The 10 Best Couch Co-Op Games for Xbox One

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The 10 Best Couch Co-Op Games for Xbox One

While split-screen co-op games aren’t as common as they once were, there are still several titles that support it or are created specifically for couch co-op.

If you prefer split-screen co-op games, whether for the social aspect they provide or nostalgia from gaming when you were younger, you’ll want to check out the greatest co-op split-screen games for Xbox One.

1. Diablo III

Despite its age, Diablo III is still a good option if you want a split-screen co-op experience and like the hack ‘n’ slash genre. The camera enhances couch co-op gaming by utilizing a single screen instead of separating it. You and your player two may need to keep close together, but Diablo III allows both players considerable freedom of movement.

2. FIFA (All Titles)

FIFA allows for smooth couch co-op without the need to’split’ the screen, as many other games do. Because you and your buddy will be playing the same game, the camera will be tracking whomever holds the ball at the moment.

FIFA boasts over 700 teams for you and your buddy to pick from, offering you a variety of match-up alternatives to keep the gaming fresh. You and a teammate may participate in the Champions League via the Tournament mode, competing through the group and knockout rounds against AI until eventually meeting in the final.

3. A Way Out

While there are still a handful of games that include couch co-op as part of the experience, very few are developed fully around it. A Way Out must be played in collaboration with another person, either locally or online. In A Way Out, you and a pal try to escape from jail without being apprehended. The plot and gameplay experience are all structured around the concept of teamwork, making it an excellent option for a couch co-op game.

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4. Cuphead

Cuphead is a run-and-gun action game with a charming graphic style influenced by 1930s cartoons that sets it distinct from other couch co-op games. Cuphead, unlike many other couch co-op games, does not divide the screen, making the experience more smooth and linked. You won’t be able to go too far away from your partner, but this won’t be a problem since you’ll want to be working together at all times.

5. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

The Master Chief Collection includes all five Halo games from Bungie as well as 343’s inaugural entry, Halo 4, for you and your companion to experience. The quantity of material in this game will keep you occupied with couch co-op gaming for quite some time. Despite being a six-game feast with a thriving multiplayer community, The Master Chief Collection is reasonably priced and included in Xbox Game Pass. If you want to test Halo without spending any money, Halo Infinite is one of the finest free FPS games accessible.

6. Star Wars Battlefront II

While many fans favor the original Battlefront II (2005), DICE’s successor to its Battlefront relaunch provides a fascinating (canon) story, vast multiplayer, and even co-op challenges.

Unfortunately, there is no co-op support in the campaign or online multiplayer. However, there are co-op challenges and Battle Scenarios developed specifically for split-screen co-op. You may play as standard troopers, special troopers, or even as heroes and villains like as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, among many others, allowing you endless replayability.

7. Call of Duty (All Titles)

Split-screen is available in all Call of Duty games, with certain versions enabling up to four-player split-screen for when you have a party around. Most Call of Duty games’ Zombies mode, as well as Spec Ops (Modern Warfare) and Extinction, may be played in split-screen co-op (Ghosts).

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Only a few games enable you to enjoy the story in split-screen co-op, but the Zombies/Spec Ops mode and local multiplayer provide plenty of material. You may also play online multiplayer in split-screen mode. Most earlier CODs may be found at a low price, but newer titles like Modern Warfare (2019) and Black Ops: Cold War (2020) are likely to be your best choice for finding online matches.

8. Minecraft: Xbox One Edition

Minecraft has been around for almost a decade, and being a worldwide sensation for so long, you’ve almost certainly heard of it. Instead of battling each other, you and player two may collaborate to create a world that gives you a feeling of pride and feels satisfying. Minecraft can be played with friends in a variety of ways, and the Realms feature enables you to play on any device.

While Survival does feature hunger and dying elements with different enemies you’ll have to battle against to acquire resources, Creative might be a wonderful alternative if you and your gaming companion simply want to construct something and hang around.

9. Rocket League

Rocket League is a fast-paced, often humorous game in which you play football in your automobile. The football is enormous in comparison to the automobiles, so you won’t have any problem watching what’s happening on even on split-screen.

Rocket League is a fun, responsive game with a fair learning curve that you and your buddy may jump in and out of at any moment.

10. Borderlands 3

The most current edition in the Borderlands series, the whole game is centered around co-op, and it supports split-screen well. The many skill trees of characters depending on class allow for many different co-op builds, and being right next to your player two will make communication simpler.

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The Shared XP and Money function provides a matching pace of growth, which means that regardless of skill level, you’ll always be at the same position in the game. Because of instanced treasure, weapons and equipment discovered do not need to be distributed amongst players, avoiding conflicts and the continual need to organize who has which goods.

Enjoy These Xbox One Games With Your Friends

While split-screen gaming seems to be declining, there are still lots of terrific couch co-op games to play. Many of the finest couch co-op games enable you to play against each other as well as on the same side, giving you a lot of options for what you play.

If you and your gaming companion are still unable to locate a game to play together, you may want to consider mobile games that can be played on any platform.

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