Snapchat Emojis: We Explain Their Meanings to You

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Snapchat Emojis: We Explain Their Meanings to You

Snapchat is full of hidden peculiarities that you will only find after using the app for a long.

The inclusion of apparently random emojis is one of these peculiarities. You’ll see them next to the names of your friends, celebrities, and even in your Snapchat Stories.

But what do the Snapchat emojis mean?

Snapchat Friend Emojis

Snapchat categorizes your buddies using 14 distinct emoticons. It might be challenging to remember the meanings of the Snapchat emojis. Each emoji represents a different facet of your connection with the other person; it’s like a hidden Snapchat emoji code. Did you know this? You may need to go through the fundamentals of Snapchat first.

1. Yellow Heart

Do you know what the yellow heart emoji on Snapchat means? It’s straightforward: you and the other person are best friends. So, greatest Snapchat pals. You have sent them the most snaps, and they have sent you the most snaps.

2. Red Heart

If you’ve been best friends on Snapchat for the last two weeks, you’ll see the red heart emoji next to another Snapchatter’s name (i.e., you have sent the most snaps to them, and they have sent the most to you).

3. Pink Hearts

Taking this to its logical conclusion, if you have been best friends for the past two months in a row, you will see an emoji of two pink hearts.

4. Gold Star

A gold star emoji is also used by Snapchat. When someone has replayed one of your friends’ pictures in the recent 24 hours, it will appear next to their name.

5. Sunglasses Face

The Snapchat sunglasses emoji denotes that you and the other person have a shared excellent buddy; you both send a lot of Snaps to a mutual connection. That doesn’t imply you have the same best buddy.

6. Grimacing Face

The grimace emoji indicates that you have the same best buddy. You both send the most photographs to the same person. Awkward.

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(Also, think about the poor individual who gets all those photos every day.) Perhaps you should take a step back!).

7. Smirking Face

The smirking face emoji is the inverse of the grimacing face emoji. It demonstrates that you are their best buddy (they send you the most photos), but they are not your best friend (you send more snaps to other people than you do to them).We’re sure you’ll agree that it’s also somewhat embarrassing.

8. Smiling Face

This one is a little more enjoyable. A happy face emoji on Snapchat indicates that you’re good pals. Good friends, not best friends. You both send a lot of photos to one other on a daily basis.

9. Baby Face

Have you just added a new Snapchat buddy to your circle? The baby face emoji will then appear alongside the person’s name. After a few weeks, it will vanish on its own.

10. Fire

Snapchat employs three emojis to represent your Snapstreak. If you see the fire emoji, that implies you and the other person have snapped at least three times in a row. For the emoji to show, you must have both sent a photo.

The number next to the emoji represents the number of days you have been on a Snapstreak.

Please keep in mind that a Snapstreak only applies to snaps submitted. Texting with each other does not contribute to your streak.

11. One Hundred

When you and a buddy have achieved a 100-day Snapstreak, the red one hundred emoji will show. It’s an excellent strategy to raise your Snapchat score.

To be honest, if you ever manage to snap for 100 days in a row, you deserve more than an emoji. But, regrettably, it is not our choice.

12. Hourglass

If your Snapstreak with someone is set to expire, the hourglass emoji will show next to their name. It will appear a few hours before your timer expires.

It’s very beneficial. You wouldn’t want to compromise that beautiful 100 emoji, after all.

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13. Birthday Cake

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out this one. When it’s a friend’s birthday, you’ll see the birthday cake emoji next to their name. Send them a selfie to celebrate.

This emoji appears only if the individual has added their birthday to Snapchat.

14. Zodiac Signs

If the user has entered their birthdate, the appropriate zodiac sign emoji will show beneath their name. The signs of the zodiac are purple with a white symbol.

Verified Accounts

Some verified accounts even have their own set of emoji. When the account uploads a story, the emoji will appear beneath the account name to let you know it’s official.

The list of verified Snapchat accounts is always changing, however some of the most popular verified story emojis are as follows:

  • Bicep: Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Blond Man: Diplo
  • Cactus: Jared Leto
  • Cake: Steve Aoki
  • Cherry: Demi Lovato
  • Crown: Kylie Jenner
  • DVD: David Guetta
  • Selena Gomez’s Purple Heart Decoration
  • Praying Hands: Justin Bieber
  • Lewis Hamilton, Checkered Flag
  • Up Arrow: One Direction
  • USA Flag: Hilary Clinton

Relationship Emojis on Snapchat

Snapchat users have begun to use an emoji code to indicate their relationship status on their profile and in their stories. Relationship emoticons, like hashtags in the early days of Twitter, are not supported by Snapchat. Yet.

In any case, it’s critical to understand what the relationship emojis mean. They’ll be everywhere.

1. Blue Circle

The individual is not married. Keep in mind that this does not always imply that they are looking. You should behave similarly to how you would while seeking for a date on Facebook.

2. Pineapple

Snapchat’s version of Facebook’s “It’s Complicated” status.

3. Red Circle

The individual is open to new ideas but is not ready to commit to a long-term relationship.

4. Cherry

The cherry emoji appears next to persons who are in a relationship and are pleased.

5. Apple

On Snapchat, the apple emoji indicates that the person is engaged and will soon be married.

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6. Banana

The person is married.

7. Avocado

An avocado indicates that the individual believes they are the “better half” of their relationship. You may interpret it whatever you choose.

8. Strawberry

The individual is seeking for the appropriate partner to share their life with but is unable to locate them. We sympathize with them.

9. Lemon

A lemon represents someone who is in a relationship but is dissatisfied and wishes to be single.

10. Chestnut

The chestnut emoji indicates that the individual want to marry their long-term spouse but has not yet been engaged.

Don’t Forget About Snapchat Stickers and Filters

You now understand the Snapchat emoji meanings! However, the Snapchat emojis described in this article should not be confused with Snapchat’s filters and stickers.

To portray various themes and feelings, you may add stickers to a tale. There are also creator-created stickers that can be added to packs, or you can get extra stickers and other goods via other ways.

Snapchat also offers hundreds of filters to its users. You may use them to bring more individuality to your story. The list of filters, lenses, and geo-filters is updated on a regular basis. However, in our entire list of Snapchat filters, we’ve explained how to use Snapchat filters and looked at some of the more popular ones.

If you want to learn about emoji meanings in general, rather than just those particular to Snapchat, our emoji to English translations will assist! Keep in mind that emojis are not the same as emoticons.

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