Stop Every Daily Deal Email With UnsubscribeDeals

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Stop Every Daily Deal Email With UnsubscribeDeals

Tired of receiving everyday bargain emails? Unsubscribe from them all in three easy steps. Unsubscribe Deals is a simple Gmail online service that enables you to unsubscribe from Groupon, Google Offers, Woot!, and a variety of other daily deal providers. Continue reading for a comprehensive list.

Sorry, non-Gmail users: this service won’t work for you.

Daily Deals seemed to be the future of Internet marketing in 2009, but for many individuals today, they do little more than clog inboxes with meaningless offers. If you can’t remember the last time you utilized one of the daily bargain services you’ve signed up for, it’s time to unsubscribe.

The days of receiving just one personal email from a valued friend each day are long gone. This is due in part to the shift from lengthy, personal letters to brief requests, but it is also due to the large number of services that utilize email mainly as a notification system. Unsubscribing from daily offers is an easy method to fine tune the signal-to-noise ratio in your inbox, whether you’re trying to genuinely enjoy email again or just want to cut down on the amount of messages you receive every day.

We showed you Unsubscribr, which allows you to unsubscribe from newsletters in bulk. UnsubscribeDeals is similar, except it just lists daily bargain websites.

Using UnsubscribeDeals

Using this tool couldn’t be easier. To begin, go to Sign in with your Gmail account:

SSH is used to secure the connection. UnsubscribeDeals will search your email for any communications connected to daily bargains (you’ll even notice that any unread emails from these services will be marked as read the next time you open your inbox).

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Choose which daily deal services you want to unsubscribe from. UnsubscribeDeals supports all services, and all services to which you are presently subscribing are pre-checked. Uncheck everything you want to keep:

Services that you do not use are greyed out, preventing you from unsubscribing to stuff to which you are not subscribed. That probably wasn’t necessary to say.

It is as follows: UnsubscribeDeals supports 12 daily bargain websites. They are as follows:

  • Living Social
  • Groupon
  • Woot!
  • Daily Candy
  • LifeBooker
  • Google Offers
  • AmazonLocal
  • YipIt
  • BloomSpot
  • GiltCity
  • KGB Deals
  • EverSave

Once you’ve decided which services to cancel, just click the large red button at the bottom:

That’s all there is to it! If you believe you made a mistake, there is an undo option after that, as well as a disclaimer:

I haven’t received any emails since utilizing the service, but other services take many weeks. Your results may vary.


I appreciate any service that lowers email clutter. If you’re anything like me, you get hundreds of emails a day that demand a response, in addition to filler emails. Daily Deals are simply one kind of filler email, but removing them makes your inbox less hectic.

Have you tried this or other similar services? Do you prefer email without the deals? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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