Should You Use Hushmail for Encrypted Email?

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Should You Use Hushmail for Encrypted Email?

Hushmail is a Canadian email service provider that was launched in 1999. The business that manages it is a subsidiary of a US corporation.

Hushmail has used industry-standard encryption technologies such as OpenPGP and TLA/SSSL for its encrypted email services since its inception. Hushmail is now focused on helping the medical and legal sectors, as well as small enterprises. Hushmail touts their dedication to protecting the privacy of your organization’s and clients’ information (in the case of companies), but also promotes their compliance with Canadian warrants demanding data from the Canadian and US governments.

Here are some of its main features.

General Security Features of Hushmail

Hushmail employs OpenPGP encryption, which enables secure communication with non-users. To enable this, Hushmail does not transmit the email directly to the receiver; instead, it gives them a link to Hushmail, where they may log in and securely read the message. Hushmail may also employ unique safe forms because to its encryption. Secure forms are used in a variety of commercial settings to enable customers to contact with you and securely give you encrypted data (all plans include these).This is particularly important for healthcare organizations, which often ask consumers to complete confidential surveys before arranging appointments or assisting physicians in diagnosing a medical condition.

Hushmail employs the zero-knowledge architecture. This implies that Hushmail cannot decode your emails unless you provide your password. If there is a reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed, your emails may only be decrypted with a Canadian order expressly demanding your data.

General User Features

Hushmail, in addition to its unique security measures, provides a very simple user interface with basic email services. Hushmail, like other user-friendly email services, enables you to create email folders, configure automated answers, block senders, establish email aliases, enable two-factor verification, and access 10GB of storage. Hushmail also supports POP/IMAP, allowing you to access your email and contacts in your preferred software (e.g. Outlook, Mail, or Thunderbird).

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The import function in Hushmail allows you to import your contacts from other email providers in CSV format. Another distinguishing feature is its increased contact search. The contact search tool in Hushmail delivers more information about each contact than the standard email service. Instead than just displaying a list of names and email addresses, Hushmail enables users to quickly choose specific contact information right from the search tab, eliminating the need to open each contact file to retrieve specific data. This function is extremely beneficial for companies with hundreds of customers.

So How Secure Is Hushmail?

Hushmail follows Canadian privacy rules, which compel the corporation to preserve activity logs and reveal information if a warrant is granted. The corporation may also get access to particular customer data to guarantee that its services are not exploited or used illegally. It is worth noting that Hushmail is open about the data they can access in extreme instances. Hushmail is very forthcoming about how they safeguard saved data and records against hackers and viruses. Apart from the government and Hushmail, data and emails are fully protected from anybody who does not have your password.

Support for Hushmail Users

Hushmail features a toll-free hotline that may be reached from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. Hushmail help is also accessible by email, with a one-business-day response time. It should be noted that free Hushmail accounts do not have access to phone or email assistance. They also have Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts where they constantly give updates and suggestions on how to use Hushmail more effectively. You may also get assistance from them through their Facebook page. You may also go to Hushmail’s website’s Help section to find over 100 articles that will answer practically any question you may have.

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What Are Hushmail’s Downsides?

The biggest security disadvantage of Hushmail is that in order to create an account, Hushmail will record your IP address, and you will be needed to provide your current email address and validate your phone number. When you make payments, Hushmail also tracks site visitors’ IP addresses, your IP address, emails, credit card information, and billing address. Activity records are retained for up to 18 months at a time. This data is vulnerable to data breaches and may potentially be passed on to other parties.

Another disadvantage is that emails are encrypted on Hushmail servers rather than on your machine, which allows Hushmail workers to possibly read your emails, and since Hushmail employs OpenPGP encryption, it cannot encrypt email recipients or subject lines. Nonetheless, it offers a strong encryption technique for the body of your emails.

Finally, unlike other email companies, Hushmail lacks a calendar.

Pricing and Plans

Hushmail offers four major pricing levels based on your intended usage.

This plan is HIPAA-compliant (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Compliance is the procedure that covered businesses must follow in order to preserve and secure a patient’s healthcare data, also known as Protected Health Information). A signed Business Associate Agreement is also included, as well as built-in email archiving, five encrypted email accounts, secure online forms, electronic signatures, and a private messaging center.

It, too, enables you to submit secure online forms, access a private chat center, and transmit e-signable documents (for an extra +$4/month per user, similar to the healthcare plan). You may also have an infinite number of email aliases, establish up to 100 email addresses that are automatically routed to one of your accounts, and record all emails sent and received by all domain users. The major aspect of this approach is a written agreement to support the claim of attorney-client confidentiality in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

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This plan includes unlimited email aliases, up to 100 email addresses that are automatically forwarded to one of your accounts, and the ability to transmit e-signable forms (for an extra +$4/month per user). The Law plan differs in that it does not provide access to a private messaging center.

This package is ideal for startups or freelancers since it includes the usual encryption capabilities (mentioned earlier in the article), secure online forms, and 10GB of storage. However, you may only use Hushmail-provided domain names with this plan; if you want a custom domain name, you must choose one of the commercial accounts.

Secure Your Email With Hushmail

Hushmail is a fantastic secure email solution for organizations who want to protect their customers’ information. Hushmail’s industry-standard encryption technologies, OpenPGP and TLA/SSSL, will protect clients’ communications and personal information from most sorts of assaults. Because of these features and certifications, it is perfect for enterprises that handle sensitive data, such as healthcare and legal offices. However, the price, lack of a calendar, mobile-app compatibility, and fact that Hushmail workers may access your data make it unsuitable for users seeking privacy and affordability. There are alternative solutions for personal usage that are less expensive or even free. This is not to say Hushmail is bad; it is just designed for companies.

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