Siri vs. Alexa vs. Google Assistant: Which Is Smarter at Answering Questions?

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Siri vs. Alexa vs. Google Assistant: Which Is Smarter at Answering Questions?

The major three voice assistants all have perks and limitations, but determining which ones work when you need them is difficult. To assist you, we tested Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant to discover which one knows you the best and can deliver the most accurate responses.

Here’s how we compared the three virtual assistants to determine which was the best on the market.

The Competitors

We’ll be utilizing the top three voice assistants available today in this test: Siri on the iPhone, Alexa on the Amazon Echo, and Google Assistant on the Google Nest Mini.

Siri first appeared on the market in 2010, when it was made available via Apple’s App Store. Apple bought it a few months later and began incorporating it into phones.

Alexa initially appeared in the Echo, an Amazon-developed smart speaker. It debuted in 2014 and is currently incorporated into a variety of Amazon products.

Google Assistant debuted with Android phones in 2016 with the Google Pixel phone. It is now standard on all new Android phones running version 6 or above.

The Process

We employed the strategy of asking each voice assistant 25 easy questions and rating the assistant’s ability to grasp the inquiry as well as its answer.

We asked the assistants questions from a variety of areas, including local, music, entertainment, cuisine, and communication.

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Each helper was given a score of 1-10 for both context and answer, and the total of all questions was totalled together to determine the overall winner.

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Siri vs. Alexa vs. Google Assistant Questions

Here are the questions we asked the voice assistants.


1. Where is the nearest restaurant to me?

2. Is it going to rain today?

3. What is the weather today?

4. How is the traffic on (X) road?

5. What time does the nearest target open?


6. Play Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan.

7. Play the artist Mariah Carey.

8. Play the album Abbey Road.

9. Play 90s grunge.

10. Play some new music.


11. Who won the Grammy for Best New Artist in 2004?

12. Who played Dorothy in the original Wizard of Oz?

13. What movies are out right now?

14. What year did The Shining come out?

15. From which film is this quote: “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t reject.”


16. How many grams are in one ounce?

17. Find me an Italian recipe.

18. Find a recipe for chicken parmesan.

19. What’s the internal cooking temperature for pork loin?

20. How do I make soy sauce?


21. Call Mom.

22. Text Mom “I’ll be home soon.”

23. Compose a new email.

24. Send a reminder to call Mom on Sunday.

25. Add a new contact.

The Winner Is…

Alexa wins with a total of 483 points after compiling the totals for all five categories. Google Assistant came in second with 461 points, while Siri came in third with a disappointing 447 points.

The major difference in terms of positioning is Siri’s limitation to Apple phones, while the other two were standalone devices.

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When you ask Siri a query, she will bring up the top three websites for you to visit. The other systems would not only direct you to a website to visit, but would also respond audibly.

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Siri would require you to return to Safari and look for your response. The sites were almost always related to the query. Siri was also the weakest at answering queries it didn’t know the answer to. Instead of directly stating that it lacked the capacity, Siri would just display an error message.

Alexa supplied a wealth of comments and information. When asked about traffic on a particular route, it provided broad advise before delving into whether portions of the road were seeing higher delays than others.

Although Google Assistant provided excellent responses, they were brief. The gadget couldn’t think of anything else that would assist someone ask a query like, “Is it going to rain today?”

In the fight of the big three, it was evident that Amazon’s Alexa was the most helpful voice assistant.

Amazon’s Alexa Reigns Supreme

When it comes to the greatest voice assistant for your home, Alexa is the clear winner.

It not only answers most of your inquiries audibly, but it also anticipates what you would want to know in addition to your queries.

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