Switching to Chromebook: 15 Apps and Extensions to Replace Your Desktop Favorites

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Switching to Chromebook: 15 Apps and Extensions to Replace Your Desktop Favorites

Finding the perfect applications for even the most basic activities on a Chromebook may be difficult. If you have migrated from Windows or macOS, you may be losing all of your beloved applications.

Though most of those applications may not be accessible on Chromebooks, the good news is that other essential apps are available as substitutes. These applications will help you make the move to Chromebook as painless as possible.

So, let’s take a look at the finest Chromebook alternatives to your favorite applications.

1. Playing Music: Enjoy Music Player

Enjoy Music Player enables you to listen to music stored on your smartphone. Music may also be listened to internet through streaming services. It is a little software that works well on all Chromebooks.

The program has all of the standard music player functions, such as an equalizer, music shuffle, playlist, and fade in and out. It also supports Google Drive, so you may listen to music from your Google online storage.

Download: Enjoy Music Player (Free)

2. Chat: WhatsGreen Multi Messenger

Multiple chat programs, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, or Skype, may eat up memory and storage on your Chromebook. Furthermore, not all of those applications are compatible with Chromebooks.

WhatsGreen Multi Messenger may help with that. It covers all of the main messaging services from a single Chrome plugin.

The extension’s sidebar enables you to quickly access your preferred messaging apps. You may also use social media applications like Instagram. WhatsGreen Multi Messenger is quicker to use than other browsers since you don’t have to open numerous tabs.

Download: Green Multi Messenger (Free)

3. Notes and To-Dos: Google Keep

Google Keep is a popular note-taking tool for Chromebooks that you may install. You may quickly compose your notes by typing them or transcribing them using our voice. It also allows you to label your notes in order to classify them.

Because Google Keep is connected to your Google account, all of your notes are kept in the cloud. It lets you to add photographs and other assets to your notes and share them with friends and coworkers for collaborative work.

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Download: Google Keep (Free)

4. Text Editing: Caret

Caret is a great software for editing text on Chromebook if you are a writer or a programmer. You may immediately access text files from your local storage in Caret.

The software has syntax highlighting for all main programming languages. It also supports key bindings, allowing you to designate keyboard shortcuts to different activities. Caret may be used without an internet connection since it offers full offline support.

Download: Caret (Free)

5. Distraction-Free Writing: WordFlow

WordFlow is an amazing tool for authors who wish to generate ideas or work without interruptions. It offers a simple, light and dark interface that keeps you focused.

The software runs offline and supports a variety of keyboard shortcuts. It supports the TXT and MD file formats for saving files.

If you use Scrivener, you may like WordFlow. Scrivener is not available for Chromebook or Linux, thus the only way to install it on Chrome OS is through Wine, which is a difficult operation.

Download: WordFlow (Free)

6. Image Editing: Photopea

If you don’t have Photoshop on your Chromebook, Photopea is an excellent option for picture editing. Photopea supports all common image formats, including PSD, XCF, HJPG, PNG, and many more.

The program also allows you to effortlessly import picture files from the internet. It also has built-in templates to assist you in creating new photos, as well as cloud support.

Download: Photopea (Free, premium version available)

7. Torrenting: JSTorrent

On your Chromebook, you may use JSTorrent to download torrent files. It is quick and effortlessly processes enormous files. You may also choose the files you wish to download from a torrent.

Because it can avoid standby, the program allows you to download big torrents for hours without interruption. It also lets you watch videos from torrents.

Download: JSTorrent (Free)

8. Screen Capture: Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder

Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder is a feature-rich and powerful program for capturing or recording the screen of your Chromebook. You may record movies of your whole desktop or a single tab, as well as modify the quality and location of recorded films.

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Similarly, you may snap screenshots of the whole desktop or a specific region. Annotation capabilities are also provided by Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder to highlight an element or explain anything in a recorded picture.

Download: Screenshot and Screen Recorder Awesome (Free, subscriptions available)

9. Drawing: Vectr

Vectr allows you to create and modify vector drawings on your Chromebook. It offers a variety of drawing tools, including freehand and pen tools, that allow you to simply make beautiful forms.

To build different designs, Vectr enables you to edit the forms, group numerous layers, and adjust them. You may also look at your prior work in the app’s history.

There are additional sketching and vector editing applications for Chromebook that you may try for free.

Download: Vectr (Free)

10. Bootable USB Maker: Chromebook Recovery Utility

You don’t need to hunt for third-party software to make your USB bootable. Chromebook Recovery Utility is the company’s proprietary bootable USB creator.

It is a helpful plugin that allows you to reinstall Chrome OS in order to restore your device. You may also use this program to install Chrome OS or other operating systems on another device through USB.

Download: Chromebook Recovery Utility (Free)

One of the most often used utilities on a computer is compression software. ZIP Manager is a Chrome plugin that enables you to extract and open numerous compressed file formats on Chromebooks, including ZIP, RAR, and 7-Zip.

ZIP Manager allows you to effortlessly compress or extract local files as well as access ZIP files over the internet.

Download: ZIP Manager (Free)

VXG Media Player can stream videos from the cloud. It is a feature-rich media player that can play a variety of video formats.

While using VXG Media Player, you may regulate the latency of streaming videos and auto-reconnect to the streaming server. You may also use the app’s screen capture tool to record your favorite moments.

Download: VXG Media Player (Free)

13. Spreadsheets: Sheets

On Chromebook, you can simply work on spreadsheets using the Google Sheets software, which offers a plethora of functionality.

The software provides access to all Sheets capabilities as well as the ability to import MS Excel files into Google Sheets. All data is stored to your Google cloud storage account, where it is safe and secure.

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Download: Sheets (Free)

14. Presentations: Slides

The Google Slides program on your Chromebook may be used to make presentations. It has a variety of templates to assist you in creating distinctive presentations. You may also import your Microsoft PowerPoint slides.

Everything is saved on your Google cloud storage, so you never have to worry about losing your slides. You may also collaborate and work on the same file by sharing your presentations with friends and coworkers.

Here is a comprehensive tutorial on running a PowerPoint presentation on a Chromebook.

Download: Slides (Free)

15. VPN: ZenMate Free VPN

It might be tough to locate a good VPN on a new operating system. ZenMate is a free VPN that can be accessed through a Chrome plugin on your Chromebook.

It alters your IP address and enables you to view region-blocked material in your browser. It also protects you against trackers and hazards on the internet. ZenMate provides you with limitless bandwidth.

Download: ZenMate Free VPN (Free, premium version available)

You Can Also Install Android and Linux Apps

You may also install Linux and Android applications on your Chromebook. Here are some excellent Linux software substitutes for Windows apps. You may also look at these Android-compatible Windows applications.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Chromebook

If you’ve just moved to a Chromebook, this list of the top Chromebook applications can save you a significant amount of time, effort, and maybe money. It includes all of the essential applications that you may need on your new PC.

You can accomplish a lot with the terminal on your Chromebook. Check out these handy Crosh terminal commands to help you get the most out of your Chromebook.

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