Snapchat’s New Avatar Lens Shows What You’ll Look Like in the Metaverse

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Snapchat’s New Avatar Lens Shows What You’ll Look Like in the Metaverse

Do you want to know what you’ll look like in the metaverse? Snapchat’s newest filter offers the solution.

Snapchat’s new “Avatar” lens is the company’s newest augmented reality (AR) filter. However, unlike prior AR filters, Avatar entirely transforms your appearance, from your face to your clothing.

Continue reading to learn more about Snapchat’s new Avatar lens and how to utilize it.

Snapchat Releases an Avatar Lens

Snapchat has added the Avatar lens AR filter to their ever-expanding library of AR filters. With Snapchat’s new Avatar lens, you can see exactly how you’ll appear in the metaverse.

The new filter emerges just as the term “metaverse” has become the buzzword of the day.

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Snapchat’s Avatar lens is an advance over other AR filters produced by the firm, such as Cartoon and Cartoon 3D Style, in that it not only gives your face but also your clothing a comical appearance. A example of the findings may be seen in the main picture.

However, like with prior filters, the only element that remains constant is the backdrop. Avatar lens is the most recent version in the realm of AR-powered filters produced by Snapchat in the past.

In June 2021, the app released a Cartoon 3D Style lens that allowed users to look like characters from Disney’s hit Frozen series. The Cartoon 3D Style lens was a huge success, garnering 2.8 billion impressions in only one week.

Snapchat is also set to capitalize on the blossoming metaverse buzz with the release of Avatar, as the firm continues to spend extensively in AR.

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You must have the Snapchat app loaded on your smartphone to utilize the Avatar lens. Then just go to the Avatar lens website and scan the QR code using Snapchat’s built-in camera. Snapchat will quickly show you how you will appear in the metaverse.

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