Samsung Game Launcher vs. Google Play Games: Which Should You Use?

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Samsung Game Launcher vs. Google Play Games: Which Should You Use?

If you’re an Android gamer with a Samsung Galaxy phone, you can manage your games using two built-in apps: Samsung Game Launcher and Google Play Games.

Which of these two game launchers is the most effective at improving your mobile gaming experience? Let us investigate.

Library Management

One of the primary advantages of utilizing a game launcher is that it allows you to arrange all of your mobile gaming applications in one location. Samsung Game Launcher displays applications in a tray and allows you to organize them anyway you like. You may also arrange them alphabetically or chronologically.

Users may also choose between Normal (the default) and Small icon sizes, as well as whether or not the applications tray is shown when Game Launcher is loaded.

Importantly, Game Launcher allows you to conceal games from the applications panel, only showing them inside the launcher. You may still conceal games that appear in your library if you wish. This amount of control over the library’s arrangement as well as the accessibility of the library tray enables you to swiftly and easily access your applications.

Meanwhile, the location and breadth of installed applications in Google Play Games means you have to spend a lot of swiping to get to a game if it isn’t one of your two most recent. Although Google Play Games has a library option, installed games are still shown in a single row.

The remaining space is devoted to games you’ve already played but aren’t presently installed. It allows you to hide games on the launcher, but you can’t change how they’re grouped, and you can’t hide their icons in the apps screen.

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Best For Library Management: Samsung Game Launcher

  • More control over how your games are organized
  • The ability to hide applications outside of the launcher
  • More accessible library

Social Integration

Google Play Games incorporates social connections into your gaming experience by including a friends list, an XP system, and accomplishment tracking. It will even inform you which accomplishments are common and which are noteworthy.

You may compare your level and accomplishments with a buddy, and Play Games will not send you any more adverts or alerts if you add individuals.

Though you may still request additional lives or other benefits using social networking in certain games, this is independent from Play Games’ friends system.

If you like participating in fan communities, Play Games displays a feed on each game page that includes YouTube videos, Reddit postings, and other content relating to the chosen game. This puts fandom at your fingertips and makes it much easier to share tips, accomplishments, and game news.

Google Play Games also allows you to record and broadcast your games to YouTube. The recording feature includes an optional face-cam bubble as well as toggle settings for external sound recording.

Game Launcher is primarily concerned with monitoring your own progress and habits. It can measure how long and often you play games, which is useful if you’re attempting to reduce your screen time. On each game information page, it also suggests a YouTube video, but the emphasis is on controlling your personal gaming experience rather than sharing it.

You may compare your numbers to the “average Galaxy player” on each game’s website, but not to particular persons. It also does not monitor accomplishments and does not have streaming software. It will, however, enable you to connect Game Launcher to Discord and show what you’re playing as a status.

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Game Launcher also includes a Discord shortcut in the launcher, however it does not start the Discord app; instead, it runs via the launcher. You’ll have to close and re-open the launcher to go back to it. It’s unclear if this is a problem or a feature at the moment.

Best For Social Integration: Google Play Games

  • Friends network
  • Achievement tracking
  • Competitive comparison
  • Allows you to broadcast your games.
  • Social media feed

New Game Discovery

Both launchers have “Instant Play” capabilities that let you to test out a game without downloading it, however the selection and settings accessible in these features vary.

The top Galaxy Store gaming applications are shown in Samsung’s Game Launcher, significantly restricting its options. Furthermore, its discovery search tool only allows you to use one filter at a time. The “Hot quick plays” shortcut, as well as the Arcade, Dragging, Merging, and One hand categories on the home page, only return to the search screen when the corresponding filter is chosen.

Google Play Games, on the other hand, is so focused on presenting you new things that the games you currently have take up less screen space. Its Instant Play area is based on the Google Play Store, and although the Galaxy Store promises to concentrate more on games, the Play Store is still more likely to have what you’re looking for.

Google also allows you to apply as many filters as you like to your recommendations, and it has a unique “playlist” function that allows you to attempt Instant Plays back-to-back, similar to channel surfing but for mobile games.

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If you wish to learn more about a game before playing it, a touch brings up the app’s Play Store page in a pop-up, allowing you to read the description, reviews, and other information without leaving the Play Games app.

Because of the greater variety and information, you may choose games that you are more likely to love, which improves the app’s capacity to propose excellent games to you.

Best For New Game Discovery: Google Play Games

  • Instant Play App Playlists
  • Google Play Store rankings are used.
  • Filtered Search Results
  • Simple access to the Google Play Store

Samsung Game Launcher or Google Play Games?

Overall, whether you should utilize Samsung’s Game Launcher or Google Play Games depends on your preferences as a mobile player. Google Play Games is your best pick if you like finding new games, competing with friends, and sharing your gaming experience through streaming or social media.

On the other hand, if you want a simplified launcher that helps you manage your phone while still allowing you to access your games fast for a more focused experience, Samsung Game Launcher is the way to go.

Whatever you choose, a powerful game launcher is the first step in transforming your phone into a gaming powerhouse.

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