The 10 Best Android Apps to Track the Movies and Shows You’ve Watched

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The 10 Best Android Apps to Track the Movies and Shows You’ve Watched

If you watch a lot of movies and TV episodes, you know how difficult it can be to keep track of everything you’ve watched. You could come upon an intriguing-looking movie on Netflix, watch it for 10 minutes, and realize it seems familiar—is it something you saw years ago?

You may use specialized tracking applications to help you keep track of what movies and episodes you’ve viewed. Whether you want to keep a basic record of your watch history or you want to become more involved with reviews and forums, these Android apps have you covered.

1. Letterboxd

Letterboxd is the go-to app for movie tracking. It features a fantastic, clean UI that makes navigating the app a breeze. You may explore popular films from the previous week, examine user lists, or search for something specific. When viewing a movie page, hit the plus symbol and choose Watch to mark it as watched.

You may also choose Review or log, which allows you to rate the film out of five stars, write a review, and add it to your film-watching diary so you remember when you viewed it.

Letterboxd has a large community, so read other people’s evaluations and connect with your friends to compare what you’ve seen. Letterboxd also has an iOS version, making it one of the top iPhone applications for tracking movies viewed.

Download: Letterboxd (Free, subscription available)

2. TV Time

TV Time isn’t simply about watching TV. It’s also excellent for movie tracking. In fact, one of the finest aspects of this program is that it utilizes your viewing history to propose what you should watch next.

Simply go to the program or movie’s page and hit the checkmark symbol to mark it as viewed. You may then include more information, such as where you saw it, your rating, how it made you feel, and even your favorite character, if you like.

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Download: TV Time (Free)

3. IMDb

Any movie geek worth their salt is familiar with IMDb. One aspect of IMDb that you may have noticed is its mobile app, which allows you to keep track of the movies you’ve viewed. To use a shortcut, go to the movie’s page and choose Watchlist. This adds the film to the default list.

To have more control, go to your profile and choose Create a list. After that, open the list, touch the addition symbol, and start looking for movies to add to the list.

Download: IMDb (Free)

4. JustWatch

JustWatch is the app to use if you want to know what’s coming up on streaming services or which one is hosting a movie you want to watch. But, more crucially, it allows you to keep track of what you’ve viewed.

Simply go to the movie’s website and click Seen. You may then immediately rate it by giving it a thumbs up or down. To see this list, go to the Watchlist tab, then Movies, and finally Seen.

Download: JustWatch (Free, subscription available)

5. Moviebase

Moviebase is another another excellent software for keeping track of the movies you’ve viewed on Android. From the main page, you may navigate to other areas such as Trending and Now Playing. View the movie’s information and hit the plus symbol after you’ve found it. If you have the premium edition, you may input the date and time you saw it, else choose Right now.

Go to the Profile tab to see your list. Select History from the Lists menu. If you wish to modify the order of the movies, use the Sort by button in the top-right corner.

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Download: Moviebase (Free, subscription available)

6. SeriesGuide

SeriesGuide is for you if you only want a decent app that helps you track what you’ve viewed without much more. It performs its job flawlessly. Simply hit the Set watched button on a movie page, and it will be added to your Watched list.

SeriesGuide may provide you with useful information. Switch to the Statistics page to discover how much time you’ve spent viewing movies and TV series!

Download: SeriesGuide (Free)

7. CineTrak

CineTrak offers several basic but excellent features that make it a terrific Android app for keeping track of the movies you’ve watched. Tap the plus symbol while you’re on a movie page. You pick Add to Viewed, then when you watched it, and the movie is added to your list.

Check-In is an alternative option. This certifies you as having seen the film and starts a timer depending on its duration, which you may share with your friends. Another useful feature is the ability to mark anything as having been seen more than once, and the count is saved against the movie on your list.

Download: CineTrak (Free, premium version available)

8. Hobi

Give Hobi a try if you’re looking for an Android app that exclusively tracks the TV series you’ve seen. Select the season once you’ve arrived at the information page for a TV program. You may check each episode as you watch it, and a progress indicator at the top shows how far you are through the season.

Switch to the Statistics page to receive some intriguing insights into your viewing patterns, where you can check total time spent watching, preferred genre, number of episodes seen, and more.

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Download: Hobi (Free, premium version available)

9. Reelgood

Reelgood is an excellent software for determining which movies are accessible for streaming. You may also use it to keep track of the movies and TV series you’ve seen. Navigate to the media page, then press Seen It.

Go to the Watch Next page and scroll down to see your watching history. It categorizes your history as Seen On Your Services (streaming services you claimed to subscribe to) or Seen Not On Your Services.

Download: Reelgood (Free)

10. Showly

Finally, Showly is a wonderful software for monitoring both movies and TV episodes. When reading a movie or show’s information, press Add to my movies to track it on the default list, which you can access through the Collection menu.

Alternatively, if you wish to maintain the default list as a tracker for other reasons, go to Manage lists > Create list and create your own custom list.

Download: Showly (Free, subscription available)

What Will You Watch Next?

With these Android movie and TV program tracking applications, you’ll never forget what you’ve watched. Furthermore, you may use it to brag to your friends about how much you’ve seen!

Remember that these applications are just for monitoring, but there are alternative apps you may use to legally view movies for free.

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