Sinden is Bringing Light Gun Games Back to Modern TVs

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Sinden is Bringing Light Gun Games Back to Modern TVs

Do you remember Duck Hunt, Lethal Enforcers, House of the Dead, Virtua Cop, and other light gun games for ancient systems fondly? Unfortunately, although there are several methods to play old games on devices such as a Raspberry Pi, there is no way to play light gun games on current TVs since they need tube TVs to work.

Sinden Technology, on the other hand, is attempting to bring light gun gaming into the twenty-first century with a new piece of technology that claims to make the games function on current screens. It not only allows vintage games to operate, but it also promises to incorporate new technologies that will make the experience even better than it was before.

The Sinden Lightgun

Sinden now has a functional prototype for its light pistol, which means Kickstarter supporters will be able to get their hands on one and start playing games shortly.

The actual light gun, however, is “the initial element of a greater ambitious project which aims to rehabilitate the Lightgun genre by eliminating the technical impediments,” according to the designer. It is not simply a new piece of hardware, but also an entirely new technology.

The gun claims to interface directly with the television without the need for any extra gear (like the Wii, which requires a sensor bar).Because of a new kind of tracking, it claims to stay accurate even as you walk about the room.

The 3D-printed prototype has a high-speed camera, a CPU, a USB interface, a trigger, four assignable action buttons, and a pump action reload capability. The final design will have four more assignable buttons, for a total of eight.

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There are currently drivers for Windows and Linux (which includes the Raspberry Pi for any Retro Pi users out there).The developer is working on more operating systems, but only time will tell whether they will be released.

The gadget will be used to play classic light gun games for the time being, but the developer claims his “long term objective is to bring back the Lightgun to the people and have fresh new Lightgun games produced.”

Sinden Lightgun Price and Availability

Backers of the project may now purchase a light pistol for about $103 (£80). The price of one with the added recoil function is roughly $168 (£130). The light firearms will be available in October 2019, according to the designer.

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