Supercharge Spotify With These 12 Android Apps

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Supercharge Spotify With These 12 Android Apps

You can already accomplish a lot with the official Spotify app for Android, from gaining full GPS integration to navigating the UI like a boss. However, it is far from ideal.

Third-party developers, thankfully, have set out to fill in all the holes with their own applications. You can add lyrics, use Spotify as an alarm clock, find music you’ve never heard before, and much more by downloading a few free applications from the Google Play Store.

Here’s our list of the top 12 applications that will enhance your Spotify experience.

1. Musixmatch Lyrics

With Musixmatch, you’ll never get the lyrics to your favorite songs incorrect again. Thelyrics app has a library of over 14 million music, and it identifies what you’re listening to and brings you the lyrics one line at a time, exactly in tune.

Musixmatch displays the lyrics in a floating window that appears on top of your main app, allowing you to use your phone normally.

To make them appear or vanish, tap the always-on notification. A music identification tool and a comprehensive lyrics search facility are among the useful additions; just write a phrase from an unknown song, and it will identify it in an instant.

Download: Musixmatch Lyrics (Free)

2. Playlists Shortcut

When you’ve been using Spotify for a while, you’ve probably amassed a big number of playlists. It might be difficult to discover the one you want, particularly if you’re driving or otherwise unable to devote your whole focus to the app. The simple solution is to add your favorite music on your home screen. Shortcut for Playlists

Simply share your playlist with the app from inside Spotify, and it will become its own standalone shortcut or be grouped with multiple others within a widget. You may add as many as you like, and the shortcut icon will always utilize the artwork from your playlist.

Download: Playlists Shortcut for Spotify ($0.99)

3. Companion 4 Spotify

4th companion Spotify is a music finding and playlist creation tool that supplements the Spotify app.

It examines which artists you follow and notifies you of new releases from any of them, as well as creating fresh playlists from the Related Artists of those acts. Companion also monitors your following playlists for changes and enables you to play several playlists at once.

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Although you cannot play music from inside the app, it just takes two clicks to save a new playlist from the app’s suggestions.

Download: Companion 4 Spotify (Free)

4. Shuffly

Shuffle is a fundamental element of every music software, but it doesn’t always perform as expected in Spotify. It sometimes gets stuck playing a tiny selection of tunes or artists, and it’s annoying that you can’t move between playlists.

Shuffly adds a pure shuffle option to Spotify. It is completely random, never favors your favorite songs, and may choose from as many playlists as you desire.

Because you can’t play music inside the app, it creates playlists from your freshly shuffled tunes; they may also function as terrific party mixes.

Download: Shuffly – Shuffle for Spotify (Free)

5. Alarmify

Do you want to wake up to your favorite music? Alarmify allows you to do so. Simply set your daily alarm, choose an artist, album, track, or playlist, and you’re set.

Although it isn’t the most feature-rich program, Alarmify includes the fundamentals such as recurring alarms and the snooze button, making it enough to replace your standard alarm clock app. It requires Spotify Premium to function.

Download: Alarmify (Free)

6. Sleep Timer

You may fall asleep faster if you listen to podcasts, white noise, or soft music. Spotify provides all of these features, but if you keep it on all night, you’ll wake up with a depleted battery.

Sleep Timer fixes this issue by keeping Spotify running for a certain amount of time while you sleep. Spotify closes after the timer runs out.

You may also deactivate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as turn your phone to Silent Mode, to ensure a restful night’s sleep.

Download: Sleep Timer for Spotify (Free)

7. Songlytics

As bad as iTunes is, it has one fantastic feature: smart playlists.

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It allows you to create dynamic playlists depending on a set of conditions you choose, such as your most played songs this month, your most skipped tracks of all time, and tunes you’ve rated five stars. And they’re automatically updated as you listen to more music.

Songlytics adds intelligent playlists to Spotify. It logs what you listen to, enables you to rate tunes, and then allows you to create playlists based on this information. Because the app does not have access to your Spotify history, it can only operate with the tunes you listen to on your phone after installing it.

Download: Songlytics for Spotify (Free)

8. Melody

While Google Assistant has rudimentary voice recognition support for Spotify, its capabilities are severely restricted. Melody aims to deliver Alexa-level voice control to your phone.

The software can play certain music or artists at your request, as well as search through your playlists and provide recommendations depending on your mood.

It also works with the iHeartRadio service in the United States. The voice recognition itself may need some refinement, but Melody is a lot of fun to use and works very well – at least until Spotify builds the functionality into its own app.

Melody – Spotify & iHeartRadio (Free) Download [No Longer Available]

9. Lazify

Do you like Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist but wish it was longer or more often updated? Lazify can assist. Based on a single proposed artist or track, this music discovery tool creates whole new playlists.

There’s not much to it. Enter an artist or song title, choose the duration of your playlist, and you’ll receive the results in a few seconds. If you like the recommendations, you can save them to Spotify with a simple press. When you’re out of stuff to listen to, this is an excellent app to have on hand.

Download: Lazify ($0.99)

10. djay

Spotify is fully integrated into Android’s most popular bedroom DJ app. Connect your account, and you’ll be able to access and mix the streaming service’s tens of millions of tunes, including those you’ve previously compiled into playlists.

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The finest part of djay is the Match function. This analyzes the tune you’re presently listening to and offers more songs with similar pace, key, and so on. It works quite well and is especially useful if you’re new to mixing.

Download: djay FREE – DJ Mix Remix Music (Free)

11. Jukestar

Jukestar is a jukebox software that allows everyone at your party, even if they aren’t Spotify customers, to request their own music.

You create a party using Jukestar and then invite your guests to attend through a web app. They have the ability to search for and add tunes to the playlist, while everyone else has the ability to vote on those recommendations. Only the most popular will be used.

Download: Jukestar – Jukebox for Spotify (Free)

12. Pasta

Finally, for something entirely different, check out Pasta, a third-party Spotify client.

It’s quick, clean, and bright with a Material Design interface. It looks similar to the Google Play Music app and is a welcome break from the gloomy stylings of the official app.

Pasta isn’t accessible on the Play Store, so get it from here. You must first configure your phone to accept app installations from unknown sources.

It’s in beta and hasn’t been updated in a while, but it’s totally functioning if you like experimenting with new stuff.

Download: Pasta for Spotify (Free)

Your Top Spotify Apps?

All of these applications can assist you in getting the most out of Spotify. New ones are always being made, so keep an eye on the Play Store for additional updates.

Which Spotify applications are your favorites? Please leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

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