor during conversations.

There are no advertisements in Simple Dialer. Except for the themes, which may be purchased individually, all of its functions are free.

Download: Simple Dialer (Free)

6. Simpler Caller ID

Simpler Caller ID is a dialer software that focuses on caller ID. You may back up your call records and contacts using its backup and restoration options. It also allows you to remove duplicate contacts. Simpler Caller ID enables you to create user IDs and has a clever T9 dialer. With a single touch, you may call your favorite contacts or access all contacts.

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For authorized users, the program has a reverse number lookup capability. You may use search to find and see contact information for any number, and you can personalize the app’s appearance with a variety of available themes.

Download: Simpler Caller ID (Free)

7. Facetocall

Facetocall prioritizes usability. Its large-buttoned design makes it easier to use, and it contains a dialer and contact management functions. Facetocall selects your preferred contacts automatically based on your call records and allows you to rapidly combine duplicate contacts to decrease contact searching time.

A paid membership is available for this dialer, which includes sophisticated capabilities such as banning anonymous calls, blocking anybody who is not in your contacts, and blocking calls by area code. The premium edition also lets you to designate essential contacts as VIPs, which means that when a VIP contact calls, the phone instantly rings at maximum volume.

Download: Facetocall (Free, in-app purchases available)

8. Smart Notify

Smart Notify is a feature-rich all-in-one dialer software. This program is capable of managing SMS, call logs, contacts, events, and reminders.

Smart Notify comes with a simple T9 keypad and allows you to search for recent calls and contacts. To boost usability, it also has completely customisable widgets and popup windows. You can reach frequently used contacts with a single press thanks to its rapid call and SMS capability.

Smart Notify also has certain premium features. One such feature is Car Mode, which provides simple access to the app through an always-on display and huge buttons.

Smart Notify (for free) | Smart Notify Unlocker ($3.99)

9. Dialer by Goodwy

Dialer by Goodwy is a dialer software for Android that looks like the iOS dialer. It has a simple design for improved use, and you may choose the default tab that shows when you launch the program.

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The software has a rapid dial option and the ability to deactivate the proximity sensor during calls. It also supports group calling and the addition of a confirmation dialog before calls. Except for themes and backgrounds, Dialer by Goodwy offers all of its functions for free.

Download: Dialer by Goodwy (Free)

10. iCallScreen

iCallScreen is another phone and contact software in the iOS style. It contains unique capabilities such as the ability to select personalized films and wallpapers as call backdrops. From inside the software, you can also configure iOS ringtones.

iCallScreen offers a simple phone dialer with T9 search and fast dialing. It also features a fake call option, so you may accept a phantom call if necessary. Before scheduling the call, you may give it a name and a phone number.

You may block contacts or international numbers using its call blocker capabilities.

A paid version of iCallScreen is available, which includes premium wallpaper access and a premium call button. It also eliminates advertisements and allows you access to other ringtones.

Download: iCallScreen (Free, in-app purchases available)

Take Your Dialer Experience to the Next Level

You may not have considered changing your dialer app previously. However, the many functions and styles that these applications provide make it worthwhile. Each of the applications described above has its own set of functions, and the most of them are free to use. And, whatever else they do, they will help you with call management.

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